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Nintendo 3DS Daily is now Hiring!

Yes, you read that right, we’re now hiring writers and other staff members here at Nintendo 3DS Daily.  So do you want to be a part of this website and write articles for us on a regular basis?  Maybe take over and run the official Twitter and Youtube accounts for the site and make the site even more popular across social media?

If so, apply to be a staff member at Nintendo 3DS Daily today with the below link:

There are a few obvious requirements, like being able to write in decent English and being enough of a Nintendo fan that you can manage to write about their games and other products on at least a weekly basis, but I’m sure most people can manage that, right?

So if you’re a die hard Nintendo fan wanting to contribute to an up and coming Nintendo news site like this one, go ahead and apply to be staff today!  You likely won’t regret it!

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  • Neku0001

    I am very interested in applying for this. I have no other job, so I would be able to write articles weekly, as required, I am currently off of school for Summer vacation, so school will not get in the way either. Please email me if you are considering hiring me. I’m sure there was a link for applying, but I my computer stopped loading after “Those are all the roles we’re looking to hire people for, so think about applying if you’ve”

    • cool

      heyy can you give me your freind code?