3D Printed Game Boys Now?

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Ever wanted an old school style Game Boy that could play games from various old Nintendo consoles?  Somehow manage to either own or have access to a 3D printer?  Well if so, check out this neat tutorial video, where the instructors have managed to make their own Game Boy consoles with just a few Raspberry Pis and some other homebrew style equipment: Either way, it’s pretty impressive.  Possibly worrying for Nintendo too, since they now have to worry about people ‘pirating’ the console hardware as well as the games you run on it.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; New Trailer and Artwork!

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Funky Kong

As it is now, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has shown a lot of the things people want in the series.  You’ve got Dixie Kong as a playable character, Cranky Kong as playable for the first time, David Wise returning to compose music, an interesting new set of villains more menacing than the tikis… it’s pretty much everything everyone has wanted from a new game in the series.  But now with today’s Nintendo Direct, the game is looking even better!

Pre-order Link Between Worlds with GAME, get a Musical Treasure Chest!

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Zelda a Link Between Worlds box art

Just like the other major Nintendo games of recent years, pre-ordering Link Between Worlds with GAME (a large UK video game retailer which acts like Gamestop in the US) will get you a free gift.  This time though, it’s a musical treasure chest!  Yeah, a neat little chest that you can open that plays the ‘found item’ theme from the Zelda series!

3DS Hacked to Run Unsigned Code (again)?

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Is this finally the time for 3DS hacking?  Maybe, since this individual on Youtube has apparently figured out how to run unsigned code on the system and open it up to various other things.  Here’s the video: So that’s some video ‘proof’ of the whole concept for you all.  But with that said, you’re probably wondering what I think of it, right?

It’s Done; I’ve reached Level 100 in Mario & Luigi Dream Team!

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Well, it’s been a while coming now, but I’ve finally reached the level cap in the game, getting to the point where no more experience is counted and where no more levels can be gained.  Here are some screenshots showing Mario and Luigi’s stats at this point: As you can see, I’ve not exactly maxed out the stats yet (assuming 999 is the point that happens), but I think the stats are decent enough so far.  They can still kill the final boss in one hit… Here are some other screens showing said stats/levels… As you can tell, I did all this on Hard Mode. And here’s the stats from the ending.  Not great (the Excellent rate could be so […]

Mario & Luigi Dream Team; More Gameplay Clips!

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level up

Again, thanks to Youtube user NiNTENDOMiNATi0N for uploading and posting these, since they look pretty damn good.  First up, here’s a mine cart style sequence that has you collecting coins. It’s a bit bland at this moment in time, but I assume that’s just because it’s an early part of the game and is prior to the point this gameplay mechanic actually gets used to its fullest potential. Next up, a battle: It’s not a particularly fancy looking battle (because you’re fighting just one weak Goomba variant), but it does seem to work much the same way as the rest of the Mario & Luigi series.  And hey, the music in both the outside world and battle itself is very […]

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D; All New Cloud Gateway Levels

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New Level

Thanks to Game Explain, here’s footage of the eight new levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, the ones accessible in the new ‘Cloud Gateway’ world prior to the Golden Temple: As you can see, they look pretty challenging with some clever new level design ideas, but perhaps not on their own worth spending the money on this version of the game for.  I did especially like all the clever ideas from the Forest level with the walls you can cling to and what not though. So there you have it, footage of all the new levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D.  Is this enough to buy the game again for?  What do you think?

Catch up on all Nintendo Direct presentations!

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Satoru Iwata Nintendo Direct

Missed one of the Nintendo Direct presentations today?  Well just watch them all below, and you’ll be fine. Full Japanese Nintendo Direct Video Full US Nintendo Direct Video Full European Nintendo Direct Video Hope that helps everyone get up to speed on what announcements were made today and what games were discussed in each Nintendo Direct video.