Are Video Games Actually the Least Offensive Media Out There?

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In recent years, there’s been a bit of a backlash against video games.  Mostly coming from ‘social justice’ believers and overly miserable internet writers, it seems like a certain group has decided that video games are all that’s wrong in the world and that they’re somehow some generally sexist/racist/classist form of entertainment that needs ripping apart at every tiny opportunity. But I disagree with them entirely.  Indeed, I think video games are actually one of the least offensive forms of media in the last twenty or so years.  Or in other words, they’re actually better than film, television or literature (among other forms of media) as far as horribly offensive and degrading content goes.  Keep reading to find out why!

Opinion: The Ten Most Brutally Difficult Challenges in Nintendo Games

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With the possible exception of the NES era, Nintendo is usually not the first company people think of when it comes to difficult video games.  But while things like the Super Guide and hint videos have made some people consider recent Nintendo titles as rather easy, there are in fact quite a few challenges in Nintendo games that are very much incredibly difficult in every sense of the word.  So here’s a list of them, of the ten most difficult challenges in Nintendo games.

Is Mario Party Island Tour Just a Bad Idea in General?

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Mario Party Wii U

But wait!  Before any Mario Party fans from a certain affiliate flip out over this and think I’m hating on the Mario Party series, I’m not. What I do think though is simple; Mario Party Island Tour should have been a Wii U game rather than a 3DS one, and you can read the full article to find out why…

Nintendo Direct coming on November 13th 2013!

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Well, I called it.  Just a few days or so ago, I was actually wondering when the next Nintendo Direct would be coming.  And now it turns out that it’s happening tomorrow, on November 13th 2013! Of course, there’s no real information about what it’ll cover other than ‘previously announced 3DS software launching from now until early 2014′, so I guess it could be focused on all manner of different games.  What do I predict?  What games do I expect will be covered?  Find out in the full post after the break!

Opinion; Every 3DS Game Should Have Online Multiplayer

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Or at least, every game that isn’t entirely single player (like Ocarina of Time 3D) should have the functionality, for the simple and practical reason that local multiplayer is just completely useless on a handheld system.  Seriously, that’s not even something you can question, the sheer expense of owning such a system and the tiny number of people who own them outside of Japan makes any form of 3DS local multiplayer completely useless.

Opinion: The Ten Craziest Mario Bosses in Nintendo History

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Large Fry

Over his 20 years of starring in video games, Mario and his friends have faced some bizarre opponents.  From murderous suns to pianos with a killing streak, everything from the normal enemies to the toughest bosses often end up being some of the weirdest opponents in the video game world.  But even among this lot, some bosses go even further and end up making even the regular Koopa Troop look sane.  Here they are, the ten craziest, strangest and most outright bizarre bosses in Mario history.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Boss Theme; An Awesome Remix!

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Ever wanted to know what the boss theme would be like if the giant battle theme and a couple of others were all mixed in with it in the most fantastic way possible?  Well it seems like Youtuber Caio2860 is right ahead of you there!  Here’s his brilliant remix of the Mario & Luigi Dream Team boss music!

Yoshi’s New Island; A Mediocre Looking Game?

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Generally, most of Nintendo’s new releases this year have been either decent or fantastic.  Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?  Great.  Mario & Luigi Dream Team?  Great.  Animal Crossing New Leaf?  Also great. And for the most part, the new ones due out later in the year seem decent too, with Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze looking amazing, Pokemon X and Y being a noticeable improvement on the older titles in the series and even Super Mario 3D World looking like a really good game. But am I the only one thinking that Yoshi’s New Island might be an unfortunate exception to this rule?  Because from what I’ve seen of it, nothing really catches my interest about the title in any way, […]

Average UK Gamer is Married, 25 Years of Age and makes 20K a year?

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Well, that’s according to a survey by gaming ‘social network’ Pixwoo anyway.  They said they surveyed 2000 British gamers (or at least, people who identified as gamers), and that these gamers supposedly spent about 2 hours a day playing games and take a month to beat each other. But while the results are interesting, I’m highly skeptical of the whole affair. For one thing, I’ve never even heard of their social networking website.  Indeed, from what I can see online, it’s neither particularly well-known (having no Wikipedia page and being ranked over 5 and a half million on Alexa), nor that old a service (it was supposedly set up sometime late 2012).  So it makes me wonder how credible their […]

Nintendo’s Digital Sales are Sky Rocketing… Well Obviously

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As far as digital game sales go, Nintendo is apparently very pleased with them at the moment.  11% of all Nintendo’s sales from the first party 3DS games available both digitally and physically are from digital download sales, and 80 000 of Fire Emblem Awakening’s sales too. So as far as that goes, they’re doing well. But am I the only one who’s thinking that this news is all a little… obvious? I mean, call me a cynic if you like, but what did they expect was going to happen?  Prior to the 3DS and Wii U, there were absolutely ZERO full Nintendo games being sold on the eShop or through download services. Wanted a Wii or DS game?  You […]