Smash Bros 4′s Smash Run will have Kraid and a Kremling Boss?

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Well, that’s what this video from GameExplain says. Apparently, Bonkers (a mini boss from the Kirby series), Kraid and a Kremling based boss from the Donkey Kong Country series will be present in the 3DS version’s Smash Run. So what do I think?  What Kremling will the Kremling boss be based on?  Find out in the full post!

Super Smash Bros 4; New 3DS Version Trailer!

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It’s not entirely new (about 90% of clips in the video are found in older videos of the game), but it does seem this trailer introduces some new content.  So if you want to see a preview of a Steel Diver stage, the Animal Crossing Villager riding a gyroid like a DKC rocket barrel and very small parts of what seems like an adventure mode (not smash Run), watch the video below!

New Super Smash Bros Character being revealed Tomorrow?

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Yeah, take this with at least a grain of salt given that it’s a rumour related to Super Smash Bros 4, but apparently, a magazine given out at the World Hobby Fair (an event which is ending tomorrow and has is being held in Japan) indicates a new character is going to be revealed for the game.  Here’s a picture of the magazine in question: There’s apparently something there asking about a newcomer, one who isn’t listed on the page.  And given that Nintendo is apparently present at this event, the chances that they’ll show something off at it are pretty good. So yeah.  We could be seeing a new Super Smash Bros 4 character revealed tomorrow.  Hopefully someone decent […]

Nintendo Announces Amiibo; Their First Foray into Skylanders Style Figurines!

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Yeah, it’s quite the awkward name, isn’t it?  I assume ‘Amiigo’ (a slightly more catchy and meaningful one) was already trademarked and Nintendo went for the next ‘best’ thing.  Either way, here’s Nintendo’s entry into the Skylanders/Disney Infinity style NFC figurines market.  What’s more, they’re planned to work with all kinds of different Nintendo titles, with figurines being shared across more games and systems!  So if you want to know more, keep reading!

Nintendo Announces Gamecube Controller Adapter!

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What’s more, it works with Super Smash Bros 4, giving those used to using the Gamecube controller in the last two installments something else to like about the next game.  Here’s  a picture: So yes, if you’re like me and happened to use the Gamecube controller for the last couple of Smash Bros and Mario Kart titles, then it seems like Nintendo has you catered for with this useful accessory.

Super Smash Bros 4 Roster Pictures Confirmed Fake

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Not like this should be a surprise to absolutely anyone (Nintendo never lets sensitive information like the final Smash Bros roster out months before the game’s release date), but either way, the Smash Bros 4 roster pictures we showed a few days ago have been confirmed as fake by the person who released them. But if you want to see more (like a bigger picture of the roster, which especially proves it’s fake due to the shoddy quality), head inside! Let’s start with the roster itself.  Here’s the full roster, as released by the hoaxer to back up his confession.  Notice anything different? Yep, Ridley is on this one.  Except as the most ugly, ridiculously fake model possible.  It was […]

Is this the roster for Super Smash Bros 4?

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Or at least, the character select screen?  Because this interesting little picture of the game has been floating around the internet today, and some people are thinking there might be some hope in hell it could be legit. Here’s the screenshot: So what we can see?  What do I think of it?  Keep reading to find out!

Sorry for the lack of updates

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As you may have noticed, updates for Nintendo 3DS Daily have been rather thin on the ground recently (mostly due to personal life issues). Still, while I haven’t exactly posted about all the news here in recent days, I will just mention a few things about the site’s future and other related aspects.  So if you want to know the status of Nintendo 3DS Daily’s redesign, Nintendo 3DS Community, Wario Forums and the Smash Bros 4 site, keep reading!

Super Smash Bros 4 Direct; Live Blog!

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Want to hear about all the latest things announced at today’s Nintendo Direct the second they happen?  Want to know my thoughts on the game, its design and what’s planned from it?  Just plain excited?  Then if so, head inside to see the Nintendo Direct videos as they happen and read a detailed run down of everything announced for the new Smash Bros title!

Super Smash Bros 4 Nintendo Direct Confirmed for April 8th

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No, this is not a joke!  As unbelievable and awesome as it sounds, Nintendo have indeed just announced a special Nintendo Direct about the upcoming Super Smash Bros game for Wii U and 3DS, and it will be held on the 8th of April, aka next Tuesday.  Here’s what Nintendo say about it: Super Smash Bros. Direct is coming soon! Join us for this broadcast for new details on the Super Smash Bros. games coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. So what do I want to see?  What do I think will actually be shown next week?  Head inside to read on and find out for yourself!