Random; Five More Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Mario Games!

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Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these Nintendo unknown facts and trivia articles!  But returning at last, here are five more interesting facts about Mario games that you probably didn’t know about the series.  So if you want to find out about interesting beta content, a strange Mario cameo in a recent Nintendo title and the strange situation of Wario World’s final boss, keep reading!

So what is this special Mario Kart 7/Mario 3D Land content anyway?

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In a part of the Nintendo Direct that many people may not have noticed (because only Nintendo of America covered this in their presentation at all), there’s talk of ‘exclusive content for Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land’ coming soon to the 3DS.  Yes, DLC/content for games that’s been out nearly two years.

The Guardian Calls Pokemon and Mario Violent Games?

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violent games title

No, the title is not a lie.  Thought the old media were over this whole ‘video games are evil’ thing and learnt to do actual research when discussing them?  Well apparently this isn’t the case, since this new Guardian article is just plain ridiculous in how badly researched and thought out it is.  Here’s the address (not linked to avoid helping their search engine rankings): http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2013/apr/30/violence-guns-best-selling-video-games So let’s see where this whole thing falls apart.  First of all, we’ve got a ridiculously misleading claim, namely that: a Guardian analysis of the top 50 video games sold in 2012 found more than half contain violent content labels Except take one look at what types of games the Guardian chart lists alongside […]

Super Mario 3D Land outsells Super Mario Galaxy!

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Mario 3D Land

Is that a good thing?  Hard to really say given the much better reception Super Mario Galaxy got compared to 3D Land.  Either way, Super Mario 3D Land has apparently outpaced Super Mario Galaxy in terms of sales and gone well past the eight million mark in recent weeks.  Here’s a chart comparing how well each game is selling: As you can clearly see, Super Mario 3D Land seems to be selling for longer periods of time after the initial burst of popularity back on launch day, and is significantly more popular in Japan than Super Mario Galaxy was.  There’s still time to go before 3D Land stops selling well (it’s been in the charts for quite a while), but […]

Is the Mario series being influenced by Mario ROM Hacks?

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Impossible Pack

Especially the Kaizo type played in so many Youtube Let’s Play videos? Because I’ve seen more and more things once only expected in difficult ROM hacks get made standard by the latest Mario games that I wonder whether some of Nintendo’s newer Mario developers either watched the videos or were part of the ‘hacking’ scene in their youth. Above: Even this Mario music video shows such levels in the background at certain points… I mean, I can’t be the only person who’s noticed how much more often Munchers seem to be appearing in modern Mario games, right? After all, they were completely absent from every Mario game bar remakes between Wario Land 1 and New Super Mario Bros Wii. That’s […]

Nintendo 3DS Daily Reader Questions; How to beat Mario 3D Land World 2?

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Boom Boom Airship

It’s that time again!  Yes, Nintendo 3DS Daily has got another e-mail from someone wanting to know how to beat a certain 3DS game, so I thought I’d answer their question in the form of an article.  Here’s the original message and what it said: Please  help!  We  have  the  NEW  mario  nintendo 3DS,  and  i  swear  the  world  2,  the  end  of  that  world  is  driving  me  nuts!  I  thought  for  sure  if  i  got  all  3  gold  stars,  then  that  would  allow  me  to  get  to  world  3,  but  ah  last  it  hasn’t!  The  game  is  called  super  Mario  3D  land.  But  i  can’t  get  finished  with  world  2. What  else  do  i  have  to  do  to  finish […]

Register 3DS XL, get a free 3DS Game!

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It’s an offer Nintendo of Europe are holding for anyone who registers their 3DS XL on Club Nintendo, and some of the games you can get for free are absolutely fantastic!  Seriously, here are the games you can get a free download code for by registering your 3DS XL: New Art Academy Super Mario 3D Land New Style Boutique Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Freakyforms Deluxe. New Style Boutique and Art Academy aren’t the most interesting choices, but a free copy of Super Mario 3D Land or Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask? Now that’s  a nice deal for anyone who wants to take it! So yeah, anyone who has a 3DS should definitely go ahead and do this, […]

Great New Mario 3DS Designs coming to China!

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Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether they’ll ever be released in other regions like the US, Europe or even Japan, because these new designs look absolutely fantastic.  What’s more, they also come with pre installed copies of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7!  Here’s a picture of each of them: As you can see, the first design has a classy combination of a Mario face and a bunch of Mario item icons, and the next two have a certain new Mario design in the style of a school or university emblem.  They look like the absolute perfect 3DS designs for any hardcore Mario fan, and I suspect they’ll fetch a pretty nice price on eBay once they’re released […]

Six Lazy examples of Fake Longevity and Padding in Nintendo Games

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Blue Coin

When it comes to making a game a certain length, the best thing to do is to add just the right amount of content to last players the specified amount of time in the form of dungeons, missions, bosses, levels and story scenes. Make them feel like their time isn’t being wasted. Unfortunately, not all Nintendo games did this too well. Sometimes, it seems the devs just took the cheap way out rather than making players actually want to complete the game, they just added pointless requirements to pad out time that crippled how enjoyable the game was. Here are six examples of fake longevity, examples showing where Nintendo resorted to poor game design and padding to keep people playing […]