Bravely Default’s Future relies on Success of Second Game?

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Bravely Second logo

Oh dear. In another move that’s bound to be unpopular with quite a few people, Square Enix have told Japanese magazine 4Gamer that the future of the Bravely Default series rests on the success of the second game.  So in other words, if it sells, the series can continue.  If not, then it’ll presumably be cancelled/ended, like how Nintendo were planning to stop making Fire Emblem if Awakening didn’t perform well enough.

Square Enix wants to turn Bravely in a Yearly Series?

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Well, this could potentially be seen as milking a good idea to death couldn’t it?  Because Square Enix producer Tomoya Asano has now come out and said that he wants to turn the Bravely series (Bravely Default and its sequel) into a yearly franchise in the sense of Call of Duty or such like.  Here’s his quote about the idea: F: I want to ask more about the next game but the top thing I am most interested in is around when is it going to go on sale? Asano: My idea is that I want to release a product relating to Bravely Default every year. F: So something like Bravely Default was in 2012, For the Sequel is 2013, […]

Bravely Default coming to the West; Silicon Era

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Hoping to see Bravely Default being released in English and outside of Japan soon?  Well it seems like you might just be in luck, since Silicon Era has apparently ‘confirmed’ the game will be released overseas via confirming it with multiple trusted sources. Now admittedly, it’s still a rumour regardless of what the site says (just calling anyone a ‘trusted source’ without a proper reference is always tad dubious), but Silicon Era’s general level of reliability and the recent change in Square Enix leadership do make me hopeful this is true and we’ll really be seeing the game soon. It’d also be a nice fourth ‘win’ for Operation Rainfall if it is accurate, since they’ve been petitioning for the game’s […]

Dragon Quest VII 3DS Box art

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Dragon Quest VII Box art

Square Enix have just recently posted the official Japanese box art for Dragon Quest VII 3DS, which can be seen below. It looks pretty good in my opinion, although I have no idea whether the US and European box art designs will even remotely resemble this Japanese one.  What do you think though?  Do you like the box art for Dragon Quest VII on 3DS?

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy heads to iOS

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Or in other words, Square Enix’s music game heads to the iPhone and other apple devices and will soon be available to download from the app store.  Somewhat interestingly, while the 3DS is sold for full price with most of the songs included off the bat, the iOS one is free with the songs themselves being purchasable for a price of about a dollar. It also has a new game mode called the Quest Medleys Mode.  Here’s hoping this ends up coming to the 3DS version as either a free patch or downloadable content. But what do you think of this?  Is it a bit depressing that Square Enix is making their 3DS title available on Apple devices for free […]

Square Enix Trademarks ‘All the Bravest’; Is a Bravely Default translation coming?

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The name would be a nice logical title for English speaking markets, and Square Enix are putting a lot of faith into this name.  For example, did you know that not only have they trademarked the name in Europe but also registered the domains ‘allthebravest.com’ and ‘allthebravest.net’?  That seems like pretty good evidence of a major game release being planned and an official website being prepared if you ask me. Could this be the first sign of an official Bravely Default localisation?  I definitely hope so, the 3DS always needs more great games! Source: http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/12/square-enix-trademarks-all-bravest.html

Square Enix Discounts all its 3DS Games

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Now, instead of paying the standard 40 dollar price per game, you only need to spend $19.99 per game.  Which means if you really want to buy Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D or Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, now’s your chance!  They’re cheap, they’re all decent games and some of them are arguably underrated gems in the 3DS library. You get the games from this price either on Square Enix’s online store: http://store.na.square-enix.com/store/sqenixus/DisplayHomePage Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts 3D Heroes of Ruin Or on Amazon.com: Heroes of Ruin (others are supposedly discounted, but I can’t find the lower prices on Amazon yet) So yes, if you want to buy some cheap 3DS games, then check out these Square Enix titles mentioned, all […]

Dragon Quest VII 3DS; First Screenshots!

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Dragon Quest VII 3DS 28

Yes, Square Enix has just released the first ever screenshots of their Dragon Quest remake that’s coming to 3DS soon, and they’re looking pretty good!  Now, in case you didn’t know, this title wasn’t originally a 3D RPG but a traditional one utilising 2D sprites, so all the graphics shown in the screenshots are hence brand new and merely based on the original game’s graphics.  Here are the screens: In general, the game looks pretty good.  The idea of a 3D remake of a classic Square Enix RPG is a great idea, the new graphics look decent enough and in general, the 3DS really does need more RPGs available on it. Do you like these screenshots of Dragon Quest VII […]

Operation Rainfall wants to bring Bravely Default to the West

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Remember Operation Rainfall, that movement meant to get Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and the Last Story localised? Well it seems like they’ve found another game to bring overseas, this time 3DS RPG Bravely Default. Good luck to them, that’s all I can say.  I also think it’d be a nice thing to see the title being released outside of Japan, and with Nintendo eventually bowing to pressure and releasing  Xenoblade Chronicles in both the USA and Europe, I hope the same thing happens with Bravely Default. Here’s where you can find the official Twitter, Facebook and site campaign pages if you want to support the movement: http://www.facebook.com/BringBravelyDefaultFlyingFairyToTheWest http://twitter.com/BDFFLocalize http://operationrainfall.com/bring-bravely-default-flying-west/