Flappy Bird Now Exists as a Super Mario World Hack!

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of different ways in which people have attempted to remake that Flappy Bird game.  There was one made on the 3DS’ Petit Computer.  Tons and tons of clones have flooded app stores to the point Apple and Google actually banned ‘flappy’ in titles for a while.  And now, someone’s actually gone and remade the game in the Super Mario World engine!

Ridiculous Rumour Time; Redone Super Mario 64 and other N64 games for Wii U

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Mario 64 HD

No, that title isn’t misleading in the slightest.  You see apparently (well at least according to prolific rumour monger and speculation author Paul Gale), Super Mario 64 and a selection of other Nintendo 64 games will be remade for the Wii U, complete with graphical updates and various other features.  But it’s most likely a complete piece of crap, and the reasons for this are in the full article.

Why Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Shouldn’t Be Released on Wii

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon art

With yet another store listing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as a Wii U title, there’s a growing amount of belief that the game might well be coming to the Wii U after all, what with the likes of Best Buy listing it as such.  But in my opinion, the game shouldn’t be rereleased on Wii U, and here’s why…

Why Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Needs a Remake

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In recent years, Nintendo have generally had a thing for remaking their best games on various systems.  With Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 getting a 3DS remake, Mario 64 DS being a launch game all those years ago on DS and the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker being remade on Wii U, there’s a lot of fans out there talking about other games they’d love to see Nintendo remake for modern systems. But there’s one game that I honestly think needs a remake more than any of the more ‘popular’ choices.  And that’s Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga. So why do I want this game remade you may ask?  Because the later games in the Mario & […]

Opinion; Why The Wind Waker HD Needs New Content

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Wind Waker HD Pic

As many die-hard Zelda fans now know, new content isn’t much of a thing in the upcoming Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD.  But while some others are disappointed, a certain writer on Zelda Informer seems to be a little too supportive of the title and too easily acting like the lack of new content isn’t a bad thing.  Here’s his article: http://www.zeldainformer.com/articles/the-wind-waker-hd-doesnt-need-extra-game-content I however disagree.  The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD does need new content, would benefit significantly from it and currently looks an unappealing purchase because of its absence.  Why does it need it? Because frankly, it’s what people expect from a remake.  And I don’t blame them, since it’s about 60 dollars of their […]

Could Super Paper Mario be a good 3DS Game?

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Super Paper Mario Box art small

With Donkey Kong Country Returns getting a 3DS port in the form of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and numerous Nintendo classics getting the same treatment, some fans are wondering what other titles could be ported to the system and improved.  Majora’s Mask?  Super Mario Sunshine?  Another mainstream Nintendo title? But could Super Paper Mario actually be an even better choice for a Wii to 3DS remake/port?  After all, the very structure of the game seems like it was made for the console and could benefit really well from its features. Above: Is a Super Paper Mario port/remake a great fit for the 3DS? For starters, look at the whole gimmick here.  Mario can flip dimensions to go between a […]

Might We See a Gen 1 Pokemon Remake on 3DS Instead of a Gen 3 One?

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I’ve already discussed a bit about why I don’t expect to see Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes on the 3DS here: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/nintendoarticles/why-a-pokemon-ruby-and-sapphire-remake-may-never-happen But while people are arguing about the possibility of a set of third gen remakes being released on 3DS, is it possible Nintendo or Game Freak might actually do something very different?  That they might actually take the opportunity to remake either generation 1 or 2 again with the Pokemon X/Y game mechanics and style? It sounds insane (and likely is), but think about it carefully.  Generation 1 and 2 were the most popular generations by far.  They’ve got a whole ton of nostalgia value to capitalise on here.  And with Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo have a […]

Spanish Retailer lists Majora’s Mask 3D

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Okay people, here’s a quick pop quiz!  How many times have you previously seen Majora’s Mask 3D listed as part of a rumour on this website? At least twice (each word is a link) But now it seems history is repeating itself again.  Yes, just one day before another Nintendo Direct, and yet another retailer is listing Majora’s Mask 3D as coming soon!  Here’s a picture showing the game listed: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/MajorasMask3Donsite.png Above: At least this time the shop site page itself isn’t a fake… So it seems like at least one retailer thinks Majora’s Mask 3D is likely to be revealed soon.  Not confident enough to put up a whole page for it (the listing redirects you to the site […]

Sega uploads mysterious trailer; Castle of Illusion remake confirmed?

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Castle Of Illusion teaser

Let’s see… it starts with a view over an ominous castle, it cuts to some toy soldiers like those in the Toyland level and shows what appears to be Mizrabel (the original game’s finale boss) and ends with a mention of Disney and the game coming in Summer 2013. Seems like a fairly good hint that this is meant to be a teaser trailer for a Castle of Illusion remake. What do you think the mystery game shown in the trailer is?

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Getting a Remake like Duck Tales?

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That’s the rumour anyway, and it seems like the evidence is piling up.  First and foremost, here’s what we now do know; this game will be rereleased on at least the Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the future with Sega as the publisher and this as the ‘box’ art:   Yes, it’s been rated by the Brazilian rating board for the Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3 and Playstation Vita so far.  So with that box art and that near cast iron evidence of the game’s existance, it seems at minimum a Virtual Console style rerelease is right around the corner. But this aside, there’s some far more interesting rumours going around about this game too.  Namely that it’ll get a […]