Nintendo Teams Up with Pennzoil to Promote Mario Kart 8?

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Mario Kart reimagined

That’s something you don’t see every day, Nintendo teaming up with an American oil company to promote a Mario Kart title.  And apparently, the company has not only announced the marketing deal with an official website, but also th news that said game will be playable at this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest) event.

Oh Hey, Nintendo of Canada’s Blatantly Trying to Promote DK Tropical Freeze!

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They’re talking a lot about a mysterious box they supposedly found in the snow near their location, but come on.  Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is a really obvious ‘viral marketing’ stunt for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Keep reading to see the box and why I’m so confident about it’s role…

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome a Friend Promotion

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When it comes to Nintendo and advertising, usually the results are not particularly great.  You’ve got those ads that completely miss the mark (also known as every Wii U ad out at the moment), a bunch of contests that usually don’t add up to a whole lot and a lack of European marketing that can be best described as ‘utterly suicidal’.  But Nintendo of Europe’s new Animal Crossing New Leaf promotion is a great exception to the rule.  In fact, it might even be one of their ‘best’ (especially from the fan point of view) campaigns they’ve ever came up with. Why?  Well let me explain how the rules work: If you register Animal Crossing New Leaf on Club Nintendo […]

Nintendo Showcases 3DS Games in Wii U eShop

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3DS Games on Wii U promotion

Hopefully this should boost 3DS games sales just a little by advertising the games to Wii U owners who may have otherwise been unaware of them.  You see, apparently the Wii U eShop now has a section dedicated to showing off 3DS games like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Fire Emblem Awakening despite the lack of means to actually buy said titles through this version of the service  Here’s a picture Twitter user Brian Davis took of this promotion: The Wii U eShop now has a section dedicated to showcasing 3DS games. #CrossPromoting twitter.com/GameplayDev/st… — Brian Davis (@GameplayDev) May 5, 2013 Also interestingly, this service has apparently been around a while in Japan and Europe, but was only intrduced over […]

Register Three 3DS Games, Get a Fourth One Free – So Many Games Promotion

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Fire Emblem Awakening Box Art

Been buying a lot of new 3DS games recently now that the system has tons of great games available to purchase?  Can’t afford yet another title and want to be part of an interesting promotion?  Well you may just be in luck, since Nintendo of Europe is launching the ‘So Many Games!’ promotion and letting anyone who registers three games get another one for absolutely free! Best of all, the games eligible for this promotion are some of the best new games around, as shown by this list: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version) Luigi’s Mansion 2 Fire Emblem: Awakening LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity […]

Where’s the Game and Wario Promotion Nintendo?

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Game and Wario Ashley mini game

As of this point in time, Nintendo have finally released a Japanese overview trailer of Wario’s new Wii U game showing some more mini games.  It’s not much (and the official site still hasn’t updated), but it’s something regardless.  Either way, one important thing about this game has always been kind of bothering me… Where’s the marketing/promotion for it?  The game comes out in less than a month in Japan, and yet even they have had exactly one commercial and one trailer for it. Above: The one real Japanese trailer ever released of this title. The official site is basically dead and gets updated once a week if you’re lucky.  Magazine scans showing nothing outside of the three or four […]