Pokemon Gen 2 to 3 Transfer Tool Released!

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Pokemon Ruby Thumb

It’s something I got sent a link to earlier today, and something I definitely thought was worth mentioning on the site. Basically, remember how a while back I mentioned a tool that someone was working on to transfer Pokemon from gen 2 (Gold and Silver) to gen 3 (Ruby and Sapphire)?  Well a user calling themself Alex B (aka Metropolis on Projec Pokemon forums) sent a link to another such tool, which has already been released. Want to know the link?  Well, you can find out after the break!

Lost to History; Five Classic Nintendo Games Unlikely to Ever See a Rerelease…

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With the 3DS and Wii U eShop having a Virtual Console that lets you play old games on modern systems, you’d think the days of a game being lost forever are well and truly gone.  After all, who in the industry wouldn’t want easy money? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, since quite a few otherwise good games have been lost to the ages due to either business issues, legal issues or technical issues, many of them on Nintendo systems.  So here they are, five classic Nintendo games unlikely to ever be rereleased on any modern system…

Pokemon Tretta Lab Abandoned

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Pokemon Tretta running on 3ds

Remember Pokemon Tretta Lab, that strange Pokemon game for 3DS that let you scan in various discs and connect to some sort of arcade machine?  The one which only came out in Japan a while back? Well it seems like Nintendo’s given up on it entirely.  Yep, the 3DS game is now not getting any more updates, and hence won’t be expanded to work with Pokemon X and Y species or the new Fairy Type.  Guess they just don’t see the whole game as worth the effort any more…

Opinion: The Ten Most Brutally Difficult Challenges in Nintendo Games

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With the possible exception of the NES era, Nintendo is usually not the first company people think of when it comes to difficult video games.  But while things like the Super Guide and hint videos have made some people consider recent Nintendo titles as rather easy, there are in fact quite a few challenges in Nintendo games that are very much incredibly difficult in every sense of the word.  So here’s a list of them, of the ten most difficult challenges in Nintendo games.

A Tool to Transfer Pokemon from Generation 1 and 2 to 3?

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As any Pokemon fan should probably know by now, it is impossible to transfer any Pokemon from the first two generations to generation 3 and beyond due to differences in the data structure and how the games are setup.  But while Nintendo themselves hasn’t ever rectified this, it seems hope may not all be lost for those wanting to move their first gen favourites to the latest games.  Read on to see a story about someone who’s actually ‘figured out’ how to do the impossible…

Pokemon X and Y; New Official Artwork!

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It’s a bit late, but apparently the official site for the game has finally bothered to update with the art for even more new Pokemon, like the long since revealed dragon Goodra and the imposing new ice Pokemon Avalugg.   So here it is, all the new artwork the official site has posted mere months after the game was actually released…

New Evolved Pokemon to be revealed on September 25th

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In another intriguing post on the official Pokemon Twitter feed, the company has announced that a new evolved Pokemon will be revealed on the Pokemon Facebook page on September 25th.  There’s no information on what exactly it is (other than an evolution of something we’ve seen before in some way), but word online is that it’s another Mega Evolution of some kind.

Pokemon Youtube Channel Accidentally Reveals New Website?

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Just a few hours ago, the official Pokemon Youtube channel was updated with this trailer supposedly about Genesect and the new anime series episodes.  Here it is: But while the footage included doesn’t show too much of interest (just what appears to be either late Unova season episodes or early Kalos episodes), what caught everyone’s eye is this logo at the end.  Have a look: As you can clearly see, it refers to an unknown ‘GottaCatchEmAll.com’ website, implying that a new Pokemon official site for some purpose was going to be launched later in the year.  No, there’s nothing on the site yet, just an error page (with Whois.net confirming that Nintendo of America does indeed own the domain name […]

Pokemon Company Announcement; That Screenshot is just Conceptual

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Pokemon Concept Screen

Earlier this week, a mysterious new screenshot of a Pokemon game with a realistic setting was shown at an event.  It had Lucario and Blaziken battling in a city like location, and sparked many theories that Game Freak (or some other affiliated developer) was working on a Wii U Pokemon Stadium/Colosseum style game.  Here’s the screenshot in case you can’t remember: Unfortunately for some of us though, this doesn’t appear to be the case.  Instead, the Pokemon Company’s official statement about it is merely this: There is nothing to announce at this time. These are merely conceptual images. Or in other words, it’s basically either a tech demo or a mock up, and not evidence of a new game that’s […]

Eevee Themed Nintendo 3DS Coming May 15th

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Pokemon Eevee 3DS Design poster

It’s been rumoured for a while, but now a promotion poster advertising the new 3DS XL design has been spotted over in Japan.  Here’s the poster mentioning it’s May 15th reveal: Unfortunately, Nintendo haven’t revealed the actual design yet (I assume this is what’s going to be revealed on May 15th), and it’ll also apparently be pretty difficult to get a hold of (from what I hear you have to win a special lottery for the chance to even buy one).  Either way, a new 3DS XL design is coming soon, and it’s probably going to be one a lot of Pokemon fans wish will be made available outside of Japan. Are you interested in this new Eevee themed 3DS […]