Oh hey, Japanese Pokemon fans can win another special Edition 3DS System…

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In a raffle.  That you get an entry for by spending over 1000 yen at the Denny’s and Famil family of restaurants in Japan.  Apparently, there are ten of said systems to be won via the raffle, and another five to be won via an email campaign on the official website.  Here’s a picture of the system design in question: As you can see, it’s a pretty nice design!  Decent colour scheme, decent styling around the edges, a pretty neat picture showing off Yveltal and Xerneas (alongside Ash and Pikachu from the Pokemon anime series).  Pity it’ll never be released to the public, or made available to buy or win outside of Japan. So yeah, what do you think?  Are […]

Fancy Pattern Vivillon Announced for Pokemon X and Y!

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fancy pattern vivillon

However, there’s one more condition that needs to be met before Nintendo releases this new ‘form’ over the GTS as an event Pokemon.  Namely, 100 million trades over the internet. This is because this Vivillon form is being released to commemorate the massive popularity of Pokemon X and Y, and will be made available when the magic number of Pokemon trades is surpassed in the near future.  For those wondering, the current count stands at 90 million Pokemon having been traded worldwide. Here’s a picture of the new design: Want to see more pictures of this fancy pattern Vivillon design? If so, keep reading, there are quite a few screenshots showing it in action to be seen!

GameTrailers lists top ten 3DS games…

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And for the most part, it’s not a bad list (albeit a very, very safe one).  Including titles like Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X and Y and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, most of the expected games are included, so keep reading if you want to see the video or their game choices…

Pokemon X and Y Sell 12 Million Copies, Become Fastest Selling 3DS Games Ever!

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Pokemon X Box Art Europe

Not that any of this should surprise you in the slightest, every single Pokemon game in history has been a massive break out success and has sold at least ten or so million copies worldwide.  But for this Pokemon game to already do that well (and outsell pretty much every other 3DS game ever released)?  That’s pretty impressive I have to say. So what was the full press release? Read on to find out!

Dragon King Tournament 3DS XL; A Better Picture

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A couple of days ago, we mentioned how a super rare special edition 3DS XL was being given to the winner of a Japanese Pokemon tournament.  And how said 3DS system was so rare that only one of these systems would ever be made. Unfortunately, that didn’t come with a good picture of the system itself.  But hey, that’s all changed now, so read the full post if you want to see a much bigger picture of this special 3DS XL system, one which might make you even more excited for this one of a kind console!

Nintendo Gives Out Rarest Ever 3DS XL for Pokemon Tournament Prize!

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Want this awesome Pokemon X and Y 3DS XL shown in the post screenshot?  Well, good luck with that, since it’s the rarest 3DS system ever made. How rare?  Only ONE will ever be made.  And it’ll go to the sole winner of the Pokemon Dragon King Tournament, complete with the winner’s name printed on the console itself.  So for the source (and my random views on the subject), head inside and keep reading…

Pokemon X and Y; Diancie Event/Signature Move Revealed!

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Diamond Storm

As anyone remotely dedicated Pokemon fan now knows, the new event Pokemon Diancie has recently been confirmed as a Pokemon X and Y species, with Nintendo themselves actually putting up information about it on the official site.  But now, we’ve got even more cool stuff to show you!  Yep, someone’s hacked the game and found both the Mystery Gift event caused by this Pokemon and also what it’s signature attack looks like!  So keep reading for more details…

Diancie Officially Revealed for Pokemon X and Y!

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A few months or so ago, you may remember how we posted some news about three additional legendary Pokemon that a hacker had found in Pokemon X and Y.  These three (Diancie, Volcannion and Hoopa) were backed up by their names being presented in the Global Trade System and some other such places, even if some people doubted it at the time. Now though, it seems everyone’s suspicions have been confirmed.  Diancie has been officially revealed as a Pokemon X and Y event legendary, and matches the appearance in the hacked game screens perfectly.  See the full post for a larger picture…

Pokemon Bank Available In All Regions…

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Pokemon Bank logo

As of today, the app is now available to Pokemon fans worldwide, having finally been released in the US today and in Europe a couple of days ago.  So if you want to store your caught Pokemon online, or finally transfer your old game teams over to Pokemon X and Y, now’s your chance.