Might We See a Gen 1 Pokemon Remake on 3DS Instead of a Gen 3 One?

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I’ve already discussed a bit about why I don’t expect to see Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes on the 3DS here: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/nintendoarticles/why-a-pokemon-ruby-and-sapphire-remake-may-never-happen But while people are arguing about the possibility of a set of third gen remakes being released on 3DS, is it possible Nintendo or Game Freak might actually do something very different?  That they might actually take the opportunity to remake either generation 1 or 2 again with the Pokemon X/Y game mechanics and style? It sounds insane (and likely is), but think about it carefully.  Generation 1 and 2 were the most popular generations by far.  They’ve got a whole ton of nostalgia value to capitalise on here.  And with Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo have a […]

Nintendo Facts Revisited; Eight More Nintendo Facts You May not Know

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If you’re a regular to Nintendo 3DS Daily, you may be familiar with my common ‘obscure Mario fact articles’.  You know, where I point out a whole bunch of interesting and extremely unknown pieces of trivia about the Mario series in much the same style as the infographics on Did You Know Gaming and such like.  Well today I thought I’d try something a bit different and expand it to interesting Nintendo related facts. So here are eight Nintendo related facts you might not know. 8. Metroid Fusion in Copyright Infringement No, Metroid Fusion isn’t the one ripping another game off, but it turns out an actual published game has a complete ROM of said title present on the disc! […]

Changed in Translation; Four Nintendo Games Radically Changed in Localisation

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Wario Blast

Many times when a game is being localised, various things are changed.  The script is rewritten to make it understandable for a native audience (like with Fawful’s speech patterns in every Mario and Luigi game in history), bugs are fixed, unacceptable things are removed to avoid raising the age rating and quite a few other such aspects are altered. Usually these don’t affect how the game plays or how the game’s concept works.  But sometimes we get games that are massively changed in localisation, where huge chunks of the core design are radically altered and things edited to provide a very different experience to people in different countries.  And that’s what this list is about, games which were radically changed […]

The Five Most Game Breaking Glitches in Nintendo History

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Castle Crush Glitch

Glitches eh. Every game ever made has some of them, they’re an unavoidable side effect of video game development that cannot be entirely prevented. Sometimes they’re beneficial to the player like the track shortcuts in Mario Kart Wii and 7 that let you skip whole laps and cut huge sections of the track, sometimes not. This article is about the five most game breaking glitches in Nintendo history. And by game breaking, I mean that they can really, really mess up your game if you use them. That they’re things that can really harm the experience of playing the game, things that really should have been spotted and removed during that time when the game was tested. In other words, […]

Kanto Symphony released for free on Youtube

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Remember the orchestral rearrangements of classic Pokemon Red and Blue music that was released just a short while ago?  Well apparently, it’s now officially been released for free on Youtube for all those people who didn’t want to buy the album or download the music files.  It’s 100% legit too, it’s the team behind this project who released the music there and made this playlist.  Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv1EAqcvJFuG-CMLxveY7eNEcse3xXm1a As well as some samples: It’s highly recommended too, these songs are absolutely fantastic orchestrations of your favourite Pokemon Red and Blue music, and they cover every single track in the game.  What are you waiting for?  Get listening Pokemon fans!

The Four Greatest Rumours in Nintendo Gaming

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Many games have rumours about them. They pop up all the time for major new titles like Super Smash Bros 4, and Mario Kart titles almost always have at least one fabled ‘secret’ character who turns out to be completely non existant. But some rumours were more than that. Some quite literally defined the community, caused hundreds of fan sites to open discussing and debunking them and wasted the time of millions of Nintendo fans. Here are the top four greatest rumours in Nintendo game. 4. Additional Super Smash Bros Playable Characters Super Smash Bros may really have quite a lot of playable characters as is, but what used to be really interesting were some of the rumoured ones. Back in the days prior to […]