Is Paper Mario Sticker Star Not All Miyamoto’s Fault?

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Box

When it comes to criticism of Paper Mario Sticker Star and what it did wrong, there’s a lot of talk about how Shigeru Miyamoto supposedly screw it over with his ‘no non Mario World characters’ demand.  This then usually extends to commnts about how the guy is out of touch, should retire for demanding less story in a Mario RPG and a ton of other similar stuff.  But am I the only one who thinks that many of the game’s problems aren’t purely his fault?

Mario Facts Edition Four; Yet More Mario related facts you might not know

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Bowser reshaded

Well, with all the good comments my last few Mario facts and trivia articles got, I thought it was only sane to write another one!  So here are five more semi obscure Mario related facts you might not know! 1. Mario Party Recalled When a game usually gets recalled, it’s usually due to either ‘adult’ content or some form of major technical issue. Or perhaps in some cases blatant copyright infringement. But a Mario game getting recalled? Who ever heard of that? Well in fact it actually happened, Mario Party 8 got recalled in the UK due to wording used by a Magikoopa in one of the effect orbs. You see, in the game he says: Turn the train spastic, […]

Was Super Paper Mario responsible for Sticker Star’s Direction and Content?

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Box

If you’ve been reading reviews of Paper Mario Sticker Star, you’ll probably be well aware of the faults people are criticising it for and the debatable change to only using existing Mario characters. With the battle system replaced by stickers, no new characters at all bar Kersti and a complete lack of partners, some long time fans are already considering the game a bit of a step down compared to the earlier titles. But is it possible that Super Paper Mario and people’s reactions to it were responsible for all this? That people thought Super Paper Mario was a completely different game to what it was in reality and ended up blaming Nintendo for it, causing the much more conservative […]

Register Paper Mario Sticker Star; Get a Free Sticker Book!

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It’s a limited edition one too, there are only 10 000 special Paper Mario Sticker Star sticker books available for the whole of Europe, so only the first few people registering the game on December 7th will get one! It has stickers of your favourite Mario characters and power ups and a nice background to put them on, so it should be a nice little collectable for any die hard Paper Mario fans out there. How do you get this gift?  Register Paper Mario Sticker Star on Club Nintendo on December 7th (or potentially later).  Of course, you’ll have to be pretty quick here, the Paper Mario series always sells far more than 10 000 copies in Europe, to the […]

Paper Mario Sticker Star Beta Too much like Gamecube Version?

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Now here’s an interesting point that should annoy more than a few Paper Mario fans.  Remember how many of the complaints about Paper Mario Sticker Star were that it was too different from the earlier games and didn’t feel enough like an RPG?  Well apparently the earlier version was the complete opposite.  You know, the one which probably had the Chain Chomp as a partner: Maybe this version could have been better? So why was the earlier version changed?  Because Miyamoto thought it was too much like Thousand Year Door.  No seriously, here’s a quote from the latest Iwata Asks interview: After E3, Miyamoto-san played the prototype and said it was just a port of the GC version.22 And another: […]

No Original Characters in Paper Mario Sticker Star Because of Miyamoto!

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Box

I think his obsession with minimal storyline and stuff might be hurting the series now, as this interview suggests.  Here’s why there’s not much of a new cast in Paper Mario Sticker Star: The Paper Mario series started when we introduced RPG elements as a means of differentiating the game from the platformer series. Through the inclusion of this story and the characters we wrote to fit that story, we ended up giving the game a unique character. However, for Sticker Star, Mr Miyamoto asked us to create a game using only characters already found in the Mario world rather and not any of our own. Oh dear.  So basically, they were told not to create any new characters for […]

Nintendo announces Paper Mario Sticker Star Diorama Contest Winners

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Remember that old contest where you told to make dioramas based on Paper Mario Sticker Star and send photos in to Nintendo for the chance to win 3DS games and stuff?  Well Nintendo have now announced the winners of the contest, and you can see some of the fantastic dioramas submitted at the link below.  Here’s a sample to show how good the quality of these fan works is: As you can see, they’ve even managed to put in things like the action commands and items to replicate a Paper Mario battle scene in paper form!  It looks very impressive if you ask me. Here’s the other winners from Nintendo’s gallery: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.406248092780521.97162.149152295156770&type=3 What do you think of them?  Did the […]

Paper Mario Sticker Star Out Today!

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Paper Mario Sticker Star Box

Well, if you’re in the US it’s just been released earlier today, whereas the rest of the world will have to wait about a month to get their hands on it.  So if you’re in a place where Paper Mario Sticker Star is available to buy (aka not like myself), maybe now’s a good time to go out and buy it.  It’s not the best Paper Mario game ever made (at least from what the reviews say), but it is supposedly a decent enough game regardless and should give you something to do while waiting for New Super Mario Bros U and the Wii U to be released. So yes, Paper Mario Sticker Star is now available to buy for […]

Paper Mario Sticker Star; Intro and Website Footage

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Yes, I’ve now uploaded the game’s intro and all footage from the official website to the official Youtube channel for Nintendo 3DS Community.  These videos show off quite a bit of a title including many of the items and story moments though, so if you don’t like spoilers please don’t watch the videos below: Paper Mario Sticker Star intro Paper Mario Sticker Star Website Footage Compilation As you can see from the footage compilation, we now know what the items do.  For example, the Frog Suit lets Mario jump much higher in battle, letting him easily dodge enemy attacks.  There’s also some amusing footage of Toad Town being unrolled after Bowser’s sticker fuelled rampage, complete with that poor Toad get […]