Mario Golf World Tour DLC; Courses and Characters revealed!

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And to be honest, I’m not sure whether I like most of them.  They seem like some rather questionable choices for new characters and course ideas, especially given their… close connection to the New Super Mario Bros series. Let’s start with good news first though.  Rosalina is confirmed playable.  And in a move that might please some people (I guess), Toadette is also confirmed as playable.  As for the rest… you’ll have to keep reading to see it!

Nintendo Open to NES Remix including third party games and GBA/SNES titles…

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So if you’re interested in seeing an equivalent to NES Remix involving third party games like Mega Man, Castlevania and Contra, or one for the SNES era with Donkey Kong Country, Kirby Super Star and Yoshi’s Island being included, then send Nintendo your feedback to show interest in the idea. Me though?  I don’t think any of these are a good idea, because I don’t think NES Remix itself is a good idea.  What I want is…

This Awesome Zelda Hack Turns Link into a Hyrulean Serial Killer!

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Have you ever had a bad day when playing through the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?  Ever got kind of annoyed about all those NPCs just getting in the way with their silly routines and typical… well, NPC behaviour? If so, a person on Youtube called Hexator has just the right Gameshark code for you!  Yep, this code apparently lets you go all Grand Theft Auto on Hyrule’s population, killing off every NPC in sight as if they were vicious monsters to be mown down on the spot.  So if you want to see Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule turned into the equivalent of Grand Theft Triforce (as someone on another forum quipped), keep reading!

The 3DS isn’t powerful enough for NES Remix 2?

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Well, that’s roughly why Nintendo are saying the game wasn’t released for said system.  They actually argue that ‘it’d require more machine power’ than the 3DS is supposedly capable of. Here’s their quote: But, if you step into the shadows a bit more, in order to accomplish what we wanted with NES Remix, and get the effect we wanted out of it and the value that we wanted it to have, we needed some more machine power. It’s just that the Wii U had the machine power we were looking for in order for us to build the software we envisioned from the get go But what do I think about this?  Well, I’ll put it this way… I don’t […]

Are Video Games Actually the Least Offensive Media Out There?

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In recent years, there’s been a bit of a backlash against video games.  Mostly coming from ‘social justice’ believers and overly miserable internet writers, it seems like a certain group has decided that video games are all that’s wrong in the world and that they’re somehow some generally sexist/racist/classist form of entertainment that needs ripping apart at every tiny opportunity. But I disagree with them entirely.  Indeed, I think video games are actually one of the least offensive forms of media in the last twenty or so years.  Or in other words, they’re actually better than film, television or literature (among other forms of media) as far as horribly offensive and degrading content goes.  Keep reading to find out why!

A Quick Update about Fusion Fangaming…

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fusion team

As some Nintendo 3DS Daily readers may have noticed, the link in our sidebar to Fusion Fangaming still doesn’t work, going over to an error page instead of the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion team’s official site. Well, there’s an unfortunate reason for that.  Namely, the Spriter’s Resource basically crashed a few days ago, and Fusion Fangaming was kind of taken with it.  And while the former is now back online, Fusion Fangaming hasn’t exactly had any such luck. So yeah.  Just a quick update to tell people that while Fusion Fangaming doesn’t currently work, that the team still exists and that the site is still presumably an ally of Nintendo 3DS Daily.

I think Ubisoft’s Ambitions for Watch Dogs are a bit high…

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They seriously think this game will be as big as Call of Duty or FIFA.  Which if you don’t know the obvious, are two of the biggest third party franchises of all time, selling many millions of copies per installment (FIFA has sold over 100 million games total and Call of Duty has sold more than past til 2011 alone). Unfortunately, I’d like to give Ubisoft a nice reality check.

Mario Kart 8 has at least 30 Characters

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According to a picture of the game taken from a Nintendo event anyway.  It shows not only everyone we’ve seen in the trailers so far (which adds up to 27 characters), but also has empty slots just waiting for another 3 characters to fill them.  But what does the screen look?  Who do I suspect is going to fill those last few slots?  Read on and find out!

Skylanders could have been a Nintendo series?

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Yes, it’s really true!  Back when the first game in this popular franchise was being developed, Activision wanted to team up with another game to make it, with their first choice being Nintendo! Unfortunately though, despite some help with marketing and interest in the concept, Nintendo turned down the offer to work with Activision on the series.  Talk about a missed opportunity!