Is the Wii/DS Online Shut Down Really a Bad Thing?

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Just a few hours ago, Nintendo announced that all Wii and DS online services were going to be shut down on May 20th 2014.  And as per is the norm, the internet went absolutely ballistic. Nintendo’s forcing people to buy their new games they said!  Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros Brawl still have life in them say yet others. But is this really a bad thing?  I don’t think so, and hence here’s why I consider the DS and Wii’s online services going away potentially one of the best things to happen to the systems…

Nintendo Shutting Down DS and Wii Wifi Services

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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection_logo

So if you’re still playing Mario Kart DS or Wii online, or involved in a bunch of Smash Bros Brawl battles against people from round the world, then those days are about to come to a screeching stop.  Same with online play in the generation 4 and 5 Pokemon titles. These services will end for good worldwide on May 20th. Keep reading to see a full list of every service and game getting the proverbial chop…

Nintendo Cannot Prevent its Consoles from being Hacked (EU Ruling)

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Well, this is a breath of fresh air, some actual sanity in the legal system!  Yep, it’s now been ruled in a European court that Nintendo can only block stolen copies of games on their system, not hacking with other purposes or uses.  This is according to an EU court ruling involving  an Italian company (known as PC Box) who sells modified Nintendo systems with additional tech to get round the hardware encryption. So what does this mean for Nintendo? Why do I agree with this ruling? Read on to find out…

Opinion: The Ten Craziest Mario Bosses in Nintendo History

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Large Fry

Over his 20 years of starring in video games, Mario and his friends have faced some bizarre opponents.  From murderous suns to pianos with a killing streak, everything from the normal enemies to the toughest bosses often end up being some of the weirdest opponents in the video game world.  But even among this lot, some bosses go even further and end up making even the regular Koopa Troop look sane.  Here they are, the ten craziest, strangest and most outright bizarre bosses in Mario history.

Opinion: The Six Most Disappointing Bosses in Mario History

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A good video game boss should be many things.  It should be designed so it fits the level at least somewhat thematically, it should be a decent challenge to top off the level and it should generally be designed in a way that it doesn’t come up off as an utterly boring character.  And hence why the Mario series has never been known for great boss battles, it usually succeeds at least at those basic criteria. But it doesn’t always get things right.  So these are the six most disappointing bosses in Mario history, six bland bosses that really felt like a let down after the build up of a whole level or even game.   Let’s begin… 6. Harsh Possessor […]

The Gaming Revolutions that weren’t; Five Nintendo Hardware Innovations that haven’t caught on

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Nintendo ereader

When it comes to successful tech innovations in Nintendo systems, people have been a bit… critical of the more recent ones.  Tablet controls haven’t set the world on fire, Augmented Reality has generally been seen as quite useless overall and the 3DS’ signature 3D gimmick itself isn’t exactly immune to criticism, with people saying the console has only really caught on regardless of said addition rather than because of it. But compared to the ‘innovations’ listed below, the ones above look like an absolute masterpiece of hardware design.  So here are five Nintendo hardware/tech innovation that never caught on. 5. LAN Functionality in the Gamecube First and foremost on the list is a feature very few people have likely even […]

Big Bang Mini Developer Arkedo no More; Company to be Disbanded

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It’s not been a good few years for video game companies.  THQ went into administration and was torn to pieces, Eurocom fell after the failure of 007 Legends and even Epic Mickey devs Junction Point were shut down by Disney for failing to make the second game sell.  Unfortunately, this string of company closures doesn’t end here.  No, now minor DS developer Arkedo (makers of Big Bang Mini and Hell Yeah! Wrath of a Dead Rabbit) are also shutting down for good as well. Here’s what company co-founder Aurelien Regard says about the matter: It has been decided to disband the team when there still was enough money to get good conditions for everyone, rather than replace permanent positions with interns and […]

More Emergency Maintenance for Nintendo Services Soon

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Yes, it’s another round of ‘emergency’ maintenance that’s coming next week, so you’ll be unable to access certain DS and Wii U games.  There are two stages of this maintenance, stage 1 affects network services and Nintendo games and will occur from February 25th at 11pm to February 26th at 5pm.  These are the things that will be down/inaccessible then: Nintendo DS Network Services Pokémon Black Version Pokémon White Version Pokémon Black Version 2 Pokémon White Version 2 And some more maintenance (for Wii U titles) will be between 4 and 5pm on Monday the 25th February.  At this time, these services will be unusable: Wii U Match Making, Ranking, etc. NINJA GAIDEN™ 3: Razor’s Edge WARRIORS OROCHI® 3 Hyper […]

Nintendo Planning Emergency Online Maintenance this Monday

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It will affect most online services, and will mean that the 3DS and Wii U Shop, Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop will all be inaccessible.  This will last from 11pm on Monday the 28th January 2013 to 5pm on Tuesday the 29th (Pacific Time Zone). Here’s the list of services affected by this throughout the entire duration: Nintendo DS Online services Pokemon Black and White Pokemon Black and White 2 Here’s the list of services that will be inaccessible from 5-6pm on Monday the 28th: Wii U online multiplayer And here’s the list that will be unavailable from 12pm to 5pm at that time: Wii U eShop 3DS eShop DSi Shop Wii Shopping Channel Sorry for the inconvenience this […]

Confirmed; Important Pokemon Announcement coming Tuesday!

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Is it a new generation of Pokemon games or even just the first sign of a gen 6 monster?  Or is it simply something much more minor like a new Pokemon form or a spinoff game?  No one knows yet, but something important is definitely being announced next Tuesday, with the date of the 8th of January being mentioned on the official Pokemon Twitter channel too: Pokémon fans, mark your calendars! Check Pokemon.com on January 8th for some big news! — Pokémon (@Pokemon) January 4, 2013 Additionally, here’s the post about it on the Japanese official site: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/important_announce/ So what is this mystery new Pokemon announcement? The first signs of gen 6? A new spinoff game or film or something? […]