New Super Luigi U Will be sold as a Standalone Game

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As well as downloadable content.  So if you don’t feel like waiting for the title to download or want to keep it seperate from New Super Mario Bros U, you’ll also be able to go into a shop and just buy the game straight up. The retail version also doesn’t require you to own New Super Mario Bros U to play it.  Here’s the box art for the game: Another change the game has that was revealed at today’s Nintendo Direct is that of who you can play as in multiplayer mode.  You see, to avoid overshadowing Luigi, Mario isn’t in this game in any way whatsoever. Instead, Nabbit (the character who steals items in single player) is playable!  Here […]

Amazon fixes its New Luigi U listing error

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Earlier today, Amazon added a listing to its website for a game called ‘New Super Luigi U’ for Nintendo 3DS.  Now as any Nintendo fan probably knows, such a game never existed, it was just an incorrect term used for the Luigi focused New Super Mario Bros U downloadable content. Above: This is not possible on a 3DS people. But now they’ve sort of fixed it.  Voila: New Super Luigi U As you can clearly see, the page now gives the right title and rightfully lists it as a Wii U game.  Good job there Amazon, nice to see you fixed it soon after everyone online told you the original listing was wrong! P.S. Although their listing is still pretty […]

New Super Luigi Announced (add on content for New Super Mario Bros U)

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Desert Level

It’s not quite a new game, but darn it might as well be given how much new content’s being crammed into what Nintendo calls ‘add on content’.  New Super Luigi U is downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U that not only makes Luigi the main character in the game, but also adds over EIGHTY new levels by redoing every single stage in the game.  So in other words, it’s like getting an all new 2D Mario platformer at the end of 2013. Here’s the announcement for the game: And here are some screenshots of it showing the new changes and levels: There’s an all new select screen where you can start files in Luigi mode.  This lets you […]

Wii U Sales below Gamecube and Wii Levels; Not much of a problem yet

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New Super Mario Bros. U

But I’m not sure this is going to be a long term issue for the console or Nintendo in general.  For one thing, what kind of market did Nintendo launch the Gamecube and Wii into?  Oh yes, a decent one which wasn’t in the midst of a recession and where people were willing to spend a lot more money on entertainment.  I suspect that game sales would not only be much higher back in 2001 and 2006, but also that every competitor console that comes out soon is going to experience much the same issues. There’s also the consideration that the market is very different now to how it was then.  For one thing, back then the console was practically […]

Is the Mario series being influenced by Mario ROM Hacks?

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Impossible Pack

Especially the Kaizo type played in so many Youtube Let’s Play videos? Because I’ve seen more and more things once only expected in difficult ROM hacks get made standard by the latest Mario games that I wonder whether some of Nintendo’s newer Mario developers either watched the videos or were part of the ‘hacking’ scene in their youth. Above: Even this Mario music video shows such levels in the background at certain points… I mean, I can’t be the only person who’s noticed how much more often Munchers seem to be appearing in modern Mario games, right? After all, they were completely absent from every Mario game bar remakes between Wario Land 1 and New Super Mario Bros Wii. That’s […]

The New Super Mario Bros series is improving

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Mario group art

Generally, a lot of people feel the New Super Mario Bros series is getting stale and not being as innovative as the older games, with a lack of improvement between each game. But you know what? I’d honestly say the series is in fact improving based on user feedback as it goes on, it’s just Nintendo isn’t improving the franchise quickly enough. Think about it. It’s not really like the series hasn’t made any progress, it has. For instance, remember how people criticised New Super Mario Bros (the DS game) for not having co-op multiplayer for the whole adventure? Nintendo learnt from that and made sure to put it in the next three games. Above: You wanted co-op multiplayer, right? […]

New Super Mario Bros U DLC; What should it be like?

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Whether you like downloadable content or think it’s a rip off, Nintendo has decided to make it part of all their latest 2D Mario games. New Super Mario Bros 2 has about 10 different packs of coin rush levels available to anyone willing to pay, and it was confirmed a while back that New Super Mario Bros U would be getting this stuff as well. But what should the DLC for New Super Mario Bros U be like? Here’s my thoughts on the matter and what I want to see from it. 1. The downloadable levels actually integrated into the game This is my main annoyance with how New Super Mario Bros 2 did downloadable content, and something I really […]

New Wii U Update causes New Super Mario Bros U saves to be deleted?

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As far as bugs and glitches go, the Wii U’s launch has not been a good one.  People hacking into Miiverse and finding debug menus and test data, Wii U consoles being bricked because the power went out during an update and random freezes causing all manner of problems for unlucky Nintendo fans, it’s been an absolute disaster on the glitch front so far. But now it looks like things may have gotten even worse.  A new Wii U update has caused another, extremely serious issue; deleting New Super Mario Bros U save files!  Yes, the minute a Nintendo Everything reader updated his Wii U, all his New Super Mario Bros U save file was wiped out in one foul […]

New Super Mario Bros U has the Propeller Cap!

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With all of New Super Mario Bros Wii’s other power ups existing in this game in some form or another, you’d be fair to wonder what happened to the Propeller Cap and whether it was entirely removed to add the Super Acorn item.  After all, one flight capable item per game, right? Well interestingly, it seems that’s incorrect.  No, New Super Mario Bros U also features the Propeller Cap as a late game/bonus item you can get from Superstar Road’s Toad Houses, with all the same powers it had in New Super Mario Bros Wii! Here’s a video from Game Explain showing it: Apparently it’s not the only item returning as a bonus either, the Penguin Suit is supposedly obtainable […]

New Super Mario Bros U; Secret Level Footage and More

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Mostly thanks to Game Explain and their attempts at seemingly recording every minor detail of the game as it comes up, but there’s also quite a bit of new footage I got from the Japanese website and uploaded to Youtube as well.  First up, here are all the secret levels seen so far: Flight of the Parabeetles This one seemingly introduces the Parabeetles and King Bills from New Super Mario Bros Wii, although it doesn’t seem to be located in any form of Star World like area and is merely a secret area in Soda Jungle. Skyward Stalk A groan worthy name for a secret level, this one is the beanstalk/vine climbing stage seen in a few earlier screenshots.  It […]