Media Create (Japan) Sales: 8th of April to 14th of April 2013

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Japanese Luigi's Mansion 2 box

Well, another week and another set of Japanese game sales!  Can you guess which title is at the top of the list this time?  Wait for it… Yes, Luigi’s Mansion 2 again, even more weeks in which it hasn’t budged an inch from the top of the Japanese sales charts!  Jeez, Nintendo really have created a great selling title here, it’s been doing well in every country under the sun and has likely nearly overtook its predecessor in sales already.  Here’s the full list of best selling games in Japan: 01./01. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (Nintendo) {2013.03.20} (¥4.800) – 56.562 / 515.975 (-17%) 02./00. [3DS] Card Fight!! Vanguard: Ride to Victory!! (FuRyu) {2013.04.11} (¥5.229) – 44.538 / NEW <59,93%> […]

Why New Super Mario Bros 2 is One of the Greatest Platformers Ever Made

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This is a guest article by Critical Gaming author Richard Terrell, someone who has spent many years analysing the Mario series on a gameplay level and who considers New Super Mario Bros 2 a far better game than people give it credit for.  His website can be found here: http://critical-gaming.com/ Here’s the article, a defense of New Super Mario Bros 2 and an argument about why it’s one of the best platformers of all time: Over the last 5 months I have devoted time every Sunday to practice this Mario Medley composed by a guy named Andrew Johnson. The piece is very “Mario” in that it works with the original theme that scored my childhood and my love for video games. And […]

Is the Mario series being influenced by Mario ROM Hacks?

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Impossible Pack

Especially the Kaizo type played in so many Youtube Let’s Play videos? Because I’ve seen more and more things once only expected in difficult ROM hacks get made standard by the latest Mario games that I wonder whether some of Nintendo’s newer Mario developers either watched the videos or were part of the ‘hacking’ scene in their youth. Above: Even this Mario music video shows such levels in the background at certain points… I mean, I can’t be the only person who’s noticed how much more often Munchers seem to be appearing in modern Mario games, right? After all, they were completely absent from every Mario game bar remakes between Wario Land 1 and New Super Mario Bros Wii. That’s […]

Fan Made Themes; Five Great Sets of Original Nintendo Style Songs!

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Remixes of Nintendo music are cool enough, but do you know what’s even cooler than remixing Nintendo’s original songs?  Making an all new soundtrack that’s as good as any from an official Nintendo game!  Here are five great fan made Nintendo soundtracks, where fans have made their own music based on their favourite video game series. New Super Mario Bros 2 Soundtrack (BowieZ version) Way before Nintendo even considered making a New Super Mario Bros title for 3DS, BowieZ made his own fan made songs based off the series for a hypothetical sequel.  And believe it or not, they’re pretty darn catchy.  Have a listen: The new Koopaling castle theme. It’s not the best castle song I’ve ever heard, but […]

Impossible and Mystery Adventures New Super Mario Bros 2 Packs announced!

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And by impossible, I mean the nearest thing the New Super Mario Bros has to kaizo level impossible, it’s supposedly another super difficult pack of coin rush levels with a five star difficult rating.  For one thing, there are absolutely zero coins or power ups in any of the levels, so your coin total is solely dependant on how quickly you reach the flag.  And for another thing, levels include stuff like multiple Cheep Chomps in narrow passages, Fire Chomps in narrow firebar lined wall kick passageways and rising acid in what seems to be another layer 2 like level. The Mystery Adventures pack on the other hand has you uncover mysteries and find hidden areas in the levels where […]

The New Super Mario Bros series is improving

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Mario group art

Generally, a lot of people feel the New Super Mario Bros series is getting stale and not being as innovative as the older games, with a lack of improvement between each game. But you know what? I’d honestly say the series is in fact improving based on user feedback as it goes on, it’s just Nintendo isn’t improving the franchise quickly enough. Think about it. It’s not really like the series hasn’t made any progress, it has. For instance, remember how people criticised New Super Mario Bros (the DS game) for not having co-op multiplayer for the whole adventure? Nintendo learnt from that and made sure to put it in the next three games. Above: You wanted co-op multiplayer, right? […]

Official Nintendo Wrapping Paper?

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NSMB2 wrapping

Well, it looks like Nintendo of Europe is sure getting into the festive spirit, they’ve now released official Christmas wrapping paper!  It comes with four styles, New Super Mario Bros 2 style with pictures of the items from the 3DS game, Professor Layton style with the game’s icon/logo on a sophisticated looking background, Pokemon/Pikachu style and a Style Savvy tie in version.  Here’s a preview of some of this wrapping paper:   Guess it’s a nice idea for the Nintendo fan who wants even their presents to be wrapped in Nintendo themed wrapping paper, although I do have to wonder who’s going to want to go to the expense of printing it out themself.  Printing ink sure isn’t cheap these […]

New Super Mario Bros 2; Challenge Pack C and Platform Panic Pack Announced

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New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC 3

Two more downloadable Coin Rush level packs have been announced and shown for New Super Mario Bros 2, this time the third challenge pack and an additional one known as the Platform Panic Pack. They’re available to buy in Japan as of right now, and will presumably be available to purchase elsewhere in only a short while.  Here’s some screens of both level packs that show off some of the new levels: As you can see from the above screens, the theme of these levels tends to be moving platforms and other similar objects.  You’ve got a castle with Snake Blocks in a forest, you’ve got ghost driven platforms acting like the bonecoasters from New Super Mario Bros Wii and […]

Should New Super Mario Bros 2 have been delayed until 2013?

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New Super Mario Bros 2 was, despite all criticism about the lack of originality, a decent game.  But am I the only one who thinks the title should be delayed until at least 2013 while Nintendo improved the game? Because let’s be honest, it was clear from the start the title was at best a second string project handed over to junior developers and without a lot of ambition in it, and I’m wondering whether Nintendo should have instead delayed the game while the team worked on New Super Mario Bros U instead.  Not only would this have significantly helped New Super Mario Bros U (all focus could be on the one title and what original ideas NSMB did have […]

Get the Gold Classics Pack for Free today!

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Nintendo have just released it for free on the eShop in all regions, so if you own New Super Mario Bros 2 you should go and download it right now.  Head to the Coin Rush menu, then go to the shop and buy the pack with a price of $0.  Voila, three free new levels for New Super Mario Bros 2! They’re pretty well designed levels too, and aren’t in the slightest just basic remakes.  The first one is actually a mix of Super Mario Bros 1-1 and 1-2, the second level a mix of Super Mario Bros 3 1-1 and 1-5 and the final one even manages to mix the first castle from Super Mario Bros with the first […]