Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now on Club Nintendo!

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Mario 3D World Soundtrack cover

So for those European Nintendo fans out there who want to hear the game’s music in some ‘official’ way, there you go.  You can find Nintendo’s Tweet on the matter in the full post after the break. My opinion though?  Don’t really see much point in getting this CD.  Not only do I not plan to buy a Wii U (and this game, among others) until Smash Bros comes out, but the entire soundtrack can be gotten far conveniently with this magical thing called the ‘internet’ and ‘Youtube’. But if you want to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter (officially) or to see it on the Club Nintendo store, keep reading!

Wow Yoshi’s New Island Has Some Terrible Music…

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And given that this by the developers of Yoshi’s Island DS, a game which had some of the most unremarkable music in Nintendo history (just the castle theme from that game should bring back bad memories), that’s kind of surprising.  So do you want to hear the worst possible (non ROM hack) music known to man? Well step inside then, because it’s absolutely embarassing how god awful some of these songs are…

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; More Music Samples!

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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Screenshot 10

Thanks to an anonymous person online, the entire soundtrack to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has been released onto the internet!  And so, we’ve been uploading some of the songs to our Youtube channel, including some of the game’s boss music and action level tunes!  So keep reading to hear some of them for yourself…

Resident Evil’s Composer is a Fraud?

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Well, this is certainly unexpected news.  Apparently, Resident Evil composer Mamoru Samuragochi has admitted that someone else has been writing his music for the last ten years or so. So I guess he’s basically the Japanese composer version of Milli Vanilli or whoever they were, someone who takes responsibility for the works of others and has been getting a ton of undue credit in recent years.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; Awesome Music Samples!

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Tropical Freeze Pic

Straight from the Japanese official site too, and without any sound effects at all!  Best of all, they’re very much up to the same quality as the music from the SNES trilogy, and are every bit as catchy as likes of Stickerbrush Symphony and Jungle Hijinx!  So keep reading to hear these latest musical masterpieces for yourself…

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Soundtrack now available on iTunes!

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Gen 1 Remake Cover

So if you want to own the music ‘legitimately’, Nintendo have now provided a way for you to do so (assuming you’re willing to pay the 11 dollars needed to buy it). Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pokemon-firered-pokemon-leafgreen/id771135133 On the other hand… it’s not like the music for this game is particularly difficult to find elsewhere.  And so I have to wonder whether there’s even much point to this whole soundtrack deal.  Ah well, decent Nintendo digital ‘merchandise’ for anyone who wants it, and a bunch of neat music now more easily available for your iPod or music player if you’re too lazy to find it elsewhere.

Opinion; Five Modern Nintendo Games that Need a Soundtrack CD

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As you likely know, Pokemon X and Y got a soundtrack earlier this month.  And as you might also know, Super Mario 3D World is getting an amazing 70+ track one in the near future too. But most Nintendo games aren’t so lucky.  And so here are five modern Nintendo games I think should also get a soundtrack sometime in the near future.

Oh wow, the music from The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds is pretty good!

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With the official Japanese and European sites for the game launched just a few hours ago, Nintendo has finally posted some good quality music from the game online.  And wow, the Hyrule overworld theme in this one sounds absolutely amazing!  Have a listen to it in the full post!