Mighty No 9 Gets 3DS Stretch Goal!

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As is probably common knowlege by now, the new Mega Man style platformer by Keiji Inafune and other ex Capcom team members is making more money than ever in the last few days, with all kinds of neat features being added thanks to the game reaching the various Stretch Goals posted on their Kickstarter page.  But while a Wii U version has long been confirmed, for the longest time there was no sign of a 3DS one…

Renegade Kid Offers to work on Mighty Number 9 3DS Port?

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If you haven’t heard of it already (for some very unusual reason), the game ‘Mighty Number 9′ is a Mega Man spiritual successor that’s being worked on by original Mega Man producer Keiji Inafune.  It’s got a Kickstarter campaign that you can view here (whhich has already reached its funding goal in just under two days) and is likely to be coming to the Wii U at some time in the future (thanks to a funding stretch goal that’s practically guaranteed to be met within the next month or so).  But while no 3Ds version has been announced as of this time, it seems like this could all be about to change if the offer by Jools Watsham of developer […]