Tecmo Koei Wants to Make a Mario Game?

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They’re already making Hyrule Warriors (that Zelda spinoff with gameplay in the same style as Dynasty Warriors) for the company, but now they apparently want to make a Mario title too.  Yeah, as mentioned in an Official Nintendo Magazine interview, they mentioned wanting to make a Mario game: Disney, Star Wars and Mario are just a few of the various franchises we’d like to work with So yes, that’s something I guess.

Nintendo of Japan’s Wii U Site Features Awesome Mario Artwork!

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With the rise in Nintendo press kits and other materials, and the wealth of free to find content online, original artwork on official websites is a quite a bit rarer than it used to be.  But while most of their gaming sites now just feature the ‘two millionth minor edit of Nintendo’s generic Mario artwork renders, the official site for the Wii U is different. How?  It features pretty cool (and unique) artwork showing Mario and friends messing around with the Wii U’s features!  It’s not much, but if you want to see some slightly amusing artwork from said site for yourself, keep reading!

The Worst Mario Fan Games Ever Made

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Awful Fan Game Title

When it comes to bad fan works, there are quite a few familiar names that usually end up listed.  Like Sonichu, that godawful Sonic/Pokemon/whatever webcomic by a man with the artistic talent of a six year old.  Or My Immortal, a terrible fan fic that may or may not actually be a troll work.  But for something different, here are five Mario fan games so bad that they actually might outdo both Sonichu and My Immortal!

Has Nintendo Lost the Ability to Make Spinoffs?

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Because while everyone likes to talk about how Nintendo ‘has only a few franchises’ and talks about their ‘unoriginality’ in that sense, I’ve noticed another rather disturbing trend with the company and their games recently. Namely, they don’t seem to be making any interesting new spinoffs or sub series any more.  When was the last time you saw a new spinoff of the Mario franchise with its own original characters or gameplay?

Mario Game Mod A2MT Is Now Dead

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A2MT Pic

Well, here goes another fan project, another fan made game down the ‘cancelled’ road.  Yes, raocow’s collab game has now been cancelled by the community and joined the likes of Ura Zelda and Super Mario Bros X in the endless graveyard of cancelled fan works. So what was A2MT?  Why was it cancelled?  Keep reading to find out…

Opinion; Five Things the Super Mario Bros Series Should Take from Wario Land

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Mario and Wario Battle

When it comes to recent Mario platformers, many have said they’re becoming a bit too ‘stale’ and ‘conservative’, with many of the New Super Mario Bros games and other recent titles sharing things like the same look, the same style of music and the same game structure.  But that’s not what it has to be like!  Oh no, as people who’ve played the Wario Land series should know, that franchise has shown full well how you can revolutionise a simple series of 2D platformers in every single installment.  And so here are five things from the Wario Land series that future Mario platformers should use as well.

Opinion: The Ten Craziest Mario Bosses in Nintendo History

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Large Fry

Over his 20 years of starring in video games, Mario and his friends have faced some bizarre opponents.  From murderous suns to pianos with a killing streak, everything from the normal enemies to the toughest bosses often end up being some of the weirdest opponents in the video game world.  But even among this lot, some bosses go even further and end up making even the regular Koopa Troop look sane.  Here they are, the ten craziest, strangest and most outright bizarre bosses in Mario history.

Ten Reasons You Might Not Want to Move to the Mushroom Kingdom

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Mad Piano

Last time on Nintendo 3DS Daily, we posted an interesting article by Movoto about why you might want to move to the Mushroom Kingdom.  It had lots of interesting reasons, but do you know what I thought it was missing? Any kind of counter examples to the idea.  So here’s a nice counter argument to their article, with ten reasons why moving to the Mushroom Kingdom might be a terrible idea… 1. The place is in a constant state of war

It’s Done; I’ve reached Level 100 in Mario & Luigi Dream Team!

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Well, it’s been a while coming now, but I’ve finally reached the level cap in the game, getting to the point where no more experience is counted and where no more levels can be gained.  Here are some screenshots showing Mario and Luigi’s stats at this point: As you can see, I’ve not exactly maxed out the stats yet (assuming 999 is the point that happens), but I think the stats are decent enough so far.  They can still kill the final boss in one hit… Here are some other screens showing said stats/levels… As you can tell, I did all this on Hard Mode. And here’s the stats from the ending.  Not great (the Excellent rate could be so […]