Mario Tennis Open Review

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Mario Tennis Open is the latest game in the long-running tennis series by Camelot. People who have enjoyed the series in the past should know exactly what to expect here in terms of the game’s presentation. All of the iconic Mario characters are present, the courts have a great amount of variety, and there is something to be said about the inherent polish of Camelot’s titles. But does this entry live up to the great games of the series’ past? For the single player portion of the game, there are three main game types to choose from: Tournament Play, Exhibition, and Special Games (which are mini games). With Tournament and Exhibition we get the main type of game play: actual […]

Nintendo confirms old 3DS Games to be available via eShop

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3DS Retail Games on eShop

This is from another Nintendo Direct.  Apparently, their older 3DS titles (such as Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Ocarina of Time 3D and Mario Tennis Open will be heading to the eShop soon and will be able to be bought digitally like New Super Mario Bros 2.  The eight titles announced for this treatment first are: Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Mario Tennis Open Star Fox 64 3D Pilotwings Resort Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games The 3D Encyclopedia of Flora an Fauna You can watch the announcement here: I have to wonder about their choices though.  Where’s Kid Icarus Uprising and why isn’t that […]

Here, have some QR codes for coloured Yoshis in Mario Tennis Open!

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White Yoshi

Well, we all knew this would be coming, that someone online would decide to upload all the QR codes as they’re released to let us unfortunate souls not living near one of Nintendo’s HQs actually get the different coloured Yoshis as playable ‘characters’.  So here are some QR codes. First up, the codes for Black Yoshi and White Yoshi, for the PAL version of the game.  Just scan these in and you should be set: White Yoshi: Black Yoshi: And for those of us in the US, here’s the code to unlock Pink Yoshi, thanks to GameExplain and their new video.  Just scan it from the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEz6Z-QWRz4 And yes, fear the worst everyone, Nintendo has freaking region locked the […]

Nintendo’s Mario Tennis Open ‘Report’ Videos are Interesting

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If interesting is the right word to describe disturbingly edited tennis balls giving their commentary on the game modes in Mario Tennis Open.  No, I didn’t make that bit up, they’ve got tennis balls with glasses and eyepatches discussing Mario Tennis. Have Nintendo been on something recently?  Did Nintendo of America suddenly decide to follow Japan’s lead in making extremely strange commercials and promo videos?  Either way, you can see the videos below: Here’s hoping these videos aren’t played on TV, I don’t think my sanity could take it.  Nor could any normal person’s image of Nintendo fans when you think about it, the videos look about as embarassing as the commercials released for Super Mario Sunshine which had kids […]

Mario Tennis Open Launch Trailer

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Mario Tennis Open Bowser Court 2

It’s a launch trailer for Mario Tennis Open, in case you’re still undecided about buying the game and need some more persuasion from Nintendo and their marketing team.  However, given how much most people here tend to like the Mario sports games and how quite a few regular visitors have bought this game quite a while ago, there’s not much to do other than enjoy the video and congratulate yourself on how you bought a Mario game before the general public did. Here’s the trailer: It’s a good game though, although maybe a bit lacking in options and game modes compared to the likes of Mario Power Tennis. Still, there’s a trailer for the game, go out and buy it […]

There aren’t new characters in Mario Tennis Open

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Sorry people on Nintendo 3DS Community who thought that Rosalina might be a new character for Mario Tennis Open, Nintendo has officially come out and said otherwise.  From their recent press release: Track down the playable Yoshis by finding the Mario Tennis Open QR codes and: a massive Yoshi hunt will soon become available ahead of the upcoming Mario Tennis Open launch on 25th May. The hunt, entitled The Yoshi Chase, will involve tracking down a series of different-coloured Yoshis, playable in Mario Tennis Open, through corresponding QR codes released over the coming weeks through various channels. Looks like the QR code characters are all a bunch of different coloured Yoshis unfortunately.  Of course, they couldn’t make these QR codes […]

Wow, that’s some epic Mario Tennis Open Music

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Mario Tennis Open Bowser Court 2

It’s almost like a bunch of boss style remixes of well known Mario music!  No seriously, Princess Peach’s Castle theme from Super Mario 64 can actually be made into an epic piece of music that would work well in an boss battle?  Apparently so: Above: If Peach was ever more of an action hero, this would be her theme tune. That theme is awesome.  No seriously, it’s like if Rare remixed the Princess Peach’s Castle theme for a boss battle against an evil version of Peach in the Super Mario 64 castle’s foyer.  It’s also not the first time Mario Tennis have done what seem to be boss remixes of classic Mario themes, the Luigi’s Mansion remix in Mario Power […]

Mario Tennis Open; New Screenshots

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Mario Tennis Open Screenshot 3

Well, they’re not really new, I just forgot to upload them a few days ago.  But here they are anyway: The Mii customisation options.  No idea what any of this means since the menu is entirely in Japanese, but I presume the pie charts to the right show their stats or something. A match on the Peach’s Castle court.  Apparently this place is designed so the ball bounces really fast but not particularly high, making it a tough court to win on. The ice court.  Looks nice enough, although we’ve seen this same court in enough screenshots that there’s not much to comment on. Although apparently the ball bounces highest here for whatever reason. The Mushroom Valley court, in the […]

New Mario Tennis Open Trailer

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Super Mario Tennis

Recorded directly from the Japanese official site, hence the video player bar that can be seen along the bottom: It’s mainly a compilation of all the video footage spread out across the official website (albeit compiled by Nintendo and added to the about page), so it doesn’t really seem to contain that much new information. However, there is some indication that Koopa may be a playable character in this, since at least one Mii costume option seems to be based off of him (and assuming most of the costumes are based on playable characters, it makes sense to assume the real one may be an unlockable character) Still, it’s worth watching anyway.

Mario Tennis Open; New Screenshots, Luma confirmed!

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Secret Characters

Yes we know that we’ve seen pictures of a Luma as a playable character in Galaxy Tennis (and to some people, that was apparently enough proof in itself), but with the latest batch of Mario Tennis Open screenshots, you can now see proof that he’s playable in all normal modes/normal courts too. Voila, Dry Bowser and Luma in one screenshot, on Bowser’s Castle court.  Evidence enough of both being secret characters for sure. There are other screens though. Sorry, but something still bugs me about the Yoshi costume, it just looks too ridiculous. Information about Miis and the various StreetPass options.  Maybe this has some use in Japan or one of those American cities where people are both living close […]