So what is this special Mario Kart 7/Mario 3D Land content anyway?

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In a part of the Nintendo Direct that many people may not have noticed (because only Nintendo of America covered this in their presentation at all), there’s talk of ‘exclusive content for Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land’ coming soon to the 3DS.  Yes, DLC/content for games that’s been out nearly two years.

Opinion; Three Nintendo 3DS Games That Need to Be Patched (and what should have be done to fix them)

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In this age of DLC, decent internet connectivity and other such things, you’d think patches for game breaking bugs would be more common.  After all, you can actually deliver them to the customers now and take care of the issues that somehow slipped through the radar in development. Unfortunately, Nintendo seems to have stopped bothering with them altogether.  Indeed, ever since Mario Kart 7 was patched back in May 2012, it seems like Nintendo hasn’t really be doing a lot in regards to fix even worse issues that have popped up in the meantime, like those in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi Dream Team.  So here are three games for the 3DS that I think should be […]

The Guardian Calls Pokemon and Mario Violent Games?

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violent games title

No, the title is not a lie.  Thought the old media were over this whole ‘video games are evil’ thing and learnt to do actual research when discussing them?  Well apparently this isn’t the case, since this new Guardian article is just plain ridiculous in how badly researched and thought out it is.  Here’s the address (not linked to avoid helping their search engine rankings): http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2013/apr/30/violence-guns-best-selling-video-games So let’s see where this whole thing falls apart.  First of all, we’ve got a ridiculously misleading claim, namely that: a Guardian analysis of the top 50 video games sold in 2012 found more than half contain violent content labels Except take one look at what types of games the Guardian chart lists alongside […]

Time for another Mario Kart 7 Update?

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Koopa City glitch

It’s been quite a while since the last one was released that fixed Maka Wuhu, Wuhu Island Loop and Bowser Castle 1, but is it now time for another Mario Kart update to fix the new glitches people have found since then? Because as of this point in time, the amount of glitch shortcuts found in the game has absolutely soared upwards, so perhaps it’s time to fix some of the new ones people are taking advantage of online.  Like the Neo Bowser City shortcut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9cqYJjDkns The Luigi’s Mansion shortcut: The Daisy Cruiser shortcut… Heck, might as well fix the old ones in Shy Guy Bazaar, DK Jungle and Koopa Cape too, they’re not exactly the easiest or most useful […]

Awesome Mario Kart 7 Glitch Breaks Toad Circuit!

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Basically, you fly over the bridge and get the item box there, and return over the other side.  This makes the game think you’re in last for a short period of time, so you end up with an item like a Bullet Bill, Lightning or Blue Shell like you would if you were at the back of the pack!  And since you end up back on the track afterwards, you end up with a ridiculously overpowered item in first place! Great work for finding it jewelsc79!  Looks like Toad Circuit will be made a bit bearable online now!  And for the people who like to abuse it for its simplicity like those tournament players and Final Destination in Super Smash Bros, […]

Miis appear in Mario Kart 7 Grand Prix Cups Now?

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Well, this is an unexpected turn up for the books.  I was just playing Mario Kart 7 like normal, chose the Lightning Cup and ended up with a friend’s Mii randomly appearing as one of the racers! Is that even meant to happen?  Because nothing on Mario Wiki or GameFAQs says anything about it, and this wasn’t a custom Grand Prix, just the bog standard Lightning Cup one you choose in Single Player mode.  Yet there it was, some random person’s Mii racing along in last place and not really doing anything important.  Here are some pics to prove it:   As you can clearly see, there’s a Mii in last place in this Grand Prix cup, despite the fact […]

Mario Kart’s Worst Tracks; The Ten Worst Tracks in the Series!

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Wuhu mountain loop

Generally, most Mario Kart tracks are fairly good. You’ve got classics like Wario Stadium, Airship Fortress and Waluigi Pinball, you’ve got interesting new ones like Mario Kart 7′s Rainbow Road and Mario Kart Wii’s Koopa Cape, and generally most of the other ones will at least have some semblance of a fandom who think they’re among the best tracks in the series. But unfortunately, some tracks just don’t measure up to the high standards expected of the Mario Kart series. Whether it’s through poor design, boring visuals or being plain broken, they’re just bad tracks that people just don’t find that fun. So here are the ten worst tracks in Mario Kart history. Note: Not counting those from Arcade GP, […]

And then there were more Mario Kart 7 Glitches…

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You know, I can definitely tell what people mean when they say the game was rushed now, some of these are ridiculous things to have in a finished game.  For example, here’s another new video of the game someone made showing three more interesting glitches (some of which are shortcuts) in Mario Kart 7: The first one has to be the most amusing though.  Seriously, the player’s kart just goes straight through a concrete wall like it wasn’t even there, without even using a Mushroom or jumping!  Yes, I managed to replicate the bug myself, and you do go straight through the barrier and fall out of bounds without even having to do more than drive into the wall! The […]

New Luigi’s Mansion Shortcut found in Mario Kart 7!

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Oh dear.  First there was the Daisy Cruiser glitch.  Next was the Neo Bowser City one.  And now?  It turns out Luigi’s Mansion has a theoretically major shortcut glitch in it too!  Here’s a video showing the glitch in action: As you can see, it’s another fairly useful shortcut to pull off, taking you right from the steps to the back door of the mansion and skipping a good turn or two in the process.  Not sure how difficult it is to pull off, but damn, it seems like this could be something people could use on wifi. So there’s another track broken.  Are you happy Luigi’s Mansion is the next Wuhu Mountain Loop?  Or are you worried that the […]

Yet Another Mario Kart 7 Glitch/Shortcut; Neo Bowser City Broken!

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Looks like it’s time Nintendo started thinking about another patch or something, since with this and the Daisy Cruiser glitch, we’ve nearly got as many working glitches now as we did before.  Still, it’s another major shortcut, this time cutting off as much as 10 seconds from the lap time.  Here’s a video: As you can see, the player lands on top of the roof and boosts upwards to the section of the level just prior to the sharp turns and final tunnel, cutting out a fairly major chunk of the track in the process.  It’s not quite as broken as Wuhu Mountain Loop’s glitch was, but it’s definitely in the same league as the ones at Bowser Castle 1 […]