Should Next Level Games Make the Next Doctor Who Video Game Adaptation?

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As various posts on sites like Doctor Who TV point out, the series has never had much luck in the video game sphere.  Indeed, with such abysmal tie in efforts as Return to Earth and the Eternity Clock as pretty much all the representation the franchise gets, you could see it’s kind of been screwed over by just about every development team even attempting to make a game based on it (the Adventure Games are the only good exceptions here). But then I thought a bit more, and came up with a possible good dev team for it, Next Level Games!  And so here’s why the Dark Moon developers should be responsible for the next Doctor Who tie in game…

Well, Looks like My Copy of Luigi’s Mansion 2 Is No More

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Thanks to my rather ‘curious’ dog at least.  You see, while I was willing to play the game in the near future, to see what the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower would be like with an actual capture card, it seems like my loyal pet just about got to the game first.  And oh boy is the damage pretty severe!  Keep reading to see for yourself…

Nintendo Posts Club Nintendo Favourites!

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Or in other words, what members of Club Nintendo consider the best games of 2013.  Which as everyone has likely figured out, consist at least 90% of Nintendo games and roughly mirror the list of titles the company has promoted most in the last 12 months.  Keep reading to see the list…

Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Underrated 3DS Games?

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Luigi's Mansion 2 box

As has been previously mentioned here on Nintendo 3DS Daily, 2013 has been an absolutely fantastic year for 3DS games, with all kinds of classics released over the months.  But while Pokemon X and Y and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds are rightfully seen as amazing titles, are Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and Mario & Luigi Dream Team becoming seen as ‘underrated’ 3DS games? Personally, I think so.  And here’s why each of the aforementioned titles really deserves more respect than it seemingly gets.

Has 2013 Been an Impressive Year for Nintendo Games?

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Zelda Link Between Worlds art

Usually, the amount of good games released in a year is fairly low, with just one or two bonafide classics being released alongside a whole ton of lesser titles no one really cares about.  But in 2013, it seems things have been… a little different.  In fact, I’d say that this year has actually been one of Nintendo’s best ever years for new games, with every month seemingly bringing a new classic!  So here’s a nice look back at 2013 and all the fantastic new games that Nintendo released throughout it.

Opinion; Five Modern Nintendo Games that Need a Soundtrack CD

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As you likely know, Pokemon X and Y got a soundtrack earlier this month.  And as you might also know, Super Mario 3D World is getting an amazing 70+ track one in the near future too. But most Nintendo games aren’t so lucky.  And so here are five modern Nintendo games I think should also get a soundtrack sometime in the near future.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Interview; Is there hope for a sequel?

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Just a few minutes ago, semi obscure gaming website Pixelvolt posted an interview with Next Level Games online, focusing on Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and its development.  But while you might expect such an interview not to share much, it does in fact hint at such interesting things as whether the likes of portrait ghosts were planned for the 3DS game.  So here’s some intriguing comments raised in the piece, along with my thoughts:

Well, looks like the other kind of 3DS Hacking may soon be upon us…

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3ds cheat

Not the piracy kind or the good ‘analysing data to find secret stuff’ kind, the ‘cheat blatantly in video games like with an Action Replay’ kind.  Yep, hacker Smea (who brought us the pictures of the three secret event legendaries in Pokemon X and Y and the Mega Eon Duo) posted a rather interesting picture of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon in his Twitter feed.  Can you spot what’s strange about it?

Why Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Shouldn’t Be Released on Wii

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon art

With yet another store listing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as a Wii U title, there’s a growing amount of belief that the game might well be coming to the Wii U after all, what with the likes of Best Buy listing it as such.  But in my opinion, the game shouldn’t be rereleased on Wii U, and here’s why…