Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Lego City keep selling; in Top 10 UK Sales Charts

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Unlike the Wii U and its mostly moribound existence in the UK, the 3DS seems to still be selling pretty well over here.  And guess what, Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Lego City Undercover the Chase Begins are now in the UK top ten sales charts, marking some more good news for Nintendo in the region.  Here’s the chart in question: As you can see, both Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Lego City Undercover on 3DS both tracked in the top ten last week.  They’ve also gradually been selling better in recent weeks as well, given that their last chart position was actually lower than said week’s (or in other words, Luigi’s Mansion 2 seems to be heading back up the sales […]

Register Three 3DS Games, Get a Fourth One Free – So Many Games Promotion

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Fire Emblem Awakening Box Art

Been buying a lot of new 3DS games recently now that the system has tons of great games available to purchase?  Can’t afford yet another title and want to be part of an interesting promotion?  Well you may just be in luck, since Nintendo of Europe is launching the ‘So Many Games!’ promotion and letting anyone who registers three games get another one for absolutely free! Best of all, the games eligible for this promotion are some of the best new games around, as shown by this list: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version) Luigi’s Mansion 2 Fire Emblem: Awakening LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity […]

Amazon Lists “Chase Begins” for $29.99

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Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins box art

Recently, I gave five reasons why it was a good idea to pre-order LEGO City: Undercover early including the fact that the game is being offered for $10 less than the standard Wii U game release price by a handful of retailers. Now it appears that Amazon is also listing the game’s 3DS prequel “LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins” for just $29.99 which happens to be $10 less than the standard 3DS game release price. While low software sales for the Wii U might explain a pre-emptive discount for the former title, this doesn’t explain why the latter is receiving the same treatment when 3DS sales have been quite strong for some time now. It is worth noting that […]

Five Reasons why you should Order your Copy of “Lego City: Undercover” Now

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1.There are indications the game will be in short supply If you look at Amazon’s listing for Lego City: Undercover for the Wii U, you’ll notice a warning of a “potential shipping delay” that may effect the game’s availability when it’s released on March 24. This same warning graced the listing for Fire Emblem: Awakening prior to its release on the 3DS a few weeks ago. If you tried to get your hands on the latest Fire Emblem on its release day, you’ll know that it was all but impossible to find it anywhere at retail. This was the case for those who pre-ordered the game as well, but when the game finally did arrive on store shelves, the first […]