Free Web Game Steals Nintendo Character Art for Advertisements?

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Apparently, these banners for a game calling ‘Cyber Quest’ have been popping up all over the internet recently.  But wait, take a look who’s featured on them… Yep, Link from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising.  Because I’m so sure that Nintendo really authorised you to use their intellectual property to advertise your crappy free online MMORPG, right?  Oh wait, they didn’t.

No More Kid Icarus Uprising SpotPass Gem Deliveries

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Kid Icarus Uprising

It’s been a while coming, but Nintendo have just now announced that they’re stopping the distribution of Kid Icarus Uprising weapon gems this March.  It doesn’t mean they’re impossible to get (StreetPass will still work), just that official Nintendo support for the game has ceased now that the title is about a year old and that it’s not really worth it any more. Either way, enjoy the game, keep playing online and just consider official Nintendo support for it pretty much over. Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/114719/no-more-kid-icarus-uprising-spotpass-weapon-gem-deliveries-after-march/

Kid Icarus Uprising for Wii U?

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And next in the ‘unbelievable video game rumours that will probably turn out to be completely wrong’ list, we’ve got a rather interesting Wii U game. Put simply, Amazon France lists Kid Icarus Uprising for Wii U as coming some time in the future.  The listing seems to have been up a while two, there’s already a satirical French review of the game that was written back in May.  Here’s a screenshot of the site for proof that they really are listing it: As well as a link to the listing on their website: http://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B0054XMHMM/ref=pe_7791_32022771_emwa_email_title_1 Additionally, it seems the game was previously listed on Amazon’s Italian website as well, since at least one article on GoNintendo talks about a listing […]

Looks like Nintendo is selling Kid Icarus Uprising cards in the UK now…

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Kid Icarus cards for sale

These ones were apparently available to buy at WH Smith’s, a fairly well known major bookstore/chain. They’re supposedly only sold at ‘select stores’ currently, but I guess Nintendo have decided to start making the cards available the same way as the Pokemon cards and just sell them in booster packs over here too. So that’s different ways of purchasing the cards/packs directly in Japan and the UK, when will the US follow suit and let you go into a store and just buy packs of Kid Icarus Uprising cards? Source: http://gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=180814

Nintendo now directly selling Kid Icarus Uprising cards in Japan

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Just like how they distribute Pokemon cards presumably, since they’re now openly selling the booster packs in shops rather than through select channels like Club Nintendo.  They’re packaging them in sets of 20 and selling them for 263 yen a pack from Nintendo’s website, or about 2 pounds or 3 dollars a pack. Here’s where you can buy them: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/akdj/arcardpack/index.html Here’s hoping they do the same in the US and Europe in future, since getting hold of these cards is currently rather annoying due to them only being given out in promotional deals and free with magazines.  Hell, here’s hoping they do exactly what they do with the Pokemon Trading Card game and send them to various newsagents and smaller […]

Kid Icarus Uprising Review; A Fantastic Game!

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Kid Icarus Uprising

It’s by a guest writer of sorts this time, known as re11ding on the Nintendo 3DS Community forums.  He said we could post this up as a review, and since it seems the better of the few reviews the game got on the forums, it’s now an official one for Nintendo 3DS Daily. There’s also a shorter review of the NES Kid Icarus game. Re11ding’s original review is below. Pictures added by editor. Hello all. re11ding here for another faithful review on a game. Instead of one game though, I’m going to review two! Recently, Kid Icarus: Uprising came out for the 3DS. It was the first game to feature Pit as the main character since Kid Icarus for the […]

Wait, Kid Icarus Uprising news on Nintendo Direct?

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Considering the game is already out in most/all regions, I have to wonder exactly what Nintendo is going to be saying about it at Nintendo Direct.  Because you see, Masahiro Sakurai said there’d be some news related to Kid Icarus Uprising on Twitter.  He said: Nintendo Direct、『新・パルテナ』ネタもやります。お楽しみに! #NintendoDirect Or ‘News about Kid Icarus Uprising to be announced at Nintendo Direct’, if you loosely figure it out from Google Translate. But with the game already released, what is there to say about the game? My guess, something akin to one of these things: There’s downloadable content planned There’s a sequel planned for the Wii U some time in the future The game is going to get released in Korea/China/somewhere else (unlikely, it’s referring […]

Forms of Advertising

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Hi everyone! Isnt this game fun? If you dont have it, I suggest you try it out. Funny thing, at first I did not want this game at all. People would not shut up about it, and for me, I dont like that kind of hype. What made me get this was the advertising that Nintendo did for it. Besides the ads and commercials, what did it for me was the Nintendo Channel. As much as I really dislike that app, that is what made me get this game. The shorts were something I really enjoyed, and im hoping Nintendo can make an actual anime out of this. Its funny how they got me this way. Clever advertising such as […]

Nintendo Creates Great Kid Icarus Uprising Weapon Infographic

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Kid Icarus Uprising infographic

Want a quick run down of all the weapons in Kid Icarus Uprising?  Well Nintendo’s got you covered with this fantastic infographic.  Not only does it look great, but it also describes the general characteristics of every weapon in the game in a nice easy to read format.  See it here: So yes, should be useful if any of you Kid Icarus Uprising owners want a run down of every weapon every now and again. What do you think of it?