2DS Trademark Registered in Japan

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As you may or may not know, the Nintendo 2DS console has not as of this time been released in Japan.  Why is that?  Who knows, some say it’s due to everything from Nintendo’s complete domination of the market making it unnecessary to stereoscopic 3D being more tolerated by Japanese audiences.  Either way, it’s not there yet. But is this about to change? It might well be so, since Nintendo have now registered a trademark for ‘Nintendo 2DS’ In Japan. Want to see it?  If so, keep reading!

Man Arrested in Japan for Stealing Pokemon 3DS XL

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And not from a large store or anything either.  Nope, this 32 year old guy in Japan was arrested for stealing a rare Pokemon edition 3DS XL from a ten year old kid in the city of Nishinomiya, near Kobe in Japan. He was caught because he tried to pawn off the console and five games (that were stolen with it) at a used game shop, which was close enough to the victim’s house that one of his friends spotted the system in the store.  The warranty was used to confirm that the console was indeed the stolen one, and the suspect owned up shortly afterwards.

Nintendo Replaces Wii U Premium Pack with Wii Sports Club Bundle!

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Wii Sports Club

It’s only true in Japan as of this moment, but I guess it proves that Nintendo’s hopes of Nintendo Land actually being a killer app have completely died off and they’re doing whatever is needed to get those Wii Us off shelves.  In this case, trying to repeat their Wii U marketing plans again in the hope the ‘expanded audience’ will buy into another Wii Sports experience. So what’s interesting about this situation?  Well to be honest, a couple of things are, so keep reading to find out!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Fails in Japan

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It may have succeed in Europe, but if the recent sales figures in Japan are any indication, it seems Japanese gamers aren’t caring too much for the latest Donkey Kong Country title.  Basically, it sold just 35,000 copies in its launch week, a massive 5 or so times less than Donkey Kong Country Returns or its 3DS port. So why’s it not doing well there?  Does it matter?  Keep reading to find out…

Kirby 3DS Has Highest Opening Week Sales in History!

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Kirby Triple Deluxe Box

No really, Kirby Triple Deluxe is seemingly doing really well in Japan, to the point it’s actually outdone the last four or so Kirby games in first week sales!  Continue reading to see a comparison between the sales of each of the recent Kirby games, and one that’ll probably make you cheer for the future of the franchise!

Zelda Doesn’t Need to Sell in Japan

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Zelda logo

Recently at Zelda Informer, an article talking about the recent handheld Zelda games and their sales in Japan has been published.  Stating that the titles are selling a bit better than before (but still underperforming in general), there’s this general tone through the article that it’s a bad thing, as if a series selling far more in one region than another is a negative. But I disagree.  Zelda doesn’t need to sell in Japan, and here’s why…

Hmm, Wonder Who’s Missing from the Japanese Mario Party Island Tour Box?

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Mario Party Island Tour BoxJapan

With the game due out over there in early 2014, the official Japanese box art for Mario Party Island Tour has finally been released.  But while the general layout is literally identical to the English one down to the very pixels its composed of, there seems to be one character who’s conspicuously missing from the cover.

Well, Nintendo’s New Link Between Worlds Commercials are certainly Different…

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In that they seem to go back to the style of the first game’s commercial, aka the over the top rap they used back then with the characters doing a ridiculous dance to go with it.  Without the live action dancing. So what are they like?  Keep reading to find out!

Man Arrested in Japan for threatening to Kill Nintendo Executives?

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Nintendo Logo

It’s not technically 3DS or Wii U related news, but I just have to post this simply because of how over the top ridiculous the whole situation is.  No, you’re not seeing things.  Someone in Japan apparently sent death threats to Nintendo of Japan executives and talked of a bomb threat against their headquarters.  The suspect was a 25 year old man from the Akita Prefecture, who admitted to the crime upon being arrested.