Nintendo Meets NFC; Five Game Ideas Nintendo Might Use…

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As you probably now know, Nintendo has confirmed that NFC (Near Field Communications) technology involving physical character figurines is becoming a major focus of the Wii U and 3DS systems.  But while Nintendo’s keeping quiet about exactly what titles are going to be tied into the technology (at least until E3 rolls around this year), I’ve come up with a few interesting ideas about what types of games Nintendo might make involving this technology.  So if you want to find out for yourself, keep reading!

Opinion; Five Things the Super Mario Bros Series Should Take from Wario Land

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Mario and Wario Battle

When it comes to recent Mario platformers, many have said they’re becoming a bit too ‘stale’ and ‘conservative’, with many of the New Super Mario Bros games and other recent titles sharing things like the same look, the same style of music and the same game structure.  But that’s not what it has to be like!  Oh no, as people who’ve played the Wario Land series should know, that franchise has shown full well how you can revolutionise a simple series of 2D platformers in every single installment.  And so here are five things from the Wario Land series that future Mario platformers should use as well.

Super Smash Bros 4; Who I Want to See

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Smash Bros 4 Boxart

When it comes to Super Smash Bros 4, I’ve already made it clear in the past which characters I don’t expect to see.  You can find that list here: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/nintendoarticles/nine-characters-who-wont-be-in-super-smash-bros-4-who-not-to-expect-come-e3-2013/ But people might be wondering which ones I do want to see in the next game.  So that’s the point of this article, a list of characters from every single series represented in Super Smash Bros that I really hope to see come the fourth installment.  Here are the characters who I really do want to see included in the game. Mario characters As far as Mario characters go, there are a few characters I think would be interesting to see playable in Super Smash Bros 4.  These are: Waluigi […]

Has Nintendo Finally Began Using Augumented Reality Again?

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Mario Party AR Mini Game

If you’ve been reading Nintendo 3DS Daily for a while now, you may remember that I wrote an article about how the 3DS’s AR features were going ignored by Nintendo and how so few games seemed to make any real use of them.  If you missed it the first time, you can read that article here: Has Nintendo Give up on Augumented Reality Article But now that Mario Party 3DS and this whole ‘Photos Together with Super Mario’ thing have been announced, could it be the case that Nintendo are finally ready to actually do something with the feature.  I think so, and I think that the way Mario Party is implementing this whole Augumented Reality business shows that Nintendo […]

Should the Zelda series Take Inspiration from Luigi’s Mansion 2?

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Zelda and Luigi’s Mansion.  Not exactly two series you see compared often, but with the style of the second Luigi’s Mansion game being very much like a Zelda title, it seems like sometimes the Legend of Zelda series should take quite a bit more inspiration from it.  So what things should the next Zelda game mimic from Dark Moon?  These: 1. The more complex puzzles. Let’s face it, the recent puzzles in the Zelda series don’t feel like they fit into the game world very well.  You’ve got the bog standard crate pushing and switches, various gimmicky elements which completely feel out of place in the medieval environment and a general reliance on cliches to the point the TV Tropes […]

Super Smash Bros 4; Five Ways it could make use of the Wii U Game Pad and Asymmetric Multiplayer

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When it comes to the Wii U Game Pad and asymmetric multiplayer, it can be argued that not many series are really built for. Sure you’ve got the tech demo games like Nintendo Land or Game and Wario, the inevitable ’1 vs 3 mini games’ in the Mario Party series or the Alone in the Dark style menu interface in ZombiU, but those are only a very small percentage of the games that will ever be made for the system. How will FPS, action adventure or fighting games make use of it other than for a map? So here are five ways Super Smash Bros 4 could use the Wii U’s unique features for more than a glorified map or […]

Revolutionising New Super Mario Bros; Ten New Worlds that’d make the series fresh again!

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As many have criticised, New Super Mario Bros 2 doesn’t contain much in the way of new ideas.  And with it reusing the same old Super Mario Bros 3 inspired world themes done in every Mario game in the last twenty of so years, people have been wondering why Nintendo can’t just come up with something new, something that’s not just ‘grass/desert/water/forest/ice/mountain/sky/dark land’ for the millionth time.  One blogger even had people send him non stop ideas for Mario world themes for the last few weeks! http://seanmalstrom.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/please-no-more-mario-world-ideas/ So in keeping with the times, here are ten ideas for worlds that could be used in future 2D Mario games.  And if someone from Nintendo is reading this, use all of them, […]

Pokemon 3DS; Three Easy Things to Make It Better

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As a series, Pokemon doesn’t really seem to move on that much.  Ever since the days of Red and Blue back in the 90s, the formula’s been the same old ‘eight gyms then elite four then bonus content’ thing, the number of moves or Pokemon you can have has always been four and six respectively and the series hasn’t seem to have evolved that much over time.  But with Black and White slowly sprucing up the aging series formula and making the gameplay more entertaining, here are some things they should do when the sixth generation comes around: 1. Seperate HMs and their in battle and out of battle uses Because while the current system makes sense to some degree […]

Should a 3D Mario Platformer with Co-op be released on 3DS?

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Isn't this what Mario fans once dreamed of?

With the rise in the number of 2D platformers with a multiplayer option (New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland being key examples), I personally think now would be a good time to revisit this idea. First though, here’s a quick history lesson.  You see, Nintendo have been working on trying to implement multiplayer in the 3D Mario platformers for a rather long time.  Indeed, right back in the 90s there was a plan to make a ‘Super Mario 64 2′ on the 64DD, and that was supposed to feature multiple playable characters and at least two player co-op as well.  While no real screens seemed to surface of the game (Nintendo only […]

What the Legend of Zelda really needs to be more successful

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With Skyward Sword only selling about 3 million copies and the recent slew of internet articles about how Zelda is going downhill, it seems like an increasing amount of people want the series to go back to like how it was in the NES days.  But that’s a mistake.  What worked then doesn’t work now, and the sales figures for the individual games in the series has honestly given me a much better idea about how the Legend of Zelda franchise could be popular once more. 1. Style should be realistic This doesn’t mean I hate the toon style of The Wind Waker or the hybrid style of Skyward Sword, but just that sales wise a realistic style makes much […]