Why Game & Wario Makes me worry for the future of the Wario series

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When it comes to the Wario series, it’s never been particularly mainstream.  Oh sure, the first game sold about 5 million copies and a couple of the more successful Wario Land and WarioWare titles sold about 2 million overall, but the series has generally been seen as a Nintendo C lister in terms of franchise relevance and popularity. But even for the unpopularity of the series in general, I have to say I’m more than a tad worried about Game & Wario and the possible effects it could have on the franchise’s future.  Why?  Here’s my reasons: Nintendo’s franchise culling comments about Fire Emblem put the Wario series in trouble First and foremost is this.  Just  a few days ago, […]

Nintendo Parodies Kickstarter with new Game and Wario site!

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Wario Message

It’s called Crowdfarter and works by Tweets instead of donations, but the whole thing is a pretty funny mockery of the Kickstarter fad.  You’ve got Wario droning about his plans and how he shouldn’t have to pay for anything himself (why should I pay when others can pay to make my dreams come true?), him annoying random Nintendo of America marketing folk by shoving a microphone in their faces and the whole feel of a low budget rip off Kickstarter campaign like so many others.  Here’s the link to the site: http://gameandwario.nintendo.com/crowdfarter/ As you can see, it’s a pretty funny parody, even if the sounds effects played as you scroll down do get a bit tedious.  And for an official […]

Game and Wario; Nintendo Direct Footage and Information

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As I suspected yesterday, Game and Wario was shown at today’s Nintendo Direct events in the form of  a new trailer.  So here’s the Game and Wario presentation from today’s European Nintendo Direct: There’s not much that is already shown on the Japanese website, but it does have some neat footage of the game’s cut scenes in there as well. But that’s not all that’s happened as far as this game goes.  Nope, Nintendo has also translated the Iwata Asks interview for the game, which can be found at one of these two addresses: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Iwata-Asks/Iwata-Asks-Game-Wario/Game-Wario/1-Shake-Things-Up-/1-Shake-Things-Up–749777.html http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wiiu/gameandwario/0/0 They’ve also began to launch the official US website for the game.  This can be found here: http://gameandwario.nintendo.com/ Either way, there’s plenty of new […]

May 17th Nintendo Direct; My Predictions

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Well, it’s that time again.  Nintendo have announced another Nintendo Direct at short notice (one which is being held on the 17th May 2013) and they’ve said both 3DS and Wii U games be shown, so I thought it was the perfect time to get writing down my Nintendo Direct predictions. Here are some games and series I predict will be shown in the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Wii U Game Predictions Game and Wario I would seriously eat my hat if this game doesn’t end up getting at least mentioned at Nintendo Direct tomorrow.  It’s being released in only about a month’s time, it’s had zero advertising from Nintendo for ages and needs some sort of hype to get the […]

European Game & Wario Box Art Revealed

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Game and Wario EU Boxart small

It’s not particularly different from the US or Japanese box art, but there are a few minor differences.  Can you spot them? The first thing you’ll notice is that instead of blue, the box art is in yellow.  Not sure why this is, maybe it’s yet another example of the WarioWare games randomly changing the colour of their boxes in different regions (like how WarioWare Touched comes in an orange box in the US and a yellow box in Europe). It also lacks the subtitle underneath that the US version added.  Not a bad thing, the US subtitle made very little sense and was near enough completely unreadable, so getting rid of it was probably a good thing. Either way, […]

Game and Wario Being released in Europe on June 28th

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That’s pretty good as far as release dates go, just five days after the US version’s release.  Here’s what they say in their official announcement/press release: Wario and his zany friends are back in Game & Wario, a brand new, colourful collection of crazy games exclusively for Wii U! Launching on 28th June, the game utilises the unique setup of the Wii U GamePad controller and the TV screen in innovative and exciting ways for a Wario experience like no other that will keep you coming back for more. In Single Player, there are twelve games to enjoy that turn your GamePad into a variety of different objects for different gameplay challenges: use it as a camera, a bow that […]

Game and Wario; Music Samples

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Game and Wario Ashley new

Excited for Game and Wario when it launches this June? Well perhaps this might make you even more so.  Yes, it’s the three pieces of music used in the mini game ‘Ashley’ (starring the character of the same name).  Here’s the music to listen to: And here’s the download links: http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/files/file/209-game-and-wario-ashley-mini-game-music/ It’s not the best music ever (and to be perfectly honest, isn’t a scratch on anything from the likes of an actual Wario platformer like the Wario Land series), but it’s still pretty catchy given the light tone and the party like musical style.  And it even remixes portions of the character’s theme song from WarioWare Touched and WarioWare Smooth Moves with some ominous latin chanting. So enjoy it […]

Game and Wario Confirmed to be $40

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Or in other words, it’s a Wii U budget title (relatively speaking).  Considering Game and Wario’s fairly low sales over in Japan and its status as the Wii Play of the eighth generation, I’d say this is a pretty wise decision by Nintendo.  I mean, it’s only about 10 or so mini games, you can’t really think to charge full price for that in this day and age. Will you be buying Game and Wario now it’s retailing at only $40 and will hence be cheaper than your average Wii U title? Source: Game and Wario will retail for $39.99 – Joystiq

Game and Wario Gets US Box Art

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For the most part, it’s pretty much identical to the Japanese design.  However, can you spot the one minor difference? Yes, Nintendo of America has added a ridiculous hard to read subtitle reading ‘Gamepad Pandemonium’ to the bottom!  I guess they thought your average consumer wouldn’t understand what the title meant or know what a Game and Watch device is, hence the Wii U mentioning subtitle. I’m not sure what to think about this personally.  Did we really need a tiny subtitle that no one can genuinely read to explain the game uses the Wii U Game Pad?  Do Nintendo of America just really like using subtitles (*cough* Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon *cough)? What do you think about the US […]

Media Create (Japan) Sales: 8th of April to 14th of April 2013

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Japanese Luigi's Mansion 2 box

Well, another week and another set of Japanese game sales!  Can you guess which title is at the top of the list this time?  Wait for it… Yes, Luigi’s Mansion 2 again, even more weeks in which it hasn’t budged an inch from the top of the Japanese sales charts!  Jeez, Nintendo really have created a great selling title here, it’s been doing well in every country under the sun and has likely nearly overtook its predecessor in sales already.  Here’s the full list of best selling games in Japan: 01./01. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (Nintendo) {2013.03.20} (¥4.800) – 56.562 / 515.975 (-17%) 02./00. [3DS] Card Fight!! Vanguard: Ride to Victory!! (FuRyu) {2013.04.11} (¥5.229) – 44.538 / NEW <59,93%> […]