Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; Lots of Awesome New Videos!

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DK Commercial

Like the official US TV commercial for the game (it’s better than you’d ever expect), a video of the polar bear boss fight and even the first ever video in which you can hear this game’s remix of Stickerbrush Symphony from Donkey Kong Country 2!  So if you want to see awesome TV commercials, watch footage of one of the later worlds and see mean looking bears get beaten up in an argument over ice cream, keep reading this news post!

Yoshi’s New Island; A New Trailer

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In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Nintendo posted a new trailer for Yoshi’s New Island online just earlier today, likely to promote the game just a month or two before its inevitable release date.  But while the video doesn’t show any bosses and late game hellscape levels, it does most definitely show quite a few interesting new things present in the upcoming title.  What new things are they?  Well, continue reading to find out!

Mario Party Island Tour; Bowser’s Tower Footage!

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Bowser Jr playable 1

Uploaded by Youtube user NintendoFuse, it shows not only most of the Bowser’s Tower mode and Bowser Jr as a playable character, but all kinds of other neat content too!  Watch the videos in the full post, as well as my piece by piece summary of what’s going on, complete with somewhat cynical sounding comments!

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; Ton New Screenshots, Artwork and Videos!

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Ganon Link Between Worlds

Want to see even more of The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds?  Well now’s your lucky day, since I’ve captured an absolute TON of screenshots, art and video footage from all manner of different sources, and it can all be found in the full post below!  So keep reading to see all the awesomeness!

Pokemon X and Y Leaks; Starter Evos and More Inside!

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Yeah, you read the title correctly.  Thanks to some… mix ups at various video game shops and them breaking the Street Date for the game, certain people online have been able to buy Pokemon X and Y early and upload screenshots and videos of the content to the internet.  Including pictures of the starter Pokemon final forms.  So if you want to see all this cool stuff, come inside!

Layton 7; First Screenshots!

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Unfortunately, they’re not quite showing the same kind of game as the Professor Layton fans of the world are exactly interested in.  Have a look and see if you can tell me what’s different about them, as well as the first video: Yes, it’s not a puzzle game in the standard sense.  Instead, Layton 7 is a  RPG/puzzle game cross when you play as one of seven characters and compete for points.   And Professor Layton himself isn’t involved in the story in any way that I can see either, so it seems like the name is quite misleading too. Still, it’s a spinoff, so I guess it’s meant to be more an ‘adventure’ taking place in the same universe as […]

Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Iwata Asks Footage

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Dream Team Excellent

As of earlier today, the Japanese Iwata Asks feature for Mario & Luigi Dream Team is now up and can be found at the following address: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/interview/aymj/vol1/index.html And as per usual, Nintendo has posted quite a few video clips of the game throughout this feature as well.  So here they are, in the form of a fan made trailer of sorts: It’s not much, but there’s still about 2 minutes of brand new footage to check out, so it’s definitely worth watching. Enjoy the new Mario & Luigi Dream Team footage!