Wow, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is doing well!

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Tropical Freeze Pic

It’s the number 1 best selling game on Amazon France, Germany and Spain!  Which really goes to show that a  good game that people actually want will do well, even in regions in which Nintendo has no real market or support. As well as that even the extremely negative and cynical journalists writing for the gaming press can’t bring down a good game by attacking it for not being appealing to their own narrow tastes.

Mario Party Island Tour is only delayed in Europe?

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Mario Party Island Tour Box

No really.  Despite this being the age of worldwide release dates, Nintendo not delaying most of their games for months on end and digital distribution, only Europe is affected by Mario Party Island Tour’s delay until 2014.   In the US it’s coming on November 22nd, Japan sometime during the holiday season and other countries will get it on similar dates.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is heading to Europe!

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Oh wow, this is a pleasant surprise isn’t it?  Yes, it’s been announced at today’s Nintendo Direct presentation that Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney will be released in Europe in early 2014.  There’s also a trailer for the game, which can be seen here: So, are you excited for this?  Happy that Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney is finally being released outside of Japan in the near future?

FlipNote Studio 3D coming to Europe on August 1st

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Yes, you heard that right, Nintendo of Europe have officially confirmed on their website page for the game.  So it’s just under a week left for European fans if they want to get FlipNote Studio 3D! Are you excited for it?  Will you be downloading it on August 1st? Source: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS-download-software/Flipnote-Studio-3D-763095.html

Some Retailers selling Mario & Luigi Dream Team early!

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Yep, at least one retailer has dispatched it to their customers already, as can be seen by this topic: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/704054-mario-and-luigi-dream-team/66684256 Here’s a picture showing their Mario & Luigi Dream Team game/box and their username right next to it for proof: So if you’re in Europe and want to see if you can get the game early, try and go through either http://www.flubit.com/ or http://graingergames.co.uk/today, since those are the companies involved in this early release fiasco.

Pokemon X and Y; European Box Art

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Here’s the box art for the European versions of Pokemon X and Y, namely the German versions.  As you can tell, they look much like the US ones: Still, I guess the USK rating logo could be just a tad smaller, right?  I mean, it’s kind of intrusive at the moment, especially compared to the relatively small ESRB one. But those are the European box art designs for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

FlipNote Studio 3D being released in Europe August 1st

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Seems like it’s going to be released at much the same time as the US version if Nintendo of Europe’s official site is correct.  Here’s what they say about the game’s release date: Flipnote Studio 3D is a free application, scheduled for release on August 1st 2013 And so there you have it.  FlipNote Studio 3D is heading for Europe on August 1st, and is probably well worth the download for anyone who liked the DSi version. Source: Nintendo UK FlipNote Studio 3D Website