E3 2014; Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

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Remember those special Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World?  The ones in which you had to get the Toad Captain from Mario Galaxy to the end of a square course without hitting enemies, while collecting three Green Stars? The ones in which you couldn’t jump because Nintendo wanted it to be all about ‘puzzle solving’? Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is basically that as a full game.  If you liked those levels and wanted to see what a full game based around them would be like, head inside and keep reading!

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; Mega Sableye revealed!

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A new Mega Evolution being revealed right in the middle of E3?  And right after the new trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which already had a bunch of new Mega Evos and things?  Well, isn’t that unexpected! Either way, Nintendo has officially revealed a new Mega Evolution for Sableye.  It involves the Pokemon holding onto a giant gem to protect itself in battle, and boosts Sableyes stats in what is likely a fairly significant way.  Mega Sableye also retains its familiar Ghost/Dark typing. So if you want to hear more (and see the official trailer), head inside!

Nintendo Announces Amiibo; Their First Foray into Skylanders Style Figurines!

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Yeah, it’s quite the awkward name, isn’t it?  I assume ‘Amiigo’ (a slightly more catchy and meaningful one) was already trademarked and Nintendo went for the next ‘best’ thing.  Either way, here’s Nintendo’s entry into the Skylanders/Disney Infinity style NFC figurines market.  What’s more, they’re planned to work with all kinds of different Nintendo titles, with figurines being shared across more games and systems!  So if you want to know more, keep reading!

E3 2014; Zelda Wii U is here!

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Well, isn’t this an announcement people have been waiting for ever since the Wii U was announced?  Either way, it’s finally happened.  Nintendo have at long last shown off the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U, and it looks as good as we imagined it.  Here’s the first trailer for the title: As for the rest of the stuff, head inside and keep reading if you want to see it, because it is absolutely great!

E3 2014; Nintendo Announces Mario Maker, the first Official Mario Level Editor

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Unfortunately, as I’ll make pretty clear later in the article, it’s not exactly as revolutionary as some people are saying, or Nintendo were hoping it’d be.  The level editor functionality only works with things from Super Mario Bros 1 or New Super Mario Bros U (mostly the former, since you can switch between both styles at will), the level of features seem roughly equivalent to what Super Mario Flash achieved in the early 00s or earlier, and all in all, the game doesn’t quite look as good as some of the other stuff Nintendo announced at today’s show. So if you want to see my more detailed thoughts about this new Mario level editing tool, as well as all the […]

An Update on Nintendo 3DS Daily and E3

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Sorry, but while we plan to cover the games announced at E3 in some way tomorrow, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to actually cover the games as the Nintendo Direct is ongoing.  This is due to real life work reasons and other personal time commitments. None the less, from about 7 o’clock GMT to early tomorrow, we’ll be posting about Nintendo News as announced at E3.   It’s not too much of a delay, but it does mean the news will probably be on other news sites for about an hour or two before it’s posted here. Just warning you that the immediate coverage (and live blog) is cancelled due to real life issues (and Nintendo’s terribly idiotic decision to air […]

Nintendo’s Releasing a Mario Level Editor Soon?

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Take this with a massive grain of salt given that it’s a supposedly ‘leaked’ photo of a game Nintendo plans to unveil at this year’s E3, but still, there’s now reason to believe the company might be working on a level/game editing tool based on the Super Mario Bros series!  Here’s the picture: As you can see, there’s a pretty clear sign saying ‘Mario Maker’ with a bunch of enemies in a Super Mario Bros 1 inspired area there.  Add a stylus hinting at the game being for the 3DS or Wii U, and you’ve got a pretty realistic looking sign for a possible future Nintendo game or app. However, if you want to read my thoughts on this, as […]

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to the West!

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It’s already been out in Japan since April, but now Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games for the 3DS) has now been confirmed for regions outside of Japan!  So if you want to read Capcom’s official overview of the game, and see various other bits of information about it, head inside!

Satoru Iwata Skipping E3 this Year

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satoru iwata

But it’s for personal health issues, so hey, we can’t really blame him for that.  He’ll still be hosting Nintendo Direct and getting involved in various other E3 activities for Nintendo, he’s just not actually going to be arriving on the show floor in Los Angeles on the advice of his physician. So yeah, sorry Nintendo fans.  Looks like Iwata’s not going to be present at this year’s E3 due to personal health issues.  Hope he gets better soon! Source: http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/5/5782832/nintendo-president-satoru-iwata-skipping-e3