Mario Golf World Tour has Paid DLC?

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Well, that’s certainly a game I never expected Nintendo to be selling paid downloadable content for! Apparently though, that’s exactly where they’re going to be doing, with the 3DS game having both ‘additional paid downloadable courses’ and ‘special trial tournaments’ according to the eShop description. So what kind of downloadable courses do you expect (or hope) to see?  I personally hope to see a few based on other Mario games and spinoffs, like the RPGs, Donkey Kong Country, Wario Land or WarioWare, but I have this sneaking suspicion I’ll be disappointed yet again. But what do you want for downloadable courses in Mario Golf World Tour?

Sonic Lost World’s Zelda DLC Revealed!

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And believe me, it does look amazing. Charge through Hyrule Field as Sonic (while wearing Link’s signature clothing), collecting rupees and heart containers along the way! Defeat Stalchildren from Ocarina of Time, who for some reason are now outside during the day time!  Watch Link fly by on a Loftwing from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword! So if you want to see the footage for yourself, watch the video after the break…

When Will Nintendo Announce DLC for more Important 3DS Games?

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When it comes to implementing DLC in their games, you have to admit Nintendo is one of the better companies in the market.  After all, we get actual ‘add on’ content like New Super Luigi U and extra characters/campaigns for titles like Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem Awakening for goodness sake.  But there’s one thing that’s been bugging me for a while now. Namely, when the heck are we getting more DLC for well… more interesting titles?

So what is this special Mario Kart 7/Mario 3D Land content anyway?

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In a part of the Nintendo Direct that many people may not have noticed (because only Nintendo of America covered this in their presentation at all), there’s talk of ‘exclusive content for Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land’ coming soon to the 3DS.  Yes, DLC/content for games that’s been out nearly two years.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon DLC; What I’d Want to See

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Before we begin, let me reiterate one thing; Nintendo are not planning on adding downloadable content to Luigi’s Mansion 2, at least not as far as I know.  But assuming they would now add some now that downloadable content is a proper thing in Nintendo games, here are the things I’d want in some DLC for the game. 1. More Thrill Tower/ScareScraper Variety First things first, the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower is absolutely fantastic as is.  I love all the options you can choose from, the random designs are pretty neat, the music is great… hell, the cool bosses you can encounter only here are fantastic. But there are a few things I wish were added in this mode. For a start, […]

No Planned Updates for Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS: Capcom

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Really though, did anyone honestly expect them to update this version of the game? For one thing, it came out prior to any 3DS game getting DLC in the first place, so it might not even have the proper game structure to make downloadable content possible. The new content utilises features and hardware not possible on the 3DS.  Not to mention the rather obvious minor fact that: They don’t want to make it cheap for anyone to get the new content.  They want people to pay out fifty dollars or so for the remake, not just spend a tiny amount of cash on some DLC packs or whatever.  Besides, when did the idea of a remake or sequel become seen […]

New Super Luigi Announced (add on content for New Super Mario Bros U)

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Desert Level

It’s not quite a new game, but darn it might as well be given how much new content’s being crammed into what Nintendo calls ‘add on content’.  New Super Luigi U is downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros U that not only makes Luigi the main character in the game, but also adds over EIGHTY new levels by redoing every single stage in the game.  So in other words, it’s like getting an all new 2D Mario platformer at the end of 2013. Here’s the announcement for the game: And here are some screenshots of it showing the new changes and levels: There’s an all new select screen where you can start files in Luigi mode.  This lets you […]

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Gates to Infinity DLC trailer

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Yes, seems like this is the latest 3DS game to get downloadable content, this time in the form of extra dungeons you purchase with more floors and puzzles and what not.  And just like a few other games, the first downloadable dungeon is entirely free, at least until April 30th 2013. Are you excited for the downloadable content in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity?  And is the prospect of free DLC enough to make you want to buy the game even faster?

Impossible and Mystery Adventures New Super Mario Bros 2 Packs announced!

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And by impossible, I mean the nearest thing the New Super Mario Bros has to kaizo level impossible, it’s supposedly another super difficult pack of coin rush levels with a five star difficult rating.  For one thing, there are absolutely zero coins or power ups in any of the levels, so your coin total is solely dependant on how quickly you reach the flag.  And for another thing, levels include stuff like multiple Cheep Chomps in narrow passages, Fire Chomps in narrow firebar lined wall kick passageways and rising acid in what seems to be another layer 2 like level. The Mystery Adventures pack on the other hand has you uncover mysteries and find hidden areas in the levels where […]

New Super Mario Bros U DLC; What should it be like?

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Whether you like downloadable content or think it’s a rip off, Nintendo has decided to make it part of all their latest 2D Mario games. New Super Mario Bros 2 has about 10 different packs of coin rush levels available to anyone willing to pay, and it was confirmed a while back that New Super Mario Bros U would be getting this stuff as well. But what should the DLC for New Super Mario Bros U be like? Here’s my thoughts on the matter and what I want to see from it. 1. The downloadable levels actually integrated into the game This is my main annoyance with how New Super Mario Bros 2 did downloadable content, and something I really […]