Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now on Club Nintendo!

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Mario 3D World Soundtrack cover

So for those European Nintendo fans out there who want to hear the game’s music in some ‘official’ way, there you go.  You can find Nintendo’s Tweet on the matter in the full post after the break. My opinion though?  Don’t really see much point in getting this CD.  Not only do I not plan to buy a Wii U (and this game, among others) until Smash Bros comes out, but the entire soundtrack can be gotten far conveniently with this magical thing called the ‘internet’ and ‘Youtube’. But if you want to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter (officially) or to see it on the Club Nintendo store, keep reading!

Nintendo Posts Club Nintendo Favourites!

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Or in other words, what members of Club Nintendo consider the best games of 2013.  Which as everyone has likely figured out, consist at least 90% of Nintendo games and roughly mirror the list of titles the company has promoted most in the last 12 months.  Keep reading to see the list…

Free Wind Waker HD Soundtrack on Club Nintendo Japan!

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wind waker soundtrack

Well, this is a nice offer for those very few people interested in the game who happen to be living in Japan.  Yes, if you register the game on the Japanese Club Nintendo between the 26th of September and 4th of November, you get a soundtrack CD for the game absolutely free.  This soundtrack has 50 tracks and a pretty nice front cover too:

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome a Friend Promotion

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When it comes to Nintendo and advertising, usually the results are not particularly great.  You’ve got those ads that completely miss the mark (also known as every Wii U ad out at the moment), a bunch of contests that usually don’t add up to a whole lot and a lack of European marketing that can be best described as ‘utterly suicidal’.  But Nintendo of Europe’s new Animal Crossing New Leaf promotion is a great exception to the rule.  In fact, it might even be one of their ‘best’ (especially from the fan point of view) campaigns they’ve ever came up with. Why?  Well let me explain how the rules work: If you register Animal Crossing New Leaf on Club Nintendo […]

Japanese Club Nintendo Hacked

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Club Nintendo Logo

Thankfully, this hasn’t also happened to the US or European version of the service, but the Japanese version of Club Nintendo has recently been hacked and all users advised to reset their passwords. Apparently members in Japan may have had their names, addresses and phone numbers compromised as well. Pretty bad news isn’t it?  I mean, I’m thankful this incident is only contained to the Japanese service rather than the different worldwide equivalents, but to see Nintendo themselves basically hacked and member information stolen is kind of scary.  If you’re a Japanese fan of Nintendo and have a Club Nintendo account, change all your passwords immediately! Source: http://kotaku.com/in-japan-nintendo-was-hacked-675798797 http://www.nintendo.co.jp/support/information/2013/0705.html

Register Three 3DS Games, Get a Fourth One Free – So Many Games Promotion

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Fire Emblem Awakening Box Art

Been buying a lot of new 3DS games recently now that the system has tons of great games available to purchase?  Can’t afford yet another title and want to be part of an interesting promotion?  Well you may just be in luck, since Nintendo of Europe is launching the ‘So Many Games!’ promotion and letting anyone who registers three games get another one for absolutely free! Best of all, the games eligible for this promotion are some of the best new games around, as shown by this list: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version) Luigi’s Mansion 2 Fire Emblem: Awakening LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity […]

Club Nintendo; Register 3DS XL and Luigi’s Mansion 2 or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, get Another 3DS Game Free!

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This time though, it’s a deal for people living in the US rather than Europe or Japan, which is a nice change.  So what is this deal you may wonder?  Well these two pictures sum it up perfectly: So you buy either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity or Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon along with a 3DS XL, register them on Club Nintendo and get either Freaky Forms Deluxe, Art Academy, Super Mario 3D Land, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask or Star Fox 64 3D absolutely free! It’s a damn good deal if you ask me.  Don’t have a 3DS yet?  Buy a 3DS XL alongside one of the games above and get two fantastic games for the price […]

Free stuff and extra content for the Nintendo 3DS XL

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Club Nintendo

In the last month or so, gamers have quite rightly been getting themselves all excited about the launch of the new Wii U console system and the New Super Mario Bros. U game that has been released along with it. However, we mustn’t forget about our other consoles, as there is a huge amount of exciting stuff going on with the Nintendo 3DS XL right now. Check out the following special offers available for the console as well as for Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 3DS games. Double Stars when you download Nintendo 3DS packaged software  Following the success of a recent double Stars promotion, Nintendo is now offering gaming fans the chance to earn double Stars every time they […]

Nintendo 3DS Game Card case returns to Club Nintendo soon

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3DS Game Card Case

Wanted this nifty Nintendo 3DS game card case but found that Club Nintendo was out of copies?  Well worry no more since Nintendo of America has announced it’ll be available again on December 19th (this Wednesday). So if you need a nice case to store your 3DS game cards in, you’d better get saving up those coins! Source: The Nintendo #3DS Game Card Case returns to #ClubNintendo on Dec 19. bit.ly/wBJ8jt — Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 17, 2012