Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to the West!

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It’s already been out in Japan since April, but now Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (a compilation of the first three Ace Attorney games for the 3DS) has now been confirmed for regions outside of Japan!  So if you want to read Capcom’s official overview of the game, and see various other bits of information about it, head inside!

Resident Evil’s Composer is a Fraud?

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Well, this is certainly unexpected news.  Apparently, Resident Evil composer Mamoru Samuragochi has admitted that someone else has been writing his music for the last ten years or so. So I guess he’s basically the Japanese composer version of Milli Vanilli or whoever they were, someone who takes responsibility for the works of others and has been getting a ton of undue credit in recent years.

Ace Attorney 5 Has Spelling/Grammar Errors?

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When it comes to spelling and grammar (as well as general proof reading), it’s not been one of Capcom’s strong points. From Resident Evil Revelations misspelling the name on its own box to the Okami case having an IGN watermark to one of their trailers actually messing up the word ‘Capcom’ in the credits, they’ve not been doing too well on the proof reading front. And unfortunately, this hasn’t changed with Ace Attorney 5, which is hilariously littered with stupid mistakes any competent proof reader should have caught out on the first try.  Keep reading to see some of them!

50% off Resident Evil Games on 3DS/Wii U eShop this halloween!

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Want to buy Resident Evil Revelations or Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D soon?  Well you may want to go and get it right now, since Capcom has officially announced that said games will be 50% cheaper on the eShop until halloween.  This includes both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the former too. You can find their original quote about it in the full article.

Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct coming Next Week

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Monster Hunter 4 screen 6

Enjoyed the last Nintendo Direct about Pokemon X and Y?  Excited for Monster Hunter 4 when it’s released for the 3DS soon?  Well you should enjoy this, since Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Direct presentation devoted to Monster Hunter 4 is being held on Sunday September 8th (aka in two days time). So get ready Monster Hunter fans, you should be able to see some great new trailers and video footage of the game soon!  And it’s all happening about noon on Sunday (GMT time zone)! Source: http://mynintendonews.com/2013/09/06/monster-hunter-4-nintendo-direct-coming-next-week

DuckTales Remastered; New Screenshots!

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As you’ll probably recall from earlier this year, Capcom announced that their classic NES game ‘DuckTales’ would be receiving a HD remake with revised graphics and gameplay by Way Forward.  This news set most of the internet on fire for a good few days or so, and excited fans across the world. And now, they’ve gone and released some new screenshots of the game showing three levels in all their remade HD glory!  You’ve got the Amazon level, Transylvania and one more, and you can find pictures of all of them below: So as you can see, the game looks absolutely fantastic on Wii U and other modern systems.  Could this be the best remake of a classic NES game […]

Monster Hunter 4 and Ace Attorney 5; Nintendo Direct Footage

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Today, Nintendo of Japan held a special Nintendo Direct presentation showing off Monster Hunter 4, Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies (aka Ace Attorney 5) and some other miscellaneous stuff.  So here are the new trailers for the two games it was devoted to: As you can see, there’s a lot of new footage of both games in there, so it’s definitely recommended you watch these videos. So what did you think of these two new trailers?  Do they make you want the next Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter games really badly?

Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies; New Screenshots!

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v 1

Here are some fantastic new screens of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies.  First announced as Ace Attorney 5 a while back, the game will be a digital only release outside of Japan and bring back Phoenix Wright as its main character again.  And so here are some screens of the game: So yes, the game looks pretty good doesn’t it?  Just as the older Ace Attorney games were supposedly fantastic back on the DS, this one looks like it should be a worthy new 3DS follow-up. What do you think of these new screenshots of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies?

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies coming to the West this Autumn

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Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies

It’s the new name for Ace Attorney 5, and the game will be released this Autumn.  There is however just one catch; The game is digital download only outside Japan. Yep, Capcom seem no reason to sell it in shops as a physical product (perhaps because they think it wouldn’t sell in great numbers), and are hence only planning to release it as an eShop game.  Here’s the official trailer for the title: Personally, I’m a bit torn over whether this eShop only release is a good idea.  On the one hand, it does save money in regards to boxes, manuals, shipping the games to shops and other such things, meaning that a more niche product can still make money.  […]