Nintendo Adds ‘Also for 2DS’ Stickers to Game Boxes

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As people likely know by now, I’ve always been someone who’s wondered about the brand confusion caused by the introduction of the 2DS system and its marketing.  Indeed, quite a few months back, I even argued that Nintendo was going to cause significant confusion among customers by not marking 3DS games as being playable on the 2DS! But lo and behold, they’ve finally done it.  They’ve now gone and officially added an ‘also for 2DS’ sticker to all 3DS game boxes.  Keep reading to see for yourself…

Hmm, Wonder Who’s Missing from the Japanese Mario Party Island Tour Box?

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Mario Party Island Tour BoxJapan

With the game due out over there in early 2014, the official Japanese box art for Mario Party Island Tour has finally been released.  But while the general layout is literally identical to the English one down to the very pixels its composed of, there seems to be one character who’s conspicuously missing from the cover.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds features Reversible Cover Art

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Reversible cover thumb

The game’s already got a great box art design as is, but now things get even better for those Zelda fans out there excited for this title, since the game will feature reversible cover art. So what’s on the other side?  A non gold version of the traditional cover art, for those people who want the artwork without the gold tint added to it in various countries.  This will be the case in European countries, as proven by how it’s Nintendo of Europe who released this new, with no word on whether the same will be true of the US release.