Mario Kart 8; New Items and Information Revealed!

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What’s more, it’s making this new Mario Kart game seem like it’s simultaneously shaping up to be the best and worst Mario Kart game of all time in one just announcement! So what kind of interesting things were revealed by Nintendo?  What big gameplay changes are coming in Mario Kart 8?  Keep reading to find out…

Nintendo of Japan’s Wii U Site Features Awesome Mario Artwork!

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With the rise in Nintendo press kits and other materials, and the wealth of free to find content online, original artwork on official websites is a quite a bit rarer than it used to be.  But while most of their gaming sites now just feature the ‘two millionth minor edit of Nintendo’s generic Mario artwork renders, the official site for the Wii U is different. How?  It features pretty cool (and unique) artwork showing Mario and friends messing around with the Wii U’s features!  It’s not much, but if you want to see some slightly amusing artwork from said site for yourself, keep reading!

Yoshi’s New Island; Screenshots, Trailers and Artwork!

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Another game which was shown at today’s Nintendo Direct, Yoshi’s New Island got a surprising amount of content even with the lesser hype that came with it. With a new trailer, artwork and the announcement that one of the original designers of Yoshi’s Island SNES was involved, the game went from being a bit of a disappointment to one that could actually be pretty good!  Step inside to find out more!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze; New Trailer and Artwork!

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Funky Kong

As it is now, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has shown a lot of the things people want in the series.  You’ve got Dixie Kong as a playable character, Cranky Kong as playable for the first time, David Wise returning to compose music, an interesting new set of villains more menacing than the tikis… it’s pretty much everything everyone has wanted from a new game in the series.  But now with today’s Nintendo Direct, the game is looking even better!

Pokemon X and Y; Mega Evolution and New Pokemon Artwork!

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Mega Scizor

The games may have already been out for over a month, but up until now we’ve oddly had no artwork of the other Mega Pokemon in the game or fan favourites like Goomy.  Now though, that’s all about to change, since the official Pokemon website has posted a bunch of artwork showing all manner of ‘new’ Pokemon, which can be seen in the full post.  Enjoy!

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; Lorule Announced!

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No, that isn’t a joke, Nintendo really have named the Dark World equivalent in this game ‘Lorule’ and come up with another princess character who seems to be a dark counterpart to Zelda.  They’ve also shown a video and give out a ton of other interesting information too, so keep reading to find out what is…