Has Nintendo Finally Began Using Augumented Reality Again?

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Mario Party AR Mini Game

If you’ve been reading Nintendo 3DS Daily for a while now, you may remember that I wrote an article about how the 3DS’s AR features were going ignored by Nintendo and how so few games seemed to make any real use of them.  If you missed it the first time, you can read that article here: Has Nintendo Give up on Augumented Reality Article But now that Mario Party 3DS and this whole ‘Photos Together with Super Mario’ thing have been announced, could it be the case that Nintendo are finally ready to actually do something with the feature.  I think so, and I think that the way Mario Party is implementing this whole Augumented Reality business shows that Nintendo […]

Photos Together with Super Mario; More Footage

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Mario AR

Remember that Augumented Reality app that was supposedly released in Japan and that let you have Mario characters and objects ‘in the real world’ via AR cards?  Well here’s some new footage of it courtesy of Youtube user Nintendaan: It’s not exactly much (and to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t look like something that particularly warrants a download or more than one use at the current time), but it’s still nice to see Nintendo doing something with Augumented Reality these days.  Do you have any interest in this app?  It is free if that helps…

Has Nintendo Given Up on Augumented Reality?

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WarioWare AR

Back when the 3DS was new, there was a lot of hype around the idea of Augumented Reality, the idea that you could use the 3DS camera and cards to make objects seem to appear in the real world. It was meant to let you see your favourite characters in real life settings, play games with the real world as the backdrop and all kinds of other neat things. And to demonstrate this, we got the likes of Face Raiders and the built in AR Games packaged with the system. But since then, it seems like Nintendo have basically given up on the whole concept. Sure we got the half working horror type that was Spirit Camera the Cursed Memoir […]