Nintendo Posts Club Nintendo Favourites!

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Or in other words, what members of Club Nintendo consider the best games of 2013.  Which as everyone has likely figured out, consist at least 90% of Nintendo games and roughly mirror the list of titles the company has promoted most in the last 12 months.  Keep reading to see the list…

Has 2013 Been an Impressive Year for Nintendo Games?

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Zelda Link Between Worlds art

Usually, the amount of good games released in a year is fairly low, with just one or two bonafide classics being released alongside a whole ton of lesser titles no one really cares about.  But in 2013, it seems things have been… a little different.  In fact, I’d say that this year has actually been one of Nintendo’s best ever years for new games, with every month seemingly bringing a new classic!  So here’s a nice look back at 2013 and all the fantastic new games that Nintendo released throughout it.

The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds Wins Best Handheld Game at VGX Awards!

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Zelda Link Between Worlds art

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s luck in other categories wasn’t quite as good, with the only other award winners being Super Mario 3D World for best Nintendo game and Animal Crossing New Leaf for best ‘casual’ game.  Which is a bit of a shame really, given that not one Nintendo title was nominated for ‘best soundtrack’ (an absolutely insane decision) and that Pokemon X and Y lost the ‘best RPG’ award. But what was A Link Between Worlds up against?  What other awards did Nintendo win?  Read on to find out!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome a Friend Promotion

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When it comes to Nintendo and advertising, usually the results are not particularly great.  You’ve got those ads that completely miss the mark (also known as every Wii U ad out at the moment), a bunch of contests that usually don’t add up to a whole lot and a lack of European marketing that can be best described as ‘utterly suicidal’.  But Nintendo of Europe’s new Animal Crossing New Leaf promotion is a great exception to the rule.  In fact, it might even be one of their ‘best’ (especially from the fan point of view) campaigns they’ve ever came up with. Why?  Well let me explain how the rules work: If you register Animal Crossing New Leaf on Club Nintendo […]

Wow, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Luigi’s Mansion 2 are doing well!

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Yeah, sales wise these games are doing fantastically so far.  For instance, Animal Crossing New Leaf has so far sold over 5 million copies worldwide, which is rather impressive for a 3DS game that hasn’t long been out in regions not called Japan.  And Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is hanging in there too, with a nice 2.7 million copies sold worldwide (for anyone interested, that’s more than the Gamecube game ever sold). Additionally, when you consider that neither game has even been out a full year in all regions, and you add the inevitable long term sales these games will make over time… you’ve got some fairly impressive numbers. So, are you happy with how Animal Crossing New Leaf and […]

No retro games in future Animal Crossing titles

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Back in the early days of Animal Crossing, you could collect NES games to play inside the actual game.  Unfortunately, not only has this feature never returned in a later Animal Crossing title, it’ll apparently never happen again. Yes, Animal Crossing series creator Katsuya Eguchi has apparently told Kotaku this in an interview: Please consider it’s not happening ever again.  At the time, we didn’t have a Virtual Console system.  We thought that playing games inside of a game is kind of funny, and we wanted to do it. But now there’s a Virtual Console where you can play classic games, so we don’t think we will be doing that in future titles. Above: Not happening in future. So basically, […]

Some Best Buy stores break street date, sell Animal Crossing New Leaf early!

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Best Buy Animal Crossing New Leaf

So if you want to buy a new copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf a few days before its official release date, and happen to live in the Chicago area, now’s your chance!  According to Technology Tell, the Best Buy in Arlington Height (on Rand Road) seems to have the game in early and is selling them prior to the official US release date. Above: While it’s wrongly categorised, it seems like this Best Buy is selling Animal Crossing New Leaf a few days early for whatever reason. Is this the only shop doing this?  Hard to tell, the article only gives this one example.  But they do recommend calling up various other Best Buy stores and seeing if any […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Inside the Treehouse

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For those of you unaware, Nintendo of America have recently wrapped up an interesting webseries detailing the development of upcoming 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Within the series lies tantalising nuggets of gameplay footage and commentary by the American localisation team, who discuss several aspects of the game in addition to their translation efforts. Here is the series in its entirety; Episode 1: Localising Animal Crossing: New Leaf Episode 2: Connectivity Episode 3: Your first day in town Episode 4: Customising your House Episode 5: Being the Mayor Episode 6: The characters of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Episode 7: The calendar of events Episode 8: Furniture and pants Episode 9: Custom Designs Episode 10: Island activities As you can […]

Nintendo releases new Animal Crossing New Leaf ad

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AC New Leaf Ad

It’s pretty decent if I can say so myself.  Here’s the commercial: More of this kind of ‘player interacts with characters from the game’ commercials and less ‘families sit around a television’ commercials Nintendo!  It illustrates the concept of the game far better than your generic ads do. What do you think of this new Animal Crossing New Leaf advert?