GameTrailers lists top ten 3DS games…

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And for the most part, it’s not a bad list (albeit a very, very safe one).  Including titles like Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X and Y and The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, most of the expected games are included, so keep reading if you want to see the video or their game choices…

2DS Trademark Registered in Japan

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As you may or may not know, the Nintendo 2DS console has not as of this time been released in Japan.  Why is that?  Who knows, some say it’s due to everything from Nintendo’s complete domination of the market making it unnecessary to stereoscopic 3D being more tolerated by Japanese audiences.  Either way, it’s not there yet. But is this about to change? It might well be so, since Nintendo have now registered a trademark for ‘Nintendo 2DS’ In Japan. Want to see it?  If so, keep reading!

Dragon King Tournament 3DS XL; A Better Picture

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A couple of days ago, we mentioned how a super rare special edition 3DS XL was being given to the winner of a Japanese Pokemon tournament.  And how said 3DS system was so rare that only one of these systems would ever be made. Unfortunately, that didn’t come with a good picture of the system itself.  But hey, that’s all changed now, so read the full post if you want to see a much bigger picture of this special 3DS XL system, one which might make you even more excited for this one of a kind console!

Opinion: The Ten Most Brutally Difficult Challenges in Nintendo Games

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With the possible exception of the NES era, Nintendo is usually not the first company people think of when it comes to difficult video games.  But while things like the Super Guide and hint videos have made some people consider recent Nintendo titles as rather easy, there are in fact quite a few challenges in Nintendo games that are very much incredibly difficult in every sense of the word.  So here’s a list of them, of the ten most difficult challenges in Nintendo games.

Sakurai; I Vow to Complete Smash Bros 4 By 2014!

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SSB WiiU Logo

Worried the next Super Smash Bros game was going to be delayed like so many others by Nintendo?  Desperately wanting the game in your possession by the upcoming year?  Well if so, it seems you should be in luck, since Masahiro Sakurai himself has actually stated that he ‘resolves to complete development of the new Super Smash Bros games and release them in 2014′.

Nintendo of America Declares StreetPass Weekend is Coming

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According to a video on Youtube anyway, where they announce it as happening between December 14th and December 15th at a ‘Nintendo Zone near you’.  Here’s the official video announcement: How it works is quite simple.  Basically, if you go past a Nintendo Zone, the data you send and receive isn’t only relayed via others who used said hotspot, but those who used any Nintendo Zone across the entire country.  So in other words, you receive StreetPasses from people who visited Nintendo Zone hotspots other than the one you used, and send your own data to random people in other areas as well.

Kirby Triple Deluxe; Magazine Scans!

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Interested in more Kirby Triple Deluxe, the exciting new Kirby game that Nintendo’s releasing on the 3DS in the near future?  Well it seems you may now been luck, since some anonymous people in Japan have scanned some magazine articles that confirm even more returning characters and things in the game!  Head inside to see them all…

Chibi-Robo Real Life Action announced!

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chibi robo

Well this is bizarre. The titular character from Gamecube cult classic Chibi-Robo, and later DS curio Chibi-Robo Park Patrol, is returning in 3DS eShop title Chibi-Robo Real Life Action, released in Japan this very day. As you may have gathered from this perplexing footage, the game seems to revolve around the 3DS’ AR function; a welcome, underused feature, yet probably not used to the extent we wish, as it seems the crux of the action consists of taking photos of mundane objects for them to appear in an incredbly odd museum. Still, at a reasonable price this could be a fun diversion for 3DS owners. Will Chibi-Robo Real Life Action arrive in western territories? The Gamecube original remains rare and […]