The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds; Even More Interesting Things You Didn’t Notice!

December 2nd, 2013 by Nin3DS19 comments so far

Wow, this game does have a lot of hidden stuff in it!  Yep, within less than a day of writing the last article about A Link Between Worlds and its numerous secrets, I came up with yet another full list of interesting things I didn’t notice and that people might not know!  So here it is, here’s a second list of interesting secrets in the Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds…

5. Don’t Mess around with Explosives!

Let’s start with an interesting few things you can do in the Bomb Flower shop in Lorule.  Because you see, later in the game, you come across this mysterious shop run by a mad scientist like fellow, complete with an absolutely massive Bomb Flower growing in its garden.  Meant to be used to blow up the large cracked boulders littering Lorule and to open the way to the Swamp Palace, most people assume that this is all the area has.

But oh no.  Just try using some… ‘choice’ items in the shop for some amusing lines:

No, oh no.  Oh, no no.  That’s a no go. No fire, no… But I’m impressed… you’ve got courage that shows!

Don’t bring that heat!  You’re gonna ruin my beat by burning my seat!

Knock it off with the fire! You’re makin’ me perspire! Less you ‘wanna get everyone fried, you really should take it all outside!

There’s more too.  Just look what happens when you try and take the Bomb Flower to Thieves Town…

Bomb Flower No Go

Above: Why does everything he says rhyme anyway?

Yeah, the Bomb Shop owner doesn’t agree with that idea too much.  Don’t try and trick him either, he can tell if you’re trying to sneak the thing into Lorule’s Kakariko Village via the eastern entrance just as easily as he can if you try and bring it in via the southern one.

No comments on bringing the giant bomb into dungeons though.  It just vanishes when you go inside (so bringing it into Lorule Castle isn’t exactly something that can happen in this game).

But that’s not the only intriguing little secret this part of Lorule has.  Oh no…

4. It’s another secret to everybody

There’s also yet another part in the game in which you can hear the words ‘it’s a secret to everybody’.

To hear it, go the area south of Lorule Castle (by the Swamp Palace) after beating the Thieves Hideout Dungeon.  You should find a cave in the north of the area.  Enter, and you’ll see the thief girl who you escorted through the last dungeon wearing one of those monster masks from Thieves Town.  Talk to her to hear the immortal line and also to get a few hundred rupees!

3. The Dark Palace’s Super Secret Passageways

Next on the list, are some super secret rooms in the Dark Palace.  Yes really, the Dark Palace actually does have secret rooms outside the marked map!

To find these, go to the palace and do the following:

Room 1: Head to the top floor, until you reach a big room with lots of windows streaming light in, some Ghinis flying around and some circular switches at the top and bottom of the area (it’s also where you find the piece of Master Ore to upgrade the Master Sword).  Lay a bomb near the southern switch, then go to the left wall and merge in to find one of those faces that marks a rotating section.  Make sure Link is over said marking when the bomb goes off, and you’ll enter the secret room, where some rupees await.

Room 2: In the top right of the palace is a corridor with a switch, a timed door and some floor tiles that collapse when you head towards the south of the area.  Throw a bomb near the switch, and then merge into the wall  opposite and go to the top corner.  The (completely unmarked) wall will rotate and let you into another secret room with lots of rupees.  Here’s a video:

Above: The most well hidden room ever?

They’re likely not the only secret rooms in the game’s dungeons, but they’re definitely some of the more interesting ones given how no hints to their existence even normally exist.

2. Beating the Pegasus Boots Obstacle Course without the Boots

Later in the game, there’s a special obstacle course in Lorule which you’re supposed to clear by using the Pegasus Boots to dash past timed gates and what not in a matter of seconds.  But here’s something you may not have realised…

You can beat the entire thing without using the Pegasus Boots at all!

Yep, just hit the switches with your sword, then lay down a bomb about a second or so before the timer runs out.  Run past gate 1 quickly, and then the bomb will go off and activate the switch the immediately afterwards, giving you time to clear the next one!  Do this until you get to the top/get the gold rupee, and the characters in game will actually congratulate you in a completely different way!

Pegasus Boots Dungeon Congrats

Above: No kidding.

No way!  This guy’s more cunning than my big bro?  That’s preposterous!

With your skills, there’s nowhere you couldn’t go!  I admire you kid.

1. That Tune Sounds Familiar

Finally, a musical nod that I’m sure quite a few of people have picked up on by now.  Remember that bard in Kakariko Village’s Milk Bar?  The one you pay ten rupees to in order to hear a random tune?

Well while many of his songs are remixed versions of normal tunes from this title that you hear in game (Yuga’s battle theme, Lorule’s theme, Hyrule Castle, etc), a couple are actually remixes of songs from completely different Zelda game!  Like this one, a remix of the main theme from the series:

Or this one, the dungeon theme from the very first Zelda title!

But the real best piece just has to be the following.  Cue, a remix of Ballad of the Goddess from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword!  As played by some guy in a bar:

There are a lot of great songs here, so I’d definitely recommend you keep paying him the cash to hear them (or just check out our Youtube channel instead), since there are some real nice remixes of classic Zelda themes included (one actually has someone singing in the background!)

And that concludes our second list of interesting secrets and things you may not have noticed in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds!  How many did you know?  What ones did we miss?  Comment on either this site or Nintendo 3DS Community and tell us now!

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  • Nicksat

    Nice finds! Just about to finish hero mode and realised I’d missed most of these lol.

    On thing I haven’t worked out yet is what to do with the bird-watching man in the swamp area… He wants protecting so he can look closer at the flying yellow enemies, but I can’t seem to help him.

    • Nicksat

      I mean the bird-masked man in the swamp!

      • http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/ CM30

        Yeah, I know. I checked though, and from what I can tell, absolutely nothing I did changed his response (whether that be using a shield, killing the enemies or both).

        • Nicksat

          Yeah I tried defending him from all angles to lure the enemies in front of him but it’s a wild goose chase methinks. Just some advice about defending with the shield is all it is. And there’s me thinking I was onto something then for a minute

    • http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/ CM30

      I’m not sure what that guy wants either. Indeed, I have to say that I initially disregarded him as background detail, but I suspect that might not be the case now.

  • Dude

    For the Dark Palace secret passage, it should say “Room 2: In the top right of the palace” instead of “Room 2: In the top left of the palace.”

    • http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/ CM30

      Fixed. Blame how similar the two rooms are in appearance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kraviken Kravik

    Neat. Did not think to do it with the boots. Used bombs. Got to test with boots next! :)

  • jack

    i forget where, but there is one secret cave where a “rumor guy” that would tell you 3 secrets about the characters.

    • http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/ CM30

      I think that was in the forest in Hyrule, in the Hyrulian equivalent to the cave with the guy selling a Golden Bee for about 850 rupees.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kraviken Kravik

        Correct! :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/kraviken Kravik

    I found this page via google. But I cannot find the first part. This is the second part, right? :D

    How do I find the first one?

  • Vincent

    There’s one tune while battling with a Shadow link from Streetpass it’s the Temple Theme from Zelda 2

    • http://nintendo3dscommunity.com/ CM30

      Yep, I noticed that too. It’s a neat shout out, although I was a tad disappointed that the theme when you fight with Gramps is the same tune.

  • Midnafan

    really wish i knew about that bomb trick in the pegasus boots obstacle course. i just spent an hour trying to beat that thing!!!!! >:(

  • Eden’s Cross

    Wonder what happens when you reverse the skyward sword zelda theme

  • Paula

    It’s a good thing you get way more rupees than you’ll ever need in this game. I kept paying the bard until songs started repeating, hoping I’d get something out of the deal.