No Planned Updates for Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS: Capcom

March 24th, 2013 by Nin3DSLeave a comment

Really though, did anyone honestly expect them to update this version of the game? For one thing, it came out prior to any 3DS game getting DLC in the first place, so it might not even have the proper game structure to make downloadable content possible. The new content utilises features and hardware not possible on the 3DS.  Not to mention the rather obvious minor fact that:

They don’t want to make it cheap for anyone to get the new content.  They want people to pay out fifty dollars or so for the remake, not just spend a tiny amount of cash on some DLC packs or whatever.  Besides, when did the idea of a remake or sequel become seen as something that should be done via downloadable/add on content and patches rather than a new game?

But put that aside for now, here’s Capcom’s confirmation that there are no planned updates for the 3DS version of this game:

Christian Svensson:

Sorry guys, but there are no planned updates for the 3DS version of Revelations. We’ve added a fair amount of new content to the new edition which is fairly common to do.

There you have it.  There are no planned updates for the 3DS version of Resident Evil Revelations, stop asking for them.



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