Looks like PokeBank can’t stop Hacked Pokemon…

December 26th, 2013 by Nin3DS21 comments so far

Oh dear.  Remember those ‘methods’ PokeBank was supposedly using to detect hacked Pokemon and stop them being transferred to Pokemon X and Y?

Well it seems like they’re not very good.  As in, blatantly modified/hacked Pokemon are being let straight past the security ‘systems’ and transferred into the system, ready to be withdrawn into Pokemon X and Y very shortly.

Like this Infernape.  It’s apparently an Italian Iron Fist one, which is completely impossible to get legitimately since the event was only run in English countries, and it was caught in the wrong type of Pokeball (a Premier Ball instead of a Dream Ball).  So yeah, their system needs work, since stuff that’s actually impossible to get legitimately can somehow sneak in and get into the generation 6 games.




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  • Mega Man

    Looks like Pokebank has been taken down temporarily, unfortunately it isn’t to do with Nintendo fixing the “hack detection”.

    • MegaLucario

      Indeed, and it’s release date is set to TBD( to be decided)

  • Chris Kilik

    Does this mean it will not be released today like it was supposed to?

    • Mega Man

      Read MegaLucario’s post. The release for territories outside of Japan has been set back like Flipnote 3D because of the influx of users.

  • boomz

    This is good if we still can hack

  • Close Combat

    You can catch DeamWorld Pokemon in any Poke-ball you want… you should probably try it before you say that you cant catch it in a premier ball. Have you? probably a no… I don’t know about the English only… but I know that starter Pokemon where not available in DreamWorld when it first came out.

  • Mega Man

    The source link updated with the info that the Infernape shown is in fact legal. I think a better example to use would be that level 1 Gengar or the Shiny Tepig with its hidden ability.

  • You can catch it any any pokeball…

  • AmorousLovers

    Since the Iron Fist Infernape isn’t a completely impossible Pokemon to acquire, it makes sense for it to go through. Also, Also, lvl 1 Gengars are a reasonable pass-through also, since every pokemon has a level system. I think it only detects unreasonably endowed pokemon, like a Charizard knowing surf or a Venusaur with Blaze. It really only affects what can be an unfair advantage competitively, which seems reasonable.

  • cecil

    Anything can pass through the bank. The author of this poorly written article was apparently left unawares, but no on cares what hacked pokemon people have in their offline campaigns. If he actually played in the current meta game or kept himself even slightly informed he’d know that the concern was in the passed on pokemons effecting the competitive aspects of the game. Which is not the case, ALL pokemon transferred through the pokebank are not eligible for participating in online rating battles OR official tournaments. So once again I ask, why does anyone care what someone else does in their offline game since it still doesn’t effect the meta game in any way?

    • Ace J

      “ALL pokemon transferred through the pokebank are not eligible for
      participating in online rating battles OR official tournaments.”

      what is your source??

      • Cecil

        First hand experience for one. The bank DID have a limited release before they took it down. Also the rules are on the official pokemon global link website. They changed the rules for season 2 in preparation of the pokebank. You can still use pokebank pokemon in free battles and in pvp challenges(granted the challenger selects the correct ruleset), just not rating battles or official tournaments.
        All that being said, a person could still breed two hacked pokemon with perfect IV’s together(it would be legal since the egg will hatch in X or Y), but with how easy it is to breed perfect pokemon now, it really doesn’t save them all that much time. This also eliminates pokemon with impossible moves, stats and abilities since the player is forced to breed them fresh in Gen VI. It was really a good move on Nintendo’s part, they secured the important competitive aspects of the game and that’s really all that matters.

        • Cecil

          Also I forgot to mention, online rating battles also detect impossible abilities and pokeballs. And since you can pass both those things along through breeding, it should be noted that they don’t let you use them in rating battles.

        • Ace J

          so your telling me that my Lucario, that will be transferd from my white version 2, will not be able to participate in rating battles? that is stupid

    • Chrisssss

      incorrect. i have seen several hacked pokemon being used competitively. namely a volcanaroa with storm drain.

  • chaos

    you can tell if hacked be cause the pentagon is,nt there i think with out the pentagon you cant play online with it (i am most likely wrong)

    • Teemo’s Nemesis

      The Pentagon means it was caught/bred in Kalos

  • kameron hall

    So will I be able to transfer my surfing Pikachu that I got from battle revolution.

  • ryan

    Lol… that infernape is probably illegit, but it is possible to have gotten it legitimately

  • Dwreck

    Boo hoo. I figure after spending way too many hours breeding perfect creatures with perfect move sets, you deserve being able to make them at will. It is so simple to do and bring into your BW games. Just do what most of the top players do or have done and import some great creatures in.