Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Cheats and Unlockables

July 20th, 2013 by Nin3DS2 comments so far

As with the other Mario & Luigi games, Mario & Luigi Dream Team includes a wide variety of things you unlock by doing well and beating various modes.  So here’s a page listing everything you can unlock in the game, for the people who want the additional features and things.

Challenge Mode

To unlock this mode (which lets you restart the game at a much higher difficulty level), complete the main quest/beat the final boss once.


To listen to all the music in game, beat the final boss once.

Battle Ring Bosses

Battle Ring Boss Medley 1

Complete all normal boss battles in the Battle Ring to unlock a medley of them, complete with a secret final boss at the end!

Battle Ring Boss Medley 2

Complete all giant boss battles in the Battle Ring to unlock a medley of those.  Probably also has a new final boss.

Zee Egg

Find and save all 52 Pi’illo folk, then talk to Eldream at the Mushrise Park Maintenance Hut.


If there are any more things I should add, tell me and they’ll be added.

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