Nintendo 3DS Daily For your 3DS news, reviews and information! Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:10:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mario Kart 8 has at least 30 Characters Wed, 16 Apr 2014 22:10:36 +0000 According to a picture of the game taken from a Nintendo event anyway.  It shows not only everyone we’ve seen in the trailers so far (which adds up to 27 characters), but also has empty slots just waiting for another 3 characters to fill them.  But what does the screen look?  Who do I suspect is going to fill those last few slots?  Read on and find out!

First up, a bigger picture of the character select screen:


As you can see, the characters are the following (from left to right, row by row):

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Metal Mario
Yoshi, Toad, Koopa, Shy Guy, Lakitu, Toadette
Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, [unknown], [unknown 2]
Bowser, DK, Wario, Waluigi, Iggy, Roy
Lemmy, Larry, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton, [unknown 3]

The unknown slots are the ones designated by the question marks, indicating characters we don’t yet know about.  So who’s likely to be included?  Personally, I predict the following:

Row 3: Birdo and Diddy Kong.  Makes sense given the placement of the other characters, although it could also potentially cover Wiggler and Honey Queen  from Mario Kart 7.  Let’s hope it’s the former two instead of the latter.

And for the final row?  Probably Bowser Jr, since he almost always shows up playable in home console Mario Kart games and spinoffs, which makes sense given how he’s one of Bowser’s kids and is listed right next to the Koopalings.  Other possibilities (in order of most to least likely) are King Boo, Petey Piranha, Boom Boom and Kamek, since the former two have appeared in at least one other Mario Kart title and the latter two are likely newcomers in a future game.

But what do you think?  Are Diddy Kong, Birdo and Bowser Jr the most likely final three characters in Mario Kart 8?  Or will Nintendo surprise us with a bunch of odd newcomers like they did last time?

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Skylanders could have been a Nintendo series? Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:55:05 +0000 Yes, it’s really true!  Back when the first game in this popular franchise was being developed, Activision wanted to team up with another game to make it, with their first choice being Nintendo!

Unfortunately though, despite some help with marketing and interest in the concept, Nintendo turned down the offer to work with Activision on the series.  Talk about a missed opportunity!

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed Nintendo never went for the deal to be honest.  I mean, look at the Wii U recently.  It needs big exclusives, it needs to get kids interested in Nintendo home consoles again and put simply, something like Skylanders would have been perfect for this.

Above: You might not like the games, but as a franchise, Skylanders has been mega successful lately.

Just look at the sales.  Millions of dollars in profits and a fortune made from toy sales.  If Nintendo had Skylanders as part of their own line up of franchises, and was treating all the games like exclusives, they could have made some serious cash and potentially even gained a lot more interest from that key ‘young gamer’ demographic.

But what do you think?  Should Nintendo have taken up Activision’s offer and worked with them on Skylanders (to the point of it becoming a potential second party series)?  What do you think?


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Is a Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle coming soon? Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:46:16 +0000 Don’t take this as confirmed just yet, but it seems fairly likely regardless.  A new Wii U bundle has been seen online, with Mario Kart 8 being sold alongside a Wii U Deluxe set and what not.

You can see a small picture of it in the post thumbnail, but if you want to see it at full size, keep reading!

Here’s a full size version of the box:


As you can see, it looks pretty legit. And with Mario Kart 8 being one of Nintendo’s biggest games, it does definitely seem like something Nintendo would make.

But since they haven’t confirmed one way or the other, what do you think? Think this Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle is real? And if so, would you buy one?

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Should Nintendo replace Miiverse with a Forum API system? Mon, 14 Apr 2014 19:13:45 +0000 Because as we’ve seen in my article yesterday, Miiverse as a concept just does not work.  A single giant ‘community’ (in the loosest sense of the term) made up entirely of ignorant people making insane suggestions and potentially damaging comments?  Yeah, that was a disaster just waiting to happen!

So instead of that, how about this alternative?  How about instead of Nintendo trying to replace fan run forums with some mediocre official social network knock off, they actually work WITH the community and highlight the interesting discussions made on these unofficial sites?


Above: Imagine something like Tapatalk, except solely for Nintendo sites and accessible within the games themselves!

Here’s how it’d work.  Basically, you’d have this system which third developers could integrate their work with in order to build apps off the Miiverse functionality.  So for instance, Nintendo forums could set up a system in which people could register on their sites with their Nintendo Network user name instead of an email account.


Above: You can already register on our forums via services like Steam, so why not via your Nintendo Network ID as well?

And then in return, the system would be changed so that it took data from the fan forums and used it in game. So it’d scan all the forums involved for topics about say, Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros 4 and then display them in their respective games with a link back to the website it originated from (perhaps with the additional benefit of letting people post to said sites without leaving the game they’re playing and having to start up a web browser).


Above: Imagine if instead of centralised posts, it got the posts about New Super Mario Bros U from a wide range of sites and displayed in a similar interface, then let you reply via your Wii U console.

In other words, instead of being a generic social network/Nintendo run forum community, it’d act more like Tapatalk or Forum Runner, a sort of integrated search/login system for a whole network full of individual sites and forums.  This would have the following advantages:

  1. Nintendo wouldn’t have to moderate a community, since these other sites have their own staff to do the job for them.  This would significantly save in manpower, costs (like wages) or anything else required.
  2. The moderation and community would generally be better, since most fan run forums are nowhere near as horribly run and filled with idiotic crap as Miiverse is.  So no more bans for petty and just stupid reasons (like the Sony CEO apparently getting banned for saying ‘I love Playstation’), and no idiots making ridiculous comments like ‘why can’t there be more causacian characters in Smash Bros’ or ‘please can this twelve year old be my boyfriend/girlfriend’.
  3. Nintendo Network might actually live up to its name now.
  4. The fan sites and forums that actually need the help would actually get it, since being immediately visible in the very Nintendo games their audiences use would bring a huge amount of new people to their communities and help even more of them become big boards or the like.
  5. Developers could actually do clever things with the API/system like getting data on popular games or posts or the best fan art and displaying them on third party websites or in smartphone apps.

So yes, that’s how I think Nintendo should fix Miiverse.  Scrap the inhouse forum idea, and turn it into some of network system for Nintendo fan sites and forums which displays their best content in game and lets people post them from within the 3DS and Wii U themselves.

Do you agree?  Could a Miiverse API type system be a better concept that the flawed version of Miiverse that currently exists?

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How Not to Design a Video Game Antagonist; the Ten Worst Nintendo Villain Designs in History! Sun, 13 Apr 2014 22:16:41 +0000 Nothing makes a good story as much as a great villain. Whether they’re a humorous nutcase like Fawful, a merciless dark lord like Ganon or just a good all rounder like Bowser, Nintendo villains have often become seen as some of the best designed in video games, some of the most memorable characters to have appeared over the history of the medium.

Sadly though, even Nintendo isn’t immune to mistakes.  So here are ten cases where the character designers completely messed up the design for one of their video game antagonists.  Behold, the worst Nintendo villain designs in gaming history!

10. The Mean Emcee (Wario World)

Okay, the first character on our list isn’t really a full blown villain as much as a random boss in a game that already feels half boss rush.  But there’s just something about this guy that’s just… not well designed on a visual level.  Just look at him for a minute:

Above: Image by Shy Guy XXL of Wario Forums

Yes, in case you’re wondering, the one from the game is the one on the left (Shy Guy XXL on our forums redesigned him to look like the version on the right, and significantly made his design better in the process).  But the point is, does that thing even look like a good villain?

Cause personally, I don’t think so.  I think it looks more like a cross between Frankenstein’s monster and some sort of creepy drug dealer.  And good god, just look how badly every aspect of his design seems to clash with every other aspect.    You’ve got the weird lifeless eyes, the odd mix of ‘cultured’ and ‘not cultured’ design, the hair and hat which look almost like that you’d find on a scarecrow… It’s just so freaking ugly it’s unbelievable.

So for being one of the least appealing villains in a Nintendo game, and arguably an example of outright horrible character design in general, the Mean Emcee makes it in on number 10.

9. Gorea (Metroid Prime Hunters)

Metroid Prime Hunters, has never exactly had good boss design. Oh sure, the rival hunters themselves looked interesting enough (and got a fanbase), but the level bosses?

Yeah. There’s a very good reason no one remembers much about the giant totem pole of doom boss or the eyeball hanging from the ceiling, namely because they absolutely suck in terms of having an interesting design.

And Gorea, despite being the Big Bad, really isn’t much better. I mean, his first appearance looks like the designers were trying too hard:

Above: The most blatant Doom/Quake/Turok boss rip off ever?

And his later one, is just plain weird. I mean, does that thing even have any of sort of face or physical characteristics to it?


Above: Where the hell is its head or body?

Put simply, Gorea fails for one simple reason.  It’s just too bizarre and too incomprehensible in design to really feel like much of a character.  It’s first form feels like a First Person Shooter boss mixed with a mutant space pirate creature, the second just doesn’t seem like it’s really alive and neither just seem interesting in terms of design at all.  A rather poor boss design in a game absolutely full of them.

8. Dark Nebula (Kirby)

Because come on, it’s basically a star with an eyeball on it.  Not exactly something that comes across as an interesting opponent:


7. The Black Jewel (Wario World)

Some things just do not make good villain concepts.  Demon monsters?  They work great.  Evil overlords in creepy looking armour covered in spikes of doom?  Work well.  Hockey mask wearing and chainsaw wielding serial killers?  Guess that works too.

Animate jewelry on the other hand, doesn’t.  It may provide a feeble explanation for why your main character’s castle is now an assortment of random themed worlds:

But as a general rule, you just cannot have an evil diamond as a credible antagonist. Especially not when it looks like… well, this:

Or when its final battle (even the better one) ends up coming across as a terrible rip off of the Gruntilda fight from Banjo Kazooie:

Really, there’s nothing good about this guy’s design or concept.  How the hell they considered it a good choice for Wario’s only 3D game I’ll never know.

6. Tiki Tong (Donkey Kong Country Returns)

Replacing a classic villain like King K Rool with a new guy is never going to be well received.  But what’s worse than Tiki Tong being a fairly pointless enemy that for the most part shouldn’t have existed?

Tiki Tong

Above: The pinnacle of original boss design!

How about the fact he looks more like a lame Andross clone than something new.  You know, another one of the four and half million ‘giant floating head and hands’ bosses that Nintendo seems to love so much?

Yeah.  Nothing about this guy’s design is well thought out or original.  He’s generic beyond belief, has attacks which could easily be given to someone like Master Hand, Gohdan, Wham Bam Rock or Rudy the Clown without much trouble and well, just look at him a minute.  He pretty much has nothing ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’ about him visually at all.

Thank god they replaced him with Lord Fredrick in Tropical Freeze.

5. The Imprisoned (The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)

I think this comic sums up the problems with the Imprisoned’s design perfectly:


Above: Comic by BowmanMira on DeviantArt

Put simply, you’ve got this massive head that looks creepy as heck… stacked on top of two relatively tiny feet with comical looking toes. And the thing initially has no arms either, putting the focus on exactly that one part of its body that looks completely ridiculous.

It’s a shame, because demon Demise actually looks pretty awesome.  It’s just that his Imprisoned form looks a complete joke in comparison.

4. Malladus (The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks)

Our fourth entry on the list, is a bit different from the rest.  Namely, he has two lame designs rather than one lame design, a feat which pretty much no other character in Nintendo history has seemingly managed (the above mentioned Imprisoned had his fantastic looking real Demise form for his final battle).

The first one of these is his ‘real’ form.  Shaped like a giant blue skull made of clouds (I assume, it looks like some sort of variant of the Bubble enemies from the same franchise), it pretty much doesn’t look menacing in the slightest.  The way it animates by goofily bouncing around in mid air in a manner of an early cartoon doesn’t help the effect either…


Above: The least imposing demon skull in history.

Above: On the bright side, it did lead to this rather funny moment…

And then, we get his final battle form, the one gained by possessing Chancellor Cole’s body.  Guess what?


Above: Why even design this? Just stick Ganon in and say he made a comeback.

It’s a complete and utter rip off of Ganon.  Yup, a giant blue pig like creature (with a few goat tendencies) who fights in a rather similar way to Ganon did in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.  Heck, you even get to stab in the forehead with a magical sword!

More importantly for the article, it just looks absolutely ugly as sin.  I mean, giant blue boar like creatures are never exactly going to be pretty or anything, but come on.  Ganon’s design had a certain ‘cool’ factor to it.  Malladus’ design just feels like they tried to put Ganon in, realised the timeline exists and then quickly retconned it to be a generic, badly designed new guy instead.

3. Team Galactic (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum)

Well come on, you all kind of expected at least one Pokemon villain team to appear, right?

After all, with Ruby and Sapphire having almost comical looking eco terrorists, Black and White having medieval style knights and Cipher in the Pokemon Colosseum games dressing their mooks like some sort of futuristic police force, the series has always had a long history of absolutely laughable villain costumes.


Above: And Ghetsis has absolutely terrible taste in clothing.

But even then, beyond even the other villain teams in lame clothing choices, come Team Galactic from the fourth generation.  Dear god do these guys look ridiculous.

Seriously, bowl cuts on a villainous team?  Dressing like they’re out of some Jetsons style scifi franchise?  Having all the admins look like something out of Sailor Moon, even the men?


Above: Even for a Japanese scifi themed ‘gang’, this is not a credible looking uniform design…

It just beggars belief how anyone could consider this even remotely sane villain design.  Thank goodness the later games made the teams/gangs look more like serious threats to the region/world rather than a bunch of cult rejects.

2. Bellum (The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass)

Much has already been written about this guy’s personality (or should I say, complete lack of). He’s got no real backstory, no motive, no real plans other than being an evil parasite thing and for the most part, gets to do absolutely nothing throughout the entire game.  Basically, as Zelda Informer says in the article below, Bellum is pretty much a complete failure of a villain in just about every possible sense:

But we’re not here to talk about the motives of a poorly thought up demon squid monster.  Instead, we’re here to point out that quite frankly, Bellum’s visual design pretty much sucks in every way possible.

No really.  There is absolutely nothing interesting about his appearance.  He’s literally just a squid creature with a couple of eyes where they shouldn’t be, without even the level of menace afforded to other eldritch abominations in fiction or any kind of ‘scare’ factor.


Above: Isn’t it terrifying?  Answer: Not in the slightest.

He’s just a mess basically.  A villain that absolutely no one finds memorable and which manages to terrify exactly zero percent of the gaming population.  Rather sad for some sort of ‘legendary’ demon monster.

1. Terrormisu (Wario Master of Disguise)

And now for number one.  What could honestly be a less appealing and all round more lame design for a villain than even Bellum?

How about a fifty year old Princess Peach cosplayer?

Because to put it bluntly, that’s exactly what Terrormisu actually looks like.  No, I’m not kidding:

Above: Are they trying to parody bad cosplay here or something?

Yes, this mysterious, all powerful demon who supposedly terrified thousands of years ago… looks like an hilarious bad cosplayer from a typical video game convention.  It’s a shame really, because conceptually, her battle was supposedly kind of ‘interesting’ in some way and involved things like floating masks and weird dimensional rifts.  The music for said battle is absolutely amazing:

And yet the design of the antagonist is so utterly lame in every possible sense that you just can’t take any of it seriously.  Seriously Suzak (aka the game’s developers).  If people wanted to see an hilariously bad attempt at cosplay by a complete idiot 30 years too old to pull it off correctly, they’ve got plenty of places to look on the internet (like say, Kotaku or Tumblr or DeviantArt). That’s not a good design for someone who’s supposed to be EVIL.  What an utter joke (and failure) of a villain design.

So that’s the list. Ten Nintendo villains with the worst designs I’ve ever seen and with such awful concepts that most of them just can’t be taken seriously.

Do you agree my list and choices?  Actually like the designs of any of the villains listed above?  Have something else to say?  If so, comment below or at Nintendo 3DS today!

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What More Video Games Need is a Sense of Humour Sun, 13 Apr 2014 20:47:14 +0000 When it comes to modern video games and the industry in general, it seems being ‘serious’ is all the rage.  Whether it’s from two bit indie games trying to deconstruct gaming in some overly mean spirited way in their attempt to be ‘art’, triple A blockbusters desperately trying to turn games into Hollywood movies or development in general becoming something run by people who apparently don’t like games or anyone who actually plays them, video games seem to have become an increasing formal, boring medium.

So here’s my article on why video games really need more humour.  On why they need their own individual charm and to stop taking themselves so seriously.  Keep reading to hear some examples of games that managed this well…

Like the Wario series.  A niche Nintendo franchise split in both Wario Land 2D platformers and WarioWare microgame collections, one of the very best things about the whole series is how it deliberately doesn’t take itself seriously in the slightest. What do I mean by that?  Well for one thing, the treasure descriptions in the last few games seem to be written in a way that’s parodying the heck out of all kinds of gaming and real world cliches, like the following:

Heartfelt Hotcakes

These delicious pancakes are made from 100% real love. Don’t be fooled by evil fake pancakes, which are made from mayonnaise.

Spangly Celebrity Garb

Some believe that simply donning this spangly outfit will transform you into a famous movie star! Others think such things require actual talent.

Superfantastical Money Tree

Sure, it sounds fancy. But it’s just a plant. A boring old potted plant. Slap anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Paranoid Bear Carving

It may look like a nice little bear carving, but it’s actually a malevolent alien robot sent to spy on your every move. Don’t turn around.

Game & Watch 9000

An amazing handheld game unit with FIFTY screens! When unfolded, it takes up as much space as a timeshare condo.

Hotter Sauce

Hotter than any normal hot sauce. No, hotter than that. Hotter. Keep going…

Overarchieving Star

This one shines brighter than any other star out there. Show-off.

Pot Full O’ Mystery

Come on, just look at the thing! That is one mysterious pot!

Message in a Bottle

“Send help! I’m trapped in a bottle factory! Right next door to the fortune-cookie place!”

Magic Lamp

This lamp issues a thick smoke when rubbed. That’s all it does. What were you expecting?

And that continues through every little aspect of the game, Wario Land, WarioWare or otherwise.  The manuals are written in first person with such distractions as join the dots puzzles, sticker books and snarky comments from the characters in their descriptions.


Above: Wario’s comments in the WarioWare Touched manual.  Also true of smartphone game development.

The characters in WarioWare actually laugh at you when you mess up.

And these clips just beggars belief, but are kind of ridiculously amusing anyway:

Above: Screw your ‘true art’, dancing cats and dogs are where it’s at!

And Game & Wario?  Well, the game may not have been too hot, but the ad was at least amusing:

Above: Just give me your money, so I can make my dreams come true!

But it’s not the only series I think does this whole ‘not taking itself too seriously’ thing right.  Oh no, there’s another one too, namely the Donkey Kong Country series.  Why?  Well, thank this guy:

Cranky Kong Art

Yep, if there’s one thing that really always lightens my day when playing the games in the series (or just reading the manuals), it’s Cranky Kong acting like a grumpy old man and going on about how terrible the latest games are and how much better things were in his day.



Just listen to some of his manual comments if you need more proof…

So let’s see what nonsense they’ve made up for this game shall we?

Hmm… well, I have to hand it to them.  This time they’ve managed to come up with a decent storyline that doesn’t involve the usual golden bananas.  Only joking kids!  This one’s worse than all the previous efforts put together! I know you probably aren’t expecting a best seller, but wait till you hear this load of rubbish…

Troff’s a pig, Scoff’s a hippo, and both are big, slow and useless.

He’s bigger, slower and even more useless.

Sheesh, you must be a real lame player if you’re still reading this booklet.  You obviously need all the help you can get!

It’s true I’m afraid. They’ve gone and included one of those awful multiplayer modes that seem to be all the fashion these days.  This means you and some other whippersnappers can huddle round your flickering screen and play a few games that I reckon were thrown in at the last minute and will be average at best.

You’ll find a hulking structure that’s a bit dim and doesn’t work.  Yes, I know you already know about Chunky, but this is also true of an eerie lighthouse.

It’s a castle and it’s creepy. Will that do?

Hey, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for these bums after all.

You’re only reading this because you’re bored!

Don’t be surprised if none of these places actually exist!  I know what these manual writers are like.

Oh dear! Call that tin can a boss? Surely K.ROOL can come up with better than that, maybe a bucket or perhaps a really nasty fridge!

Which reminds me, Rare used to do a brilliant job with the old light heartedness and humour and overall mockery.  Just ask anyone who played Banjo Kazooie or its sequel, complete with villain Gruntilda speaking in a barrage of two line rhymes:

Or the quiz game in the sequel:

Heck, Conker’s Bad Fur Day was basically a whole game of comedic moments and parodies of famous movie scenes.  Whether it was him starting out miserable and narrating his story…

Or the ending, in which the game locks up and he works with a programmer to get him out the mess he’s in:

The whole thing was pretty much never taking itself seriously.  And you know what?  The game was better for that.

And the list goes on.  There’s the Mario RPGs, complete with their parodies of gaming fanboys:

complaining francis

Or Fawful and his constant quest to be ever more of a narcisstic lunatic:

And let’s not forget, Mario & Luigi Dream Team’s own Massif Bros, the next comedy stars in Mario RPG ville:


It’s stuff like the games listed above and the moments mentioned we need more of in gaming.  More games that know that they’re not some super serious ‘work of art’ and that are willing to take the mickey out of both themselves and those playing them.

Because when it comes down to it, games really do take themselves too seriously nowadays.  I mean, not every game needs to be some sort of cynics rant about the downfall of civilisation and the ‘evil’ of the average person.  Not every game needs to be some sort of grim dark movie set in some boring, uninteresting ‘realistic’ setting in which every character is a sociopathic asshole that no ones gives a toss about. Games like the Wario series, Donkey Kong series, Mario RPGs and Banjo Kazooie series are great because they’re well, all about being fun.  The characters are amusing, everyone’s willing to laugh at themselves and frankly, the end result has a ton of charm as a result.

Screw gaming’s Citizen Kane, what we really need is gaming’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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Is Nintendo Going to Shut Down Miiverse like SwapNote? Sun, 13 Apr 2014 10:21:31 +0000 Because despite the general push for Miiverse support across the board in Wii U games, the service really does have most of the same ‘issues’ that SwapNote’s SwapPass functionality had.  Ones like trolls, idiots, potentially illegal or risky content and various other things that Nintendo really didn’t like finding out about back when the SwapNote scandal broke out.

So if you want to know more about the kind of insanity that could get Miiverse wiped off the map, keep reading!

The issue?  Potentially illegal or damaging content that could open Nintendo up to legal liabilities if they don’t take care of it more quickly.  Also the cause for the SwapNote issue (apparently some Japanese criminals had sent sexual pictures and comments to kids via the 3DS messaging system and caused a huge stir in the local news media as a result), this type of comment seems like it’s getting worringly common on Nintendo’s Miiverse service, with certain people (both trolls and non trolls).  Need more proof?  Well, sites like Bad Miiverse Posts should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of idiots that seem to be wrecking the service:

Yeah.  I’m not sure what’s worse here, the insane idiocy (one person actually asked ‘why are people from all round the world using Miiverse?’), the somewhat desperate attempts at finding romance by 12 year olds, trolls and people lacking common sense:

Or perhaps the rather… how do I say, it suspicious looking comments you REALLY hope are from trolls:

I think this sort of stuff speaks for itself. Is it trolling? Quite possibly, but there’s also the rather worringly possibility that at least some of it is serious and by people who are quite clearly taking advantage of the service for all the wrong reasons.

And given that such behaviour basically caused SwapNote to get nuked out of existence and FlipNote Studio massively toned down, I think people should potentially be worrying about the future of Miiverse too. Because if Nintendo sees any of this (or the news media start posting disturbing Miiverse messages/someone gets arrested over it), then you bet they’re gonna massively crack down on Miiverse and how it’s used.

Does anyone else think the same way about this?

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Tomodachi Life Announced for West Fri, 11 Apr 2014 23:09:28 +0000 Which is kind of nice if you like that sort of thing, the game was pretty successful in Japan after all.  It’ll be released in the US and Europe on June 6th.

Unfortunately, while they released a Nintendo Direct about the game, they also kind of made the game look rather unappealing to people who don’t know about it.  So if you want to see that video (and hear why I found it kind of awkward as hell to watch), keep reading!

Here’s the video:

So what’s a bit off putting about the way the game is shown?  Well, how about the fact half the video seems to be Nintendo devs trying to act romantic towards their favourite video game characters, giving the likes of the Metroid Other M haters even more ammo for ther future rants…



Or the Virtual Boy reference, which various people (especially Sean Malstrom’s fanbase) practically consider a sign of the apocalypse:

hail the virtual boy

It’s just, kind of creepy to be honest.  Almost like if the Nintendo employees were unwilling to let go of their past mistakes and move on, which some people have considered evident in their recent game design decisions.

But hey, that’s just an ill advised Nintendo Direct presentation.  Are you happy Tomodachi Life is coming to countries outside of Japan?

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Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now on Club Nintendo! Fri, 11 Apr 2014 22:53:09 +0000 So for those European Nintendo fans out there who want to hear the game’s music in some ‘official’ way, there you go.  You can find Nintendo’s Tweet on the matter in the full post after the break.

My opinion though?  Don’t really see much point in getting this CD.  Not only do I not plan to buy a Wii U (and this game, among others) until Smash Bros comes out, but the entire soundtrack can be gotten far conveniently with this magical thing called the ‘internet’ and ‘Youtube’.

But if you want to see what Nintendo has to say on the matter (officially) or to see it on the Club Nintendo store, keep reading!

First, the tweet about it:

And now, the link to the store in which you can get it for those Club Nintendo Star things:

Are you getting this? Or has technology kind of made CDs like this a tad obsolete?

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Mario Golf World Tour has Paid DLC? Thu, 10 Apr 2014 21:38:06 +0000 Well, that’s certainly a game I never expected Nintendo to be selling paid downloadable content for! Apparently though, that’s exactly where they’re going to be doing, with the 3DS game having both ‘additional paid downloadable courses’ and ‘special trial tournaments’ according to the eShop description.

So what kind of downloadable courses do you expect (or hope) to see?  I personally hope to see a few based on other Mario games and spinoffs, like the RPGs, Donkey Kong Country, Wario Land or WarioWare, but I have this sneaking suspicion I’ll be disappointed yet again.

But what do you want for downloadable courses in Mario Golf World Tour?


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