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A very quick update on Nintendo 3DS Daily/Community

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Nintendo 3DS Daily’s redesign is probably coming within the week, and Nintendo 3DS Community will be relaunched (complete with new style/logo/other sutff) within a day or two. Not sure about Super Smash Bros 4.com or its forums, I’m not sure I have time for them.  And Wario Forums?  I’m still running the site, but a redesign there isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment. This has been an official service announcement from the Nintendo 3DS Daily and Nintendo 3DS Community staff!

Nintendo finally has a cross buy game on 3DS and Wii U

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And by cross buy, I mean a game which you can buy on one platform and play on either without buying it again.  Something which many of their competitors have figured out years ago but which Nintendo seems too scared to actually embrace. That game is Squid’s Odyssey.  Buy it on the 3DS, get it for free on the Wii U.  All assuming your Nintendo Network ID is the same between consoles mind. So yeah.  There’s now a game on a Nintendo system which can be bought on one system and played on another.  Perhaps now this’ll lead to a future where we don’t have to say, rebuy Super Mario Bros 1 for every system’s seperate virtual console library. Source: […]

New Super Smash Bros Character being revealed Tomorrow?

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Yeah, take this with at least a grain of salt given that it’s a rumour related to Super Smash Bros 4, but apparently, a magazine given out at the World Hobby Fair (an event which is ending tomorrow and has is being held in Japan) indicates a new character is going to be revealed for the game.  Here’s a picture of the magazine in question: There’s apparently something there asking about a newcomer, one who isn’t listed on the page.  And given that Nintendo is apparently present at this event, the chances that they’ll show something off at it are pretty good. So yeah.  We could be seeing a new Super Smash Bros 4 character revealed tomorrow.  Hopefully someone decent […]

Hyrule Warriors getting Twilight Princess DLC

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It’s Japan only so far, but features costumes for Link and Zelda based on their appearances in the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.  So hey, if you don’t like Link’s spiffy new scarf and want to see him looking as he does in Twilight Princess, you’re soon going to get your chance.  Here are some pictures of Link and Zelda’s appearances in this DLC set, if you’ve somehow forgotten what The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess used to look like on the Gamecube/Wii: This DLC for the game will be released around the same time as the game, with different costumes available in different versions of the game and the sets with Link and Zelda being called the ‘Courage’ and […]

E3 2014; Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker

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Remember those special Captain Toad levels from Super Mario 3D World?  The ones in which you had to get the Toad Captain from Mario Galaxy to the end of a square course without hitting enemies, while collecting three Green Stars? The ones in which you couldn’t jump because Nintendo wanted it to be all about ‘puzzle solving’? Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker is basically that as a full game.  If you liked those levels and wanted to see what a full game based around them would be like, head inside and keep reading!

Nintendo Announces Amiibo; Their First Foray into Skylanders Style Figurines!

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Yeah, it’s quite the awkward name, isn’t it?  I assume ‘Amiigo’ (a slightly more catchy and meaningful one) was already trademarked and Nintendo went for the next ‘best’ thing.  Either way, here’s Nintendo’s entry into the Skylanders/Disney Infinity style NFC figurines market.  What’s more, they’re planned to work with all kinds of different Nintendo titles, with figurines being shared across more games and systems!  So if you want to know more, keep reading!

E3 2014; Zelda Wii U is here!

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Well, isn’t this an announcement people have been waiting for ever since the Wii U was announced?  Either way, it’s finally happened.  Nintendo have at long last shown off the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U, and it looks as good as we imagined it.  Here’s the first trailer for the title: As for the rest of the stuff, head inside and keep reading if you want to see it, because it is absolutely great!

E3 2014; Nintendo Announces Mario Maker, the first Official Mario Level Editor

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Unfortunately, as I’ll make pretty clear later in the article, it’s not exactly as revolutionary as some people are saying, or Nintendo were hoping it’d be.  The level editor functionality only works with things from Super Mario Bros 1 or New Super Mario Bros U (mostly the former, since you can switch between both styles at will), the level of features seem roughly equivalent to what Super Mario Flash achieved in the early 00s or earlier, and all in all, the game doesn’t quite look as good as some of the other stuff Nintendo announced at today’s show. So if you want to see my more detailed thoughts about this new Mario level editing tool, as well as all the […]