Two Different Game Devs Talk Franchise Fatique, Spot the Difference!

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Oh look, isn’t this some good timing?  Apparently, two different dev teams talked about franchise fatique and yearly installments this year, both with completely contrasting views on the issue and how many games should be released in quick succession.  One of these groups were two Animal Crossing New Leaf developers, one was Ubisoft’s Lionel Raynaud. Want to read what they said?  Click the link and keep reading…

Pokemon Gen 2 to 3 Transfer Tool Released!

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Pokemon Ruby Thumb

It’s something I got sent a link to earlier today, and something I definitely thought was worth mentioning on the site. Basically, remember how a while back I mentioned a tool that someone was working on to transfer Pokemon from gen 2 (Gold and Silver) to gen 3 (Ruby and Sapphire)?  Well a user calling themself Alex B (aka Metropolis on Projec Pokemon forums) sent a link to another such tool, which has already been released. Want to know the link?  Well, you can find out after the break!

A Quick Update on My Wario Fan Site

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It’s still in development, but I’ve now registered the domains ‘Wario Weekly’ and ‘Wario Forums’ for when it inevitably opens, just like how I currently own ‘Super Smash Bros 4.com’ and ‘Super Smash Bros Forums.com’ for my Smash Bros sites. So yes, I’m still working on it, in my desperate attempt to bring the Wario fandom to life in some sort of way, it’ll just take another week or so before I can be happy with the design, have a good forum script and generally have enough content for the site to launch.

Flappy Bird Now Exists as a Super Mario World Hack!

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a lot of different ways in which people have attempted to remake that Flappy Bird game.  There was one made on the 3DS’ Petit Computer.  Tons and tons of clones have flooded app stores to the point Apple and Google actually banned ‘flappy’ in titles for a while.  And now, someone’s actually gone and remade the game in the Super Mario World engine!

Nintendo Shutting Down DS and Wii Wifi Services

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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection_logo

So if you’re still playing Mario Kart DS or Wii online, or involved in a bunch of Smash Bros Brawl battles against people from round the world, then those days are about to come to a screeching stop.  Same with online play in the generation 4 and 5 Pokemon titles. These services will end for good worldwide on May 20th. Keep reading to see a full list of every service and game getting the proverbial chop…

An Earthbound version of Flappy Bird?

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Well, that’s sure an interesting way to mix a somewhat ‘casual’ series with a cult classic!  This game is basically a redo of Flappy Bird with a weird version of Ness’ head as the main character and graphics/music taken from the Mother series.  Or in other words, the crossover no one really expected to ever happen. Try it for yourself after the break…

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Producer; 2D Castlevania is History

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Castlevania Screenshot 7

Well okay, that’s not quite what he said, but it’s close enough.  Basically, David Cox (the guy in charge of the Lords of Shadow spinoff titles) thinks the days of traditional Castlevania games are long gone and that no one would want to play 2D games on the Xbox One or Playstation 4. Read on to hear the full quote…

Oh Yay, More Stolen Nintendo Games on the App Store!

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Because we all know that people haven’t had enough blatant rip offs of Nintendo games and ROMs played on somewhat unlicensed emulators for said machines.  So here’s yet another obvious attempt to make money off of Nintendo’s work without actually paying for it… Meet WebNES, which is apparently a cell phone NES game emulator you play straight from the device’s browser. So like those four million other attempts that anyone with half a brain and a certain amount of Google searching skill can find.

Nintendo Had No Complaints about Flappy Bird (and its similarities to Mario)

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If you’ve been hanging around the internet (or just about anywhere else at the moment), you may be familiar with the tale of a game called ‘Flappy Bird’.  A popular helicopter style game where you have to get the titular character through a long line of random pipes without hitting the sides, it became enormously popular on both the app store and play store before developer Dong Nguyen removed it for personal reasons. You may also be well versed in how certain gaming websites have criticised its similarity to Mario in terms of graphics.  But apparently, Nintendo disagrees.