Sonic has been hacked into Super Mario 64…

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It’s a pretty good implementation of the character too, with his model being custom and his speed being at least somewhat altered to match.  Here’s a video: So if you want to try playing through Super Mario 64 as Sonic the Hedgehog for whatever reason, you can view the full post and use the download link provided.  Hey, it’s got be better than most attempts at 3D Sonic games prior to Sonic Adventure… Source: http://forums.maco64.com/topic/7115799/1/

Quick Update about the site…

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Sorry about the lack of regular posts in the last week or so.  I’ve had other things to work on, and after actually working for most of the day, I’ve just not been inspired to post any news or articles about Nintendo. If you do want to hear any more about the company and also want to support the site, go to our forums at http://nintendo3dscommunity.com instead.  Or the Wario Forums site at http://warioforums.com, if it’s about that very specific series.  This is because any news not posted here will probably end up on the forums at some point, so you can expect a few more regular updates there instead. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Tobias and the Dark Sceptre; The Game in Development for 13 Years

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You may have seen this story online already.  But if not, the game in question has been in development (by ONE person) for more than thirteen years straight.  Named Tobias and the Dark Sceptre, this interesting indie game has been developed by an indie dev called Adam Butcher for so long, the modern indie scene as we know it didn’t even exist yet.   Here’s a video about the game by its maker, explaining quite why this 2D Zelda style title took just so long to finally complete: Looks pretty basic doesn’t it?  Maybe a bit old fashioned?  Well regardless, I’m actually kind of impressed by this guy’s work, and if you want to know why, keep reading!

Newsflash; Nintendo did not make the Playstation 4!

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It’s a bit old now, but come on, this LA Times article is absolutely hilarious in how stupid it is.  Because hey, we all know that Nintendo makes Playstation consoles, right? Yeah, nothing much to say here.  If you’re gonna report on video games released at E3, please do at least the most basic fact checking beforehand.  Otherwise blunders like this kind of kill your credibility stone dead.

Eternal Darkness 2; Some Amazing Concept Art!

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Remember Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube?  A tad disappointed that Shadow of the Eternals never became a reality?  Well, if so, you might be a bit more depressed now you’ve seen these amazing pieces of concept art based on the game, since it shows just how much thought was originally put into making a proper sequel for a past Nintendo system. Here’s a sample: Want to see more?  If so, head inside to see all the great Eternal Darkness 2 artwork from the game that unfortunately never was!

Are Nintendo Planning to License Movie/TV Adaptations of their Games?

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Because while the idea of Nintendo licensing out their IPs has been discussed a bit in January’s financial briefing, their most recent report mentions that some of these plans will be revealed by the end of the year.  In Iwata’s own words… We are not at a stage where we can share the specifics with you today, but we are seeing possibilities in licensing character IP in areas Nintendo has never worked before. I expect to be able to discuss some of the details before the end of this calendar year. As you can see, it seems pretty clear that Nintendo’s going to be doing some major licensing out to third parties, and I strongly suspect that might tie in […]

Nintendo 3DS Daily Redesign coming soon…

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Just a quick heads up that in the next week or so, Nintendo 3DS Daily will be redesigned in a way that will hopefully make it look a bit more modern than it currently does.  So in other words, it’s getting a proper responsive website design that looks like something out of the current decade rather than the late 90s. The content however, will remain exactly the same as ever.  For more information, keep reading!

A Quick Update about Fusion Fangaming…

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fusion team

As some Nintendo 3DS Daily readers may have noticed, the link in our sidebar to Fusion Fangaming still doesn’t work, going over to an error page instead of the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion team’s official site. Well, there’s an unfortunate reason for that.  Namely, the Spriter’s Resource basically crashed a few days ago, and Fusion Fangaming was kind of taken with it.  And while the former is now back online, Fusion Fangaming hasn’t exactly had any such luck. So yeah.  Just a quick update to tell people that while Fusion Fangaming doesn’t currently work, that the team still exists and that the site is still presumably an ally of Nintendo 3DS Daily.

I think Ubisoft’s Ambitions for Watch Dogs are a bit high…

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They seriously think this game will be as big as Call of Duty or FIFA.  Which if you don’t know the obvious, are two of the biggest third party franchises of all time, selling many millions of copies per installment (FIFA has sold over 100 million games total and Call of Duty has sold more than past til 2011 alone). Unfortunately, I’d like to give Ubisoft a nice reality check.

Two Different Game Devs Talk Franchise Fatique, Spot the Difference!

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Oh look, isn’t this some good timing?  Apparently, two different dev teams talked about franchise fatique and yearly installments this year, both with completely contrasting views on the issue and how many games should be released in quick succession.  One of these groups were two Animal Crossing New Leaf developers, one was Ubisoft’s Lionel Raynaud. Want to read what they said?  Click the link and keep reading…