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This Awesome Zelda Hack Turns Link into a Hyrulean Serial Killer!

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Have you ever had a bad day when playing through the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?  Ever got kind of annoyed about all those NPCs just getting in the way with their silly routines and typical… well, NPC behaviour? If so, a person on Youtube called Hexator has just the right Gameshark code for you!  Yep, this code apparently lets you go all Grand Theft Auto on Hyrule’s population, killing off every NPC in sight as if they were vicious monsters to be mown down on the spot.  So if you want to see Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule turned into the equivalent of Grand Theft Triforce (as someone on another forum quipped), keep reading!

Are Video Games Actually the Least Offensive Media Out There?

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In recent years, there’s been a bit of a backlash against video games.  Mostly coming from ‘social justice’ believers and overly miserable internet writers, it seems like a certain group has decided that video games are all that’s wrong in the world and that they’re somehow some generally sexist/racist/classist form of entertainment that needs ripping apart at every tiny opportunity. But I disagree with them entirely.  Indeed, I think video games are actually one of the least offensive forms of media in the last twenty or so years.  Or in other words, they’re actually better than film, television or literature (among other forms of media) as far as horribly offensive and degrading content goes.  Keep reading to find out why!

Skylanders could have been a Nintendo series?

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Yes, it’s really true!  Back when the first game in this popular franchise was being developed, Activision wanted to team up with another game to make it, with their first choice being Nintendo! Unfortunately though, despite some help with marketing and interest in the concept, Nintendo turned down the offer to work with Activision on the series.  Talk about a missed opportunity!

Should Nintendo replace Miiverse with a Forum API system?

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Because as we’ve seen in my article yesterday, Miiverse as a concept just does not work.  A single giant ‘community’ (in the loosest sense of the term) made up entirely of ignorant people making insane suggestions and potentially damaging comments?  Yeah, that was a disaster just waiting to happen! So instead of that, how about this alternative?  How about instead of Nintendo trying to replace fan run forums with some mediocre official social network knock off, they actually work WITH the community and highlight the interesting discussions made on these unofficial sites?

How Not to Design a Video Game Antagonist; the Ten Worst Nintendo Villain Designs in History!

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Nothing makes a good story as much as a great villain. Whether they’re a humorous nutcase like Fawful, a merciless dark lord like Ganon or just a good all rounder like Bowser, Nintendo villains have often become seen as some of the best designed in video games, some of the most memorable characters to have appeared over the history of the medium. Sadly though, even Nintendo isn’t immune to mistakes.  So here are ten cases where the character designers completely messed up the design for one of their video game antagonists.  Behold, the worst Nintendo villain designs in gaming history!

What More Video Games Need is a Sense of Humour

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Cranky Kong Art

When it comes to modern video games and the industry in general, it seems being ‘serious’ is all the rage.  Whether it’s from two bit indie games trying to deconstruct gaming in some overly mean spirited way in their attempt to be ‘art’, triple A blockbusters desperately trying to turn games into Hollywood movies or development in general becoming something run by people who apparently don’t like games or anyone who actually plays them, video games seem to have become an increasing formal, boring medium. So here’s my article on why video games really need more humour.  On why they need their own individual charm and to stop taking themselves so seriously.  Keep reading to hear some examples of games […]

Is Nintendo Going to Shut Down Miiverse like SwapNote?

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Because despite the general push for Miiverse support across the board in Wii U games, the service really does have most of the same ‘issues’ that SwapNote’s SwapPass functionality had.  Ones like trolls, idiots, potentially illegal or risky content and various other things that Nintendo really didn’t like finding out about back when the SwapNote scandal broke out. So if you want to know more about the kind of insanity that could get Miiverse wiped off the map, keep reading!

Behold, the Video Game Series with the Most Sequels Ever!

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As many people have mentioned online, there’s a lot of talk about how bad all the yearly franchises are and how regularly sequels should be released.  Just ask the hordes of people who think one Call of Duty a year is too much, or that the endless annual sports games EA churns out are really overstaying their welcome. But while everyone goes on about Call of Duty and Madden and Final Fantasy and New Super Mario Bros, one unknown game series has outdone absolutely everyone in this regard.  So what series is arguably the most milked to death franchise in video game history?  Well, keep reading to find out, because it’s not what you’ll expect…