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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Mini Game Guide Now Up!

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So if you’re having trouble with the (very few) mini games in Dream Team, you can find things like answers/strategies, prizes and more here: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/mario-mini-games It’s not 100% done (blame the lack of sources for pictures of Puzzle Block locations), but it should be useful regardless.

Having trouble with Dream Team’s Ring Puzzles? Help is at hand!

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In Mario & Luigi Dream Team, there’s a certain part in the game where you have to get through some fairly annoying ring puzzles by bouncing around in ball form and not landing on the same space twice.  I even mentioned it in my ‘best and worst parts of Mario & Luigi Dream Team article’: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/nintendoarticles/opinion-mario-and-luigi-dream-teams-best-and-worst-moments Above: Many people’s personal hell. But while I struggled with them when playing the game the first time, I’ve now done a bit research and written down the answers to many of the puzzles instead.  So if you’re having trouble with a certain puzzle (or ten) in Somnom Woods, here’s a nice page of solutions that should help you out: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/mario-ring-puzzle-solutions It’s mostly based […]

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Secret Mission Guide

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Haunted Towers thumbnail

In Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, there are five secret missions in the game.  Unlocked by capturing all the Boos in each of the game’s mansions, these missions have you run around an already completed mansion capturing a ‘random’ set of ghosts as far as possible. They’re basically ghost busting time trials. But unbeknown to many FAQ/guide writers, these missions have a lot things going on than they imagine.  So here’s a guide to the secret missions in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, including things like what ghosts will spawn in every room, how the mission works and various other things of note.  Enjoy! Basic Mission Info Each of these secret missions is basically a time trial run.  You revisit each mansion, […]

Luigi’s Mansion 2 Gem Locations and Guide

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Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon art

In Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, each mansion has a set of gems you can find and collect.  These are colour coded to fit the mansion and unlock various rewards, but they’re not easy to hunt down.  So here are all the locations you can find the gems in as well as their rewards. Gem Locations Here’s where you can find the gems, as sorted by mansion. Gloomy Manor Haunted Towers Old Clockworks Secret Mine Treacherous Mansion Unlockables from collecting Gems Collecting all the gems in a mansion will get you a statue of Luigi that you can view in the Vault.  These statues have the gems embedded in the statue base and gradually get happier and happier as […]

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Three Star Ranking Guide

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Gold Hockey Ghosts

In Luigi’s Mansion 2/Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, each mission gives you a rank from 1-3 stars at the end of the level, with 3 stars being the best you can get.  But getting these ranks isn’t always easy, and the requirements are never told to you in game or in the instruction manual.  So here’s my guide to getting three star ranks in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon so that hopefully everyone else can get them as well. The Criteria for a 3 Star Mission Rank As far as criteria go, there are theoretically three.  Namely: The amount of gold (bills, coins and bars) collected in a level How quickly you beat the mission How much health you lose (the less […]

Nintendo 3DS Daily is now Hiring!

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Nintendo 3DS Daily

Yes, you read that right, we’re now hiring writers and other staff members here at Nintendo 3DS Daily.  So do you want to be a part of this website and write articles for us on a regular basis?  Maybe take over and run the official Twitter and Youtube accounts for the site and make the site even more popular across social media? If so, apply to be a staff member at Nintendo 3DS Daily today with the below link: http://nintendo3dsdaily.com/become-staff/ There are a few obvious requirements, like being able to write in decent English and being enough of a Nintendo fan that you can manage to write about their games and other products on at least a weekly basis, but […]

Nintendo 3DS Daily is experiencing technical problems

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Apologies for the lack of recent posts here, it seems like the last day or two of content has been lost after the site’s database was corrupted and the site was restored from backups.  Still, it’s not all bad news.  At least the site isn’t completely down and unavailable any more. Nintendo 3DS Daily will start updating again in a few hours.  Maybe then I can post a few articles I had saved but didn’t get round to posting yet.  Or my piece about the best Nintendo remakes in history. Sorry for all this inconvenience.

New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Mushroom Locations

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Having trouble getting Gold Mushrooms in Coin Rush? Well keep reading, since I’ve found a good 30 or so different locations where you can find them in the various levels of New Super Mario Bros 2.  Here’s a few helpful New Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Mushroom locations, complete with pictures. General Tips Collect all eight red coins generated from a red coin ring.  You see, these rings work like as follows: If you’re Fire, Raccoon or Gold Mario, you get a 1-Up for getting all the coins If you’re anything else, you get either a Raccoon Leaf or Fire Flower depending on the level (usually the former in overworld levels and the latter in caves and water levels) So […]

New Super Mario Bros 2; Secret Exit Guide

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New Super Mario Bros 2 world 1

Finding secrets in Mario games can be pretty tough, remember those tricky ghost house secret exits in Super Mario World that relied on you finding an invisible door that was activated by a P Switch?  And in terms of hard to find secret exits, New Super Mario Bros 2 is even worse, the secrets are hidden in such a clever way that an unprepared gamer could be searching a ghost house for hours trying to find just one. That’s where this guide comes in!  Now, you’ll be able to find any secret exit in the game perfectly easily, all the better considering there’s no mark on the map distinguishing places with secret exits! Table of Contents/Quick Navigation Tower 1 Ghost […]