An Important Update about Nintendo 3DS Daily

There will be no more posts on the site for a while, since we are moving to a new web host, and it's taking longer than expected to set the site up again. It also means we have absolutely no access to the admin dashboard to add posts, and haven't had access for about a week now. So yeah, sorry, but we can't post any updates until the site reopens this weekend.

Another Nintendo 3DS Daily Update

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The site will probably be back up and running by this weekend, along with Nintendo 3DS Community.  This is because all media has been restored, along with the database, text content and other neat stuff.

A redesign is also forthcoming, which will more closely tie this site into Nintendo 3DS Community, redo the branding entirely and make both of them a tad more general Nintendo based than they currently are.  That should be done within the next few weeks or so.

So yeah, quick update for everyone.  Sorry about the delays in this site getting updated.

So, sorry about the site downtime and stuff…

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We’ve now moved everything (all files and database content) to a new web server, and as you can see, the site is running again.

However, please keep in mind two things:

1. We haven’t moved all the images/media files over yet.  Hopefully we can get that done soon, especially given how half the 2013 content seemed to get lost in the transition.

2. The new site design will be launched within the next few days.  This is because the current style… isn’t really that appealing any more, and to be honest, I think a new host means a new start.

So yeah, don’t panic, and try and stay patient while waiting for the site to reopen!

Cheating in the Pokemon National Championships?

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Oh boy, this should certainly be interesting to watch.  Apparently, some competitors have been complaining about three time Pokemon champion Ray Rizzo and his Aegislash Pokemon, which was seemingly held in a Pokeball not usually possible to use for that Pokemon species. Or in other words, they say the Aegislash was held in a Dream Ball, an item which was exclusive to the Dream World in the fifth generation games and which isn’t possible to use on any Pokemon from the sixth generation of games (the Dream World doesn’t exist in this generation, so no Kalos Pokemon can be found there).


3D Printed Game Boys Now?

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Ever wanted an old school style Game Boy that could play games from various old Nintendo consoles?  Somehow manage to either own or have access to a 3D printer?  Well if so, check out this neat tutorial video, where the instructors have managed to make their own Game Boy consoles with just a few Raspberry Pis and some other homebrew style equipment:

Either way, it’s pretty impressive.  Possibly worrying for Nintendo too, since they now have to worry about people ‘pirating’ the console hardware as well as the games you run on it.

A very quick update on Nintendo 3DS Daily/Community

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Nintendo 3DS Daily’s redesign is probably coming within the week, and Nintendo 3DS Community will be relaunched (complete with new style/logo/other sutff) within a day or two.

Not sure about Super Smash Bros 4.com or its forums, I’m not sure I have time for them.  And Wario Forums?  I’m still running the site, but a redesign there isn’t exactly a top priority at the moment.

This has been an official service announcement from the Nintendo 3DS Daily and Nintendo 3DS Community staff!

Smash Bros 4′s Smash Run will have Kraid and a Kremling Boss?

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Well, that’s what this video from GameExplain says. Apparently, Bonkers (a mini boss from the Kirby series), Kraid and a Kremling based boss from the Donkey Kong Country series will be present in the 3DS version’s Smash Run.

So what do I think?  What Kremling will the Kremling boss be based on?  Find out in the full post!


Jirachi Wish Maker Finally Released in Korea

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And in case you’re wondering while I’m bothering to cover a Pokemon anime movie and its release in the region, just get a load of this. How long do you think it’s been since the film was released anywhere else on the planet?

Come on, guess.  Because if you think the delay between our favourite games getting released in Japan and them being released in other regions is kind of long, this takes the cake.

Give up?  Okay then.  This movie was released in almost all regions bar Korea in…


Youkai Watch; New Nintendo Direct Presentation!

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Okay, it was actually held yesterday.  But either way… did anyone actually even expect a Nintendo Direct for this title?  Because I know I didn’t.  Heck, I didn’t expect a Nintendo Direct video for just about anything in particular this soon after E3.  It just seems like the whole thing came completely out of nowhere.

Either way, here’s the video:

So yeah, thoughts on it?  I’m not really interested in it myself, but perhaps other people here might be.

Zelda Informer Surveys Zelda Fans; Interesting Results Found!

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It’s a pretty well known fact that the Zelda fanbase is often known to disagree about just about anything in the series, with people arguing all the time about whether this game was better than that one, whether cel shaded graphics or realistic graphics were better or whether the games were better when puzzles consisted of walking through mazes and pushing single blocks. But just a few days ago, the good people at Zelda Informer released a survey for the Zelda fanbase, to see exactly what fans wanted.  And surprisingly, the results aren’t all what you’d expect…

First of all, let’s start with the obvious.  I’m not going to repost the data here, because I think Zelda Informer deserves the readers more.  After all, they held the survey, it’s only right the full information is kept exclusively on their website.  So if you want to see all the results, click the link below:


But with that out of the way, here are a few interesting things they found in the results…

1. People do not hate the Wind Waker’s art style

Yeah, I know.  It’s almost become a meme that the game’s art style annoyed a lot of Zelda fans and garnered it the akward nickname of ‘Celda’ in the process.  But guess what?  According to the data, the amount of people who actually hate the art style in the game is…

2% of the fanbase

No, I’m not kidding.  Look at the data for yourself.  It also interestingly has the amount of people who dislike the Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword art styles as equally low, with about 1% hating Skyward Sword’s art style and less than 1% hating Twilight Princess’s.  Looks like the haters really are just a tiny percentage of the population after all, a vocal minority who assume more people agree them than actually do so.